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Kenya Kids Book 2017 7.29.2017


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Kenya Kids - Education is the greatest hope in changing the lives of children living in Extreme Poverty in active garbage dump.

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Kenya Kids Book 2017 7.29.2017

  1. 1. *Kenya Kids is a Low Country Community Church international ministry providing hope through education, water and food*
  2. 2. KENYA • 44 Million people • Large population living in extreme poverty
  3. 3. Popular Africa Destination for Westerners Drawn by country’s rich culture 1 Spectacular wildlife parks 2
  4. 4. Kenya a beautiful mix of cities and countryside, mountains and desert, remarkable potential amidst desperate poverty. Home to a people of inspiring hospitality, kindness and joy
  5. 5. Kenya has one of the highest rates of population growth 44 million today vs. 16.3 million in 1980 And not surprisingly…….. Children make up nearly half of the population 42 percent are children under 15
  6. 6. The $1.90 per person per day threshold for extreme poverty is a standard adopted by the World Bank and other international organizations to reflect the minimum consumption and income level needed to meet a person’s basic needs. However, the ultra-poor remain virtually invisible
  7. 7. Nakuru City Garbage Dump 500 people live here Children being born & living entire lives here
  8. 8. People, livestock & vultures
  9. 9. Mountains of new garbage every day
  10. 10. Education is the greatest hope for children to avoid hunger, violence, abuse, exploitation, and the only way to break a cycle of extreme poverty.
  11. 11. God has blessed our ministry! 2017 – 60 kids sponsored • 50 from dump into The Roberts Education Centre & boarding school • 27 returning • 23 new • 6 post-high school students –college / computer classes Special Schools for Special Kids • 2 little girls into the Ngala School for the Deaf • a 14 year-old boy not able to speak into the Njoro Salvation Army Special School
  12. 12. Special Children Special Needs Special Schools • 2 girls into Ngala School for the Deaf • 14 year-old boy in Njoro Salvation Army Special School
  13. 13. KENYA PARTNERS Boarding School From this To this
  14. 14. From this To This
  15. 15. 2017: Third Year in boarding School
  16. 16. Boarding School Start Up Costs • Uniforms & Shoes • Mattress • Bedding / Towel • Storage locker and padlocks • Books • School supplies • Personal items Approximately $300 per child
  17. 17. Why Support KENYA KIDS? ALL FUNDS USED TO SUPPORT KIDS No Administrative Costs! (all volunteer church organization) Note: No funds used for mission travel costs
  18. 18. Why Support KENYA KIDS? We’re Tackling the Most Important Projects • Education & Healthcare • Moving dump kids into boarding school for continuous education • Healthcare provided by Kenya Partners Clinic (close to school) • Supporting Hopeland Nursery school (inside garbage dump is safer) • Feeding Programs • Ensuring at least one hot meal a month – desire to increase frequency • Access to Clean Water • Fund and erect water Collection and Retaining Systems • During droughts – purchase and deliver tanks of water
  19. 19. Please help us change lives by getting the next 24 kids out of Garbage Dump into Boarding School New school year begins January 2018 ------------------------------------- Sponsor a hole $50 Contribute a prize Play in golf tournament $75 Make a contribution – no amount too small
  20. 20. Installation of water collection system
  21. 21. For more information, please contact Louise Goodman Program Director, Kenya Kids 828.265.7431