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Marketing of educational services


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Published in: Education
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Marketing of educational services

  1. 1. Marketing of Educational Services
  2. 2. Education• Education is the process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another through institutions.• The act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge and of developing the powers of reasoning and judgment.
  3. 3. Need for Marketing Educational services• Need to “market” their services has not really been felt by the educational sector• This is because there is always Demand>Supply• But in the recent years, there is a shift in trends• Large number of institutions for specialized fields have been set up in the recent years for fields like Management and computer education• This has lead to increase in competition
  4. 4. Marketing StrategiesBefore Deciding on the Marketing Mix, Educational Institutes should answer certain basic Questions::::• What Business are we in?• Who are our customers and What benefits they seek?
  5. 5. :- Criteria that students expect• Reputation of the institute• Number of applicants keen to enroll in the course• Past success rate of placement• Faculty expertise• Width of specialization offered• Infrastructural facilities• Fees
  7. 7. 4 P’s of Marketing Product Place• Range • Location• Quality Level • Accessibility• Brand Name • Distribution Channels Price • Distribution Coverage• Level Promotion• Discounts (Scholarships) • Advertising• Allowances • Personal selling• Commissions • Sales promotion• Payment Terms • Publicity• Consumers perceived value • Public relations• Quality/price relationship
  8. 8. What is Marketing?• In simple - impressing a person to buy the product.• Detail - understand the needs of customer by way of making him to talk and we analysis whether his requirement match with our products and impress the customer to buy the product.
  9. 9. How will you create customer satisfaction• Through employee satisfaction• Understanding the requirement of the students based on giving them the guidelines. How your institution does for corporate social responsibility• Free material on updates on educational• For every 10 students 1 student is free
  10. 10. Vision of institution• To bring the institute the website as world top 10 website and No.1 as educational website. Mission of institution1.) Quality educational videos on all public website.(e.g. you tube)2.) Free educational materials in website.3.) Website designed based on search engine optimization.
  11. 11. Group opinion• Marketing for educational institution can be done by creating brand value through student satisfaction.
  12. 12. ReferencesDirector : Mr. Balaji
  13. 13. Thank you