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Social learning

Social learning

  1. 1.! The New Social Learning! Marcia Conner, Partner with Altimeter Group!
  2. 2.""! © 2010 Marcia Conner. Some Rights Reserved.!
  3. 3. Agenda! ‣ My Point of View! ‣ Inward vs Outward! ‣ Change in Market Conditions! ‣ Role in Organization Strategy! ‣ Why Learning! ‣ Which Technologies! © 2010 Marcia Conner. Some Rights Reserved.!
  4. 4.! Social media has the power to transform organizations into ecosystems where people produce more energy than they consume. !
  5. 5. Point of View! Business today requires individuals and organizations to quickly transform their strategy to work with, talk about, and act on what is known and what needs to be learned to move forward & grow.! © 2010 Marcia Conner. Some Rights Reserved.!
  6. 6. But it’s all about marketing! But it’s only for teenagers! © 2010 Marcia Conner. Some Rights Reserved.!
  7. 7. DEMOGRAPHICS! MASHUPS! Age! Roles! Moving Forward! Generation! Technologies! Lifestyle! Content! SAVVY! CONNECTION! Consumer! Confident! Technology! Evolving! Content! Organic!! © 2010 Marcia Conner. Some Rights Reserved.!
  8. 8. What if, suddenly, in an evolutionary sense, we evolved a super new nervous system to upgrade our collective social organisms? [What if] we got strategic and began to form cooperative alliances, employing advanced networked computer"tools and methods to develop and apply new collective"knowledge?! Douglas Englebart, circa 1950!
  9. 9. From Product-Centric to Relationship-Centric! From G Cloud- lobal Reach based to Acces s! © 2010 Marcia Conner. Some Rights Reserved.!!
  10. 10. …it’s all about learning" and potential.! © 2010 Altimeter Group
  11. 11. What about Technology?! © 2010 Marcia Conner. Some Rights Reserved.!
  12. 12. Market Anomalies! Everyone thinks they know what learning is. Few can articulate it.! Learning paradigm remained unchanged for past 500 years, until now.! Learning is a process, not an event.! eLearning term widely adopted, but everyone has a different definition.! Learning Management Systems can’t manage learning! Most executives want “training” to go away.! © 2010 Marcia Conner. Some Rights Reserved.!
  13. 13. Why Adopt Social Media?! !  Improve knowledge sharing! !  Foster learning! !  Providing more informal learning opportunities! !  Improve communication! !  Finding resources more easily! !  Boosting collaboration! !  Build organizational relationships! Transforming Learning!With Web 2.0 Technologies, a research study conducted by ASTD and i4cp, sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton! © 2010 Marcia Conner. Some Rights Reserved.!
  14. 14. Social Media for Learning! ‣  Social Networks/Online Communities! ‣  Media Sharing! ‣  Microsharing! ‣  Living Content! ‣  Virtual Immersive Environments!
  15. 15. + CIA! Examples! Anthem! Mayo Clinic! Chevron! IBM Lotus! TELUS! Deloitte!
  16. 16. What do you need " + to learn next?!
  17. 17. Thank you for your time.!!"!

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