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Also IT Distributor Success Story


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Summary of the 16 years of Markit/ALSO 16 years of partnership to distribute 234 million euros of IT products across Europe

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Also IT Distributor Success Story

  1. 1. FAST, RELIABLE AND COMPETITIVE ALSO is an extremely professional, reliable and competitive supplier that makes available 250,000+ high quality products, from 500+ of the world’s leading vendors, in the markets where we operate. As a fast-growing distributor partner, ALSO has strong purchasing power which we pass on to our clients. ALSO’s hundreds of hard-working product managers and market forecasters understand international client IT roadmaps and have proven to successfully predict market demand in 22 European markets. Results matter and for many of our clients, speed matters most of all – ALSO’s performance in this area is excellent. On average, Markit clients receive their products in 2.8 days. Margus Vahemäe Head of Sales at Markit STRENGTH IN NUMBERS SOLID GROWING PARTNERSHIP Since day one of Markit’s existence in 2003, ALSO & Markit have delivered 1.7M IT products (across 70,000 SKUs) to over 20,000 companies in 28 countries. ALSO HELPS MARKIT’S CLIENTS SUCCEED ALSO: DISTRIBUTOR PARTNER SUCCESS STORY 16 years of partnership and €234M of trade across Europe IT DISTRIBUTION IN 23 COUNTRIES WITH 4,000 EMPLOYEES ALSO.COM 25 20 15 10 5 0 03 04 05 06 07 1208 1309 1410 15 1711 16 18 ALSO - MARKIT Trading Volume €234M Over 15 Years during 2003-2018 Million € Year
  2. 2. WWW.MARKIT.EU 2019 THE ALSO PHILOSOPHY As a committed business partner, our top priority is to provide benefit to our customers – our vendors, specialist distributors, resellers, retailers, and etailers. This naturally includes excellent and personal service as well as competence and competitiveness. Our aim is to build long-term business partnerships on which our customers can rely. To achieve this goal, we live and work according to our business philosophy: • We provide more customer benefit than our competitors • We only promise what we can deliver • We are personally committed to every one of our customers • We cultivate long-term partnerships • We measure ourselves against the zero-error principle THE VALUE TO ALSO LET’S TALK GROWTH AND COMMITMENT ALSO is committed to develop long term, mutually beneficial relationships with professional, fast growing IT solution providers in Europe and beyond. Markit has demonstrated 15+ years of commitment to our partnership. Their business model means they never go direct to the vendor – all business goes through distributor partners plus they replicate and give full real-time exposure to our entire stock to thousands of international IT buyers. As the growing numbers show, our smoothly operating partnership goes from strength to strength. Tarmo Niineste Chief Customer Officer, ALSO Eesti OÜ At Markit, we have ambitious plans to help more companies succeed in saving time and money by reducing the total cost of their IT purchasing. Only through partnering with the strongest, most reliable and ethical companies will sustainable and profitable growth be achievable. We are always looking to build closer relationships with tier one IT distributors like ALSO. We can give real time visibility of your entire product catalogue to our thousands of international clients. This constant availability of your product lines increases the probability of fast stock turnaround. Let’s talk. Contact Margus Vahemäe Head of Sales at Markit Phone: +372 666 9905 E-mail: TAKE THE CHASING OUT OF IT PURCHASING ABOUT MARKIT Markit is helping IT buyers save time and money by making IT purchasing simple and transparent. Since 2003, thousands of international companies, including 20% of the Forbes Global 2000, have been using the Markit online IT purchasing solution to manage, centralise and streamline their IT purchasing and reduce the Total Cost of Purchase for their IT hardware and device requirements.