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R2i-Optify: 5 New Inbound Marketing Services to Grow Your Business


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Eric Jones, VP Digital Marketing at R2integrated and Jennifer Wong, Marketing Manager at Optify unveil the five most important Inbound Marketing services you must offer to help you reach more buyers and generate more demand for your products and services.
In this webinar you will learn:
· Why your clients can’t afford to delay their Inbound Marketing efforts
· The 5 new Inbound Marketing services you should offer
· A framework for managing each of the new services profitably

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R2i-Optify: 5 New Inbound Marketing Services to Grow Your Business

  1. 1. 5 Inbound Marketing Services to Grow Your Business
  2. 2. 5 New Inbound Marketing Servicesto Grow Your BusinessAgendaSpeaker IntroductionIntroduction to Inbound Marketing• What is Inbound Marketing• Why Inbound Marketing• Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing5 Inbound Marketing Services• Content Strategy & Creation• Social Media Management• SEO Strategy Programs • Keyword Marketing • Link Building Strategies• Marketing Intelligence• Multi-Channel Campaign Management • Campaign ResultsQ&A
  3. 3. SpeakersEric Jones Jennifer WongVP, Digital Marketing Marketing ManagerR2integrated OptifyEric is VP, Digital Marketing at Jennifer is a Marketing Manager at OptifyR2integrated, and provides clients with focused on social media marketing, tradesenior level strategy & counsel to develop shows, online advertising and Optify’scross channel digital marketing programs. customer evangelist program.
  4. 4. Why Inbound MarketingWhat are you expected to do this year?
  5. 5. Why Inbound MarketingFueling sustainable growth is hard
  6. 6. Why Inbound MarketingYou must always feed the top of your funnel
  7. 7. Why Inbound MarketingInbound Marketing Examples• Social Media Marketing• Blogging and content marketing• Podcasts• White papers• Infographics• Search engine optimization (SEO)• Pay per click (PPC) advertising
  8. 8. Why Inbound Marketing In a down economy with scaled back marketing budgets, Inbound Marketing costs 62% less per lead than traditional outbound marketing
  9. 9. How can you grow inbound leads?Must reach & engage buyers earlier than ever
  10. 10. Digital Marketing Strategy Digital Marketing Strategy Awareness Engagement Acquisition Optimization Buyer’s Continuum Digital Marketing strategies need to align with your organizations objectives spanning the buyers continuum.• Awareness: drive traffic with increased relevant online searches, messaging reach, impressions, visits, online conversations and recognition• Engagement: create engaging experiences to capture your audience utilizing an organizations digital assets and online properties• Acquisition: capture market share through revenue, sales, leads , followers, and fans• Optimization: identify metrics to measure success and continually improve the marketing process
  11. 11. 5 Inbound Marketing Services
  12. 12. 5 Inbound Marketing ServicesState of the IndustryWith the average cost-per-lead increasing & marketers competing for buyer attention, and the disruptivenature of the social web, standalone traditional lead-gen tactics are no longer enough.
  13. 13. Content Strategy & DevelopmentBusiness-to-business (B2B) companies need to start looking tocontent marketing to boost their lead generation efforts.Informative, non-promotional content attracts prospects, and builds & cultivates ongoing relationshipswith potential buyers.Key Point:In order to deliver relevant content you must know your audience personas: What they want, when theywant it & where they go to get it.How to do this:• Talk to current customers• Social Listening for your industry keywords, competition, and organization• Keyword search results to understand how they talk about your products
  14. 14. Content Strategy & DevelopmentUse Mixed Content formats for best results:• Videos• Blogs/Forums• Webinars & Virtual Events• Industry Related White Papers• Data-Driven Research & Case Studies• UGC/ Social Peer-to-Peer Content• E-Newsletters/Email Marketing• Owned Social Platforms (Branded)• Un-Owned Platforms on the Social Web• PodcastsExpert Tip: Key Point:Recommended Maximum Content Lengths: After considering your audience and crafting• Video: 2.5-7 minutes informative content you must optimize the• Blog posts: 250-300 words content to be socially shareable and organic• White papers: 4-6 pages search relevant.• Case studies: 2-4 pages
  15. 15. Social Media MarketingIf You Build It, They Will Come - If it’s Authentic Organic social media engagement assists in generating inbound marketing leads & amplifies your ongoing content marketing strategies. Use Social Media to: • Act as an additional content distribution channel • Interact with your online community • Generate & nurture leads by engaging in community discussions • Establish your brand as a trusted resource • Deliver relevant and timely industry and product insights • Solicit product or company feedback • Engage as a thought leader in trending topics
  16. 16. Social Media MarketingCreating Community through ContentYour community is important in so many ways. They are your:• Members/Users• Brand Loyalists• Critics/Advocates• Product feedback specialists• Content Generators / Curators• Link Builders• Forum participators
  17. 17. Social Media MarketingBusinesses that use social media to engage withprospects have much more to gain than those who do not.
  18. 18. Social Media MarketingSocial Media Accelerates Inbound Marketing
  19. 19. SEO Strategy ProgramsSearch Engine OptimizationSEO essentially allows potential customers to find your content easily and more efficiently, byintersecting content with relevant keyword searches on the web.
  20. 20. Keyword Strategy Programs Keyword Marketing• Based on your audience and industry understand what keywords your customers are using• Write for the search engine, as well as human beings • Include headers and sub headers & make sure they are formatted as h1 and h2 etc. • Interior URLs are another great place for keywords• Include keyword rich titles and description fields • Update your site with fresh content (search engines like it) • Designate a place for frequently updated content on your site
  21. 21. Link Building Strategies3 Step Approach to Link Building StrategiesIdentify & Optimize• Create & manage lists of all existing links• Identify reciprocal links & weed out no follows• Focus on highest impact linking opportunitiesDrive Relevant Traffic• Optimize anchor text of incoming links to align with your keyword strategy – i.e. Placing keywords in the link to your site rather than company name as an example• Identify most impactful/high value links• Track linking domain to linking URL ratiosAlerts & Tracking• Set alerts for newly acquired links or when a link is lost• Identify & track changes in competitor inbound links• Optimize to increase conversions • Users need to find content via search- come to a gate with limited form fields to access the desired info/asset • Incorporate numerous points for lead conversion
  22. 22. SEO Strategy ProgramsCorrelation of Link Metrics vs. Social Signals 1. What signals are Google + Bing counting? 2. How much influence do these social signals have on the results?
  23. 23. Marketing Intelligence
  24. 24. Marketing Intelligence
  25. 25. Multi-Channel CampaignManagementMulti-Channel Campaign ManagementDigital MCCM enables companies to identify, create & deliver effective communications to consumersegments through various online channels to drive leads & conversions
  26. 26. MCCM Campaign Results MCCM Results Cost per Cost of Bounce Engaged Engaged Visitor Media Type Visits Cost Per Visitor Engaged Campaign Rate Visitors Rate VisitorOrganic Visitors $- 18.00% 15,925 13,696 $- $- 86.00%Google Adwords $4,461.35 28.62% 2,628 1,988 $1.70 $2.24 75.64%Direct Media- Local #1 $12,000.00 52.37% 1,772 756 $6.77 $15.87 42.66%Social Community of Interest $5,298.23 70.91% 911 196 $5.82 $27.03 21.51%Facebook $5,000.00 65.50% 986 148 $5.07 $33.82 15.50%Ad Network - News $3,000.00 72.32% 336 76 $8.93 $39.47 22.62%Direct Media - Local #3 $2,000.00 61.39% 101 27 $19.80 $74.07 26.73%Ad Network - RON $5,000.00 76.59% 205 32 $24.39 $156.25 15.61%Direct Media - Local #2 $3,600.00 94.20% 707 20 $5.09 $180.00 2.83%
  27. 27. MCCM: Inbound MarketingComponents
  28. 28. Q&A Questions & Answers