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Social Media for Learning


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ASTD ICE 2010, Chicago
Marcia Conner, Dan Pontefract, Aaron Silvers

Published in: Business, Technology

Social Media for Learning

  1. 1. Social Media for Learning Marcia Conner (@marciamarcia) Dan Pontefract (@dpontefract) Aaron Silvers (@mrch0mp3rs)
  2. 2. Social media is technology used “ to engage three or more people. Social learning is participating © Marcia Conner (@marciamarcia) with others to make sense of new ideas. What’s new is how powerfully “ they work together.
  3. 3. But it’s all about But it’s only marketing for teenagers But my IT But it’s department not my won’t support decision this ever
  4. 4. DEMOGRAPHICS MASHUPS Age Roles Moving Forward Generation Technologies Lifestyle Content © Marcia Conner (@marciamarcia) SAVVY CONNECTION Consumer Confident Technology Evolving Content Organic
  5. 5. © Dan Pontefract (@dpontefract)
  6. 6. Why Adopt Social Media?   Improve knowledge sharing   Foster learning   Providing more informal learning opportunities   Improve communication   Finding resources more easily   Boosting collaboration   Build organizational relationships Transforming Learning With Web 2.0 Technologies, a research study conducted by ASTD and i4cp, sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton
  7. 7. Learn More Increase Shareholder Value Mean change in market-to-book ratio 50% 47% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% -4% -10% 12/95 Today Greatest % employees trained Least % employees trained Source: McBassi & Co.
  8. 8. Book signing following this session in the ASTD store. Concourse F1 of the Convention Center 3:45-4:15
  9. 9. What " + do you need to learn next? Marcia Conner (@marciamarcia) Dan Pontefract (@dpontefract) Aaron Silvers (@mrch0mp3rs)