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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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  1. 1. How to use the internet? Be net smart &internet safety By: M an isha
  2. 2. What can you do on the internet? The first thing you got to know is that there are three things you can do on the internet . The first one is Communication the types of communication on the internet are: Skype Facebook Em@il
  3. 3. What can you do on the internet The second one is entertainment how can internet be entertaining: You can play games Youtube - you can watch things And last but not least Education : Google Youtube
  4. 4. What you should watch out for on the internet Here we are going to learn about the wizzywigs these are types of things you should watch out for . The wizzywigs are: Spamazoid Follow you fiona Hot head Oogle Numbut
  5. 5. Spamazoid What does a spamazoid do A spamazoid sends you emails thses emails are called spam emails . If you get a email that might say congratulations you just won $20,000 click here to claim . Don’t click on the claim button because it could shut down your computer for ever So don’t click on any strange buttons on your email or reply any stranger just be netsmart and delete it .
  6. 6. Follow you fiona Follow you fiona is a wizzywig that wants your information It would want to kno your full name , age, number , address, your picture and other personal information If your on email and a stranger comes online and tries to talk to you and get your info just delete their chat or tell an adult Watch out for follow you fiona !!!
  7. 7. Hot head This wizzywig is a rude and mean heart braking wizzywig it can bully you and say mean things to you. It could send you nasty messages called cyberbullying . These things could hurt your feelings and to avoid this you must either thell an adult or delete their messages .
  8. 8. Oogle Oogle is a wizzywig who wants your password, name , age , number , address. If there are any strangers online who wants to be your friend you should ignor them . They would want your personal information and SELL it to follow you Fiona
  9. 9. Numbut No one would want to be this wizzywig This wizzywig does nothing except sitting on the computer no life no nothing just computer dont you be a numbut move around a little go outside play a sport play tag but keep moving . Now dont you be a numbut
  10. 10. How to keep your self safe Don’t approve and messages from strangers Dont give your personal information to any stranges Tell an adult Dont be friends with strangers delete them right away Dont reply any mean or nasty things that others saying