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Social Learning in the Workplace

Presentation at the Liquid Learning Forum in Sydney, Australia, October 2010.

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Social Learning in the Workplace

  1. 1. Social Learning in the Workplace The Collaboration Journey at Suncorp Heather Dickinson Think Design Execute Pty Ltd
  2. 2. 80/20 Ratio of formal & informal learning 80/20 Ratio Formal Learning Informal Learning Source: Peter Henschel: Institute of Research on Learning (IRL)
  3. 3.  What is social learning in the workplace?  If you were to integrate social learning into your workplace, what factors would need to be present (or eliminated!) for it to work effectively?  What is L&D’s role when it comes to implementing social learning? At table….
  4. 4. Dilbert Source: 13 September 2010 -
  5. 5. Changing World
  6. 6. Work Home
  7. 7. Aligns Adult Learning Theories
  8. 8. Solving problems systematically Experimenting with new approaches to work Learning from past experience Learning from others Transferring knowledge throughout the organisation Consider principles of Learning Organisations Source: Garvin, D “Building a Learning Organisation,” Harvard Business Review, July-August 1993
  9. 9. Incorporating Social Learning Image Credit:
  10. 10. Emerging Transition to Social Business Model 20th Century 21st Century
  11. 11. The Emerging Transition To Social Business Models • Non-Social Interaction • Value in Transactions • Business Stability • Well-Defined Industries • One-Way Markets • Limited Information • Resource Abundance 20th Century • Pervasive Social Interaction • Value in Relationships • Business Flux • Industry Transformation • Two-Way Markets • Information Abundance • Resource Constraints 21st Century Institutions Forces • Ambient Communications • Global Information Flows • Social Computing • Market Discontinuity Communities control Global Marketplace Image Credit: Dion Hinchcliffe, 2010
  12. 12. • Financial services group • Top 20 Australian company • Australia’s largest general insurance companies • 5th largest bank • Over 15,000 employees across Australia and New Zealand • Group total assets in excess of A$95bn • Over 9 million customers • 27 leading financial service brands with end to end ownership of brands and distribution channels. 12 Suncorp Group overview
  13. 13. The drive to go Agile? Needed to be able to:  Support teams as they learn to “do more with less”  Improve the speed of delivery and the quality of deliverables  Deliver solutions our customers want  Value added partners at the table
  14. 14. Traditional Project Management
  15. 15. Agile Project Management
  16. 16.  Clarify the problem (focusing question)  Make it visible (BVC)  Identify key value sliders  Workshop the ideas with all key stakeholders  Timebox  Keep it high level and simple  Achieve shared understanding of outcomes  All stakeholders involved and active contributors from the start and all through Key practices
  17. 17.  Power of Conversation  A promise for a conversation  Card, conservation, confirmation  Written in the format: As an (customer, user) I need (what they need) So that (why they need it – what do/enable) Stories
  18. 18. Introduction of Agile Jeff Smith Group Executive Business Technology 2007 Internal Agile Academy developed 2008 Dec 2009 trained over 3000 employees March 2009, external Agile Academy launched 5 courses Agile Academy’s foundation training partner Software Education delivers first external courses Sept 2009, Agile Academy won Aus Computer Society (ACS) Award 2010, Agile Academy releases 8 new courses
  19. 19. Building Blocks of Agile Practices Principles Values Approach
  20. 20. Values Trust Innovative Accountability Courage Honesty It’s all about culture
  21. 21. Principles • Business Value • Collaboration • Flexibility • Team work • Simplicity • Speed
  22. 22. Practices Stand-Ups Retrospectives Showcases Pair Programming Adaptive Planning Sustainable Pace Automated Testing Test Driven Development Continuous Integration etc SlideShare_Craig Smith
  23. 23. A mindset and way of working that relies on the diverse wisdom of the crowd to learn, share knowledge and build relationships. 23 Collaboration
  24. 24. Example of Yammer
  25. 25.  Agile Academy has 510+ followers, Meet Up 259, Linked In 265  Channel BT named best use of VC facilities  1,000 members on Yammer in first month  Roll out MOC for all IT employees  1,000 ideas in innovation tribe, connecting business  Living Agile Tribe gains approval for Yammer Gold  Channel BT rated #1 channel across Suncorp  IT channels reused across business  Yammer thread leads to ATM iPhone app technology  BT renames division through Yammer crowdsourcing  Thought leaders invited to senior Leadership Conference 25 Value from Social Media
  26. 26. Role of L&D?
  27. 27. Seed
  28. 28. Feed
  29. 29. Weed
  30. 30. Closing  Role of Learning and Development in the 21st Century?  How will our value be measured?  What will we be doing?  Grey line between L&D and Organisational Capability  How can we influence organisational culture to truly embed learning into the organisation?
  31. 31.  Daniel Pink:  Internet Time Alliance: www.  Jane Hart:  Jay Cross:  The Working Smarter Fieldbook, June 2010  Agile Academy:  Harold Jarche:  Dion Hinchcliffe:  Craig Smith (Suncorp Delivery Coach): when-a-team-comes-together  Seth Godin:  The impact of e-learning champions on embedding e-learning in organisations, industry or communities learning_Champions_Final_Report.pdf Useful Links