New Media Technologies Evaluation


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New Media Technologies Evaluation

  1. 1. New mediatechnologiesthat I used...
  2. 2. iMovie - Movie editing software The editing software that I chose to use to edit my footage and toproduce my final music video was iMovie. iMovie is a programme owned exclusively bythe company apple for their products which meant that I had to use the software on aMac computer that I was not very familiar with using as I usually work on a PC. I chose touse this software as it was the most capable editing software that I had available to meand I had also used it before for part of my GCSE coursework and my preliminary task so Ifelt that I would easily be able to develop the basic skills which I already possessed whichwould allow me to produce a stronger outcome.iMovie has a wide range of editing features which I took full advantage of. These includespecial effects, transitions, adding music, precision trimmer, crop, image stabilization andother features.iMovie also allowed me to quickly and easily publish my video onto the free online videostreaming website ‘YouTube’. It let me choose what size and quality I wanted to publishthe video at and gave advice onto which one to choose as the higher the quality of thevideo on a streaming website like YouTube, the longer the video will take to then bufferand play. iMovie continued...
  3. 3. Adjusting the speed of clipsFor a lot of the scenes in my footageI needed to either speed up or slowdown the footage which I hadplanned to do to give a certaineffect. One example of where I hadto do this is the shot where my actorthrows a stone into the water andyou see a close up of the stonehitting the surface. The originalfootage of this was too fast and I feltthat this shot would not make as bigger impact at its actual speed. To change this Iselected the clip then there is an option to manually decide how what % you want toslow the clip down or up by. I chose to slow down this specific shot by 50% as I reallywanted to exaggerate the stone hitting the water and the ripples that come away fromthis as it signifies destruction which relates to the destruction of the relationship that thesong is about. Other shots that I either slowed down/sped up using this features in mymusic video include the time lapse of the sky changing from night to day, my actor walkingthrough the puddle with the sky reflection and the ending clip of my actor watching thecars drive past. iMovie continued...
  4. 4. Special effects and TransitionsiMovie has a wide range of special effects andcolour, brightness adjustments that you can make to your footage however throughout my video I did not use many special effects as I had decided that I wanted to give my video quite a realistic, natural feel as it best suited the genre and ideology of my artist. At the start of my music video I put a dream effect onto the clips where my actor gets out of bed and opens the curtains. The dream effect makes the footage black and white and gives it aglow. I used this effect as it wanted to signify how the artist feels sad and depressed alone (his worldis black and white) until he opens the curtains and the footage moves into colour showing how thereis hope that he can find his love which would make his world better. iMovie also has a variety of different transitions but for the same reason as above I only used very subtle transitions between a few of the clips as dramatic/bold transitions would not fit in with my genre and instead I chose to use transitions such as ‘cross dissolve’ which slowly merged two shots until the first faded out which helped two different shots flow well together and also added interest to these shots. iMovie continued...
  5. 5. Overall I was felt confident using the software iMovie as I developed which skills Ialready knew and by using functions such as the precision trimmer I was able to clipmy footage almost exactly how I wanted to for example I was able to make thescenes where my actor is playing the guitar in time with the music which is veryimportant as this makes the music video more convincing.The only limitations that I found with this programme is that it often wouldn’t let mecrop a shot to the exact position that I wanted to which meant that I didn’t includesome of the footage that I wanted too because there were distractions in thebackground which I had wanted to crop out but wasn’t able too. Despite this limitation I do feel that iMovie allowed me to create a successful and convincing music video however if I were too carry out this coursework project again I would use a more advanced movie editing software as I feel that I have used this software to it’s full potential now and would not be able to develop my final outcome any further.
  6. 6. presenting my courseworkI have used blogger throughout this entire project as it is where I am presenting all of myresearch, planning, final outcomes and evaluation. In doing this it enabled me to keep allof my work in one safe accessible place. It was very helpful that I could view and updatemy blog any time I had access to the internet as it meant that I could instantly look back atany research or planning needed at that time to help when filming or producing myancillary tasks.The layout of my blog is very organised with my posts listing in date order so I knowwhereabouts each section of work will be. By using blogger there was no risk of loosingmy work as it is all securely saved online rather then if it was printed out on sheets ofpaper which would be much harder to access whenever needed.The only problem that I have found with blogger is that you cannot directly uploadsome document formats such as word documents, certain picture formats andobviously sheets of paper so instead I have had to find different online hostingservices for these document types, upload them onto the hosting service which oftentakes a long time to do and then embed these onto my blog which sometimes reducesthe quality of the original document or sheet.
  7. 7. Microsoft word is a very popular and used word processor that I have used throughout this project when writing up large paragraphs and also for research and planning. I have used this software as it is easy to use and also has good tools such as spell checker to make sure that everything is grammatically correct before publishing it on my blog. An example of when I used this is my lyrics annotations. Microsoft word documents cannot be directly uploaded onto the site blogger so instead I had to use the hosting service scribd. Which uploads the word document and makes it Readable to the site blogger. Scribd neatly presents the word documents and allows you to scroll through numerous pages and to zoom in and zoom out which saves space and makes the blog easier to look through. I created all of the presentations shown through slideshare on my blog using Microsoft PowerPoint. I liked this way of presenting my ideas, research and planning as you can add pictures, graphs and large amounts of text which can be organised in a clear and structured way which is very helpful when looking back at work for ideas and inspiration. (the slideshare that you are looking at now was created this way).Like with word documents, blogger also does not support theformat of power point presentations so similarly to scribd. Iuploaded my presentation onto slideshare and was then able todirectly embed the presentation onto my blog.
  8. 8. I discovered Prezi at the start of this coursework project and was amazed at how easy it was to present pictures, text and videos in such an interesting and exciting way. I have used Prezi to present some of my research, decision processes during the making of my magazine advert and other posts on my blog. I like Prezi because you can directly upload it onto your blog and also contain a lot of information but in a ordered way. The only issue that I have had with Prezi is that you have to create a path of what you see in what order and sometimes it will not show everything you want it too even if you have selected that particular piece of information. I used iTunes to download my chosen song (The Boat by Benjamin Francis Leftwich) into my iTunes library and was then able to directly import this into iMovie as an mp3 file which then used as the only audio throughout the video.I used wordle in evaluation question 3 to present theAudience feedback that I gained from the questionnairesreturned from my class. Wordle presents the words enteredinto its system in size order of how many times they are repeated. (the more times aword is repeated the bigger the word will be). This was a very visually interesting andclear way of displaying text as the differences in size and colour makes the data moreeasy to interpret rather then a block of text.
  9. 9. I have used survey monkey to gain audiencefeedback in evaluation question 3. Survey monkey allowed me to produce my own onlinesurvey with as many questions as I wanted. It also has a variety of different questiontypes and what type of question you would like such as a multiple choice question or aparagraph comment box. After I finished creating my survey it allowed me to post itdirectly onto the social networking site ‘Facebook’ where I gained my responses from thisonline survey. It then allowed me to scroll through the responses that I got.I used the social networking site Facebook to post my final music video andonline survey created using monkey survey to gain my audience feedbackfor evaluation question 3. On the social networking site I have many friendswhich fit into the target audience of my artist so this was very useful as itallowed to easily access information useful feedback from them. I used the social networking site Myspace to find what I thought was my chosen unsigned artist ‘Lucy Rose’ however after making the decision that I no longer wanted to use a female artist I then used it to contact my artist Benjamin Francis Leftwich to ask permission to use his song.
  10. 10. I used the video streaming website YouTube for my research into different music videos to help me understand the characteristics, forms and conventions and different genres of music video. I also usedit to upload my final music video and also a short video of me in this evaluation question.YouTube is the most popular video streaming service and this is where music videos apartfrom on TV are most popularly promoted. YouTube is also very quick and easy to use andallowed me to directly embed my final music video and also any other videos used in myresearch straight onto my blog. The only limitation that I found with using YouTube whenuploading footage onto it was that the standard of image quality was quite significantlyreduced once taken from iMovie. I used the online photo editing service picnik to quickly play around with ideas for my ancillary tasks. I also chose the font s used on my album cover and magazine advert from picnik’s font library. Picnik enabled me too make quick and easy edits that look very effective and somewhat professional. I used the programme paint to crop printscreens and different pictures throughout all stages of this coursework and was then able to upload these images directly onto my blog. It is a very basic programme with few functions however this is all I needed for what I wanted to do.
  11. 11. I used the bamboo pen and touch graphics tablet to create my final story board for my music video. I decided to use a tablet instead of drawing my storyboard as it meant that the storyboard was all done on the computer and therefor I did not need to scan in the sheets of my storyboard where there was the risk of reducing the image quality. By doing this it also allowed me to easily print out as many copies of the story board that I needed.Throughout this coursework project I have used the scanner toupload many sheets for research, planning and also targetaudience feedback questionnaires for my evaluation. Using ascanner meant that I was able to upload my hand written sheetsonline at a higher quality rather then if I took photos of them. Ialso used the printer to print copies of my storyboard and alsothe song lyrics which I took with me whilst filming to remind meof what shots I needed to take and also how to make these fitwith the song lyrics.
  12. 12. Still Nikon D40 DSLR CameraI used a Nikon D40 DSLR camera to take photos for both of myancillary tasks, the location shots of my music video and alsothe images used in the stop motion animation part of my musicvideo. There are many different settings on this camera and for the majority of shots Idecided to control the camera manually which involved setting the exactaperture, exposure length and also the focus of the camera lens. By doing this I wasable to gain the most control in the brightness and also main focal points of thephotos. The file formats were ready to be uploaded straight onto my blog orcompatible for Photoshop which is the editing software that I used. This camera is ofa very high quality which I felt was very important as I wanted my ancillary tasks tolook as realistic as possible and being of a high quality defiantly helped these to lookmore convincing. I also have a 3gb memory card for this camera which allowed me totake as many photos as I needed without having to worry about running out ofavailable space for the files.
  13. 13. Editing software used for ancillary tasks I used the editing software Photoshop CS5 to create and edit my digi-pack and magazine advert. The CS5 edition of photoshop is the most recent edition so it therefore has the most up to date and professional functions asphotoshop is an industry standard software that is likely to be used to create real albumcovers. I am familiar with the programme photoshop I have experimented with it for manyyears which is helpful as it is not the simplest of programmes to use. Below I have somescreen shots and annotations of some of the different functions that I used on photoshopduring the production of my ancillary tasks. I was able to Using the spot healing tool on change the photoshop I was able to remove hue, saturati the cigarette in my actors hand for on and the photo used in both of my lightness of ancillary tasks as I did not feel that it was appropriate to have this the photo advertising my product as it until I got will be viewable to many the effect different audiences that I as well as my target needed. audience.
  14. 14. Photoshop allowed me to work on different layers within the same document so I could play about on a copy of the background and then delete it if I do not like the changes or keep it. This meant that I could experiment with different colours and effects. By having different layers this also allowed me to place different images onto on image document such as the social networking logos for facebook and twitter and also the barcode.The only limitation that I found with using photoshop is that the programme often ran very slow when I have lots of documents open and also I have to convert the file type so that is compatible for uploading onto my blog or any other programmes. Despite this photoshop CS5 allowed me to create a very developed and realistic digi-pack and album magazine advert,