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A Presentation On VEDA

  1. 1. VEDA services Service is a virtue of heart.
  2. 2. • VEDA is a Christian voluntary organization started by Late Evg. Dr.S.John David at Chilakaluripet .• Veda saw the need for help in and around slums of chilakaluripet and further ventured into the upliftment of lives of these slum dwellers without discrimination of caste, creed, religion and sex .• Veda along with Rural Relief & Development Foundation, help in this noble mission with the vision of helping the poor & the needy & ultimately uplifting the slums. Our motto: To impart To inculcate To inspire
  3. 3. PovertyIlliteracyLack of awareness Synonyms toSuperstitions slumsMalnutritionUnhygienic conditions Hence, these people are often exposed to dreadful diseases, unemployment and characterized crime
  4. 4. Aim: To break this vicious cycle to bring out the change in the lifestyle of slum dwellers
  5. 5. Our projects: Milk project Mid-day meal Basic education Medical care including Antenatal care Income generation Housing
  6. 6.  Meager daily incomeBarely meets daily requirement No healthy future
  7. 7. MILK PROJECT Target group  Children ( 0-3yrs) + malnourished children + people with T.B + Old aged people Intro people in slums- very poor and hence no—Education, water, food, schools and hospitals Survey Veda took initiative part & engaged social workers to survey the slums of and around Chilakaluripet. Records-maintained. Identification cards gn to mothers Issuing ½ litre 1/2litre /day/ 372 kids
  8. 8. MID-DAY meal
  9. 9.  No balanced diet Malnutrition Deficiency Hindrance to the growth of child
  10. 10. • MMP is the popular name for school mid-day meal program.• Target group  School children• Objectives 1)Protecting children from class room hunger 2)Providing nutritious food(Balanced diet) 3)Increasing school enrollment & attendance 4)Improvising socialization among children• 1622(slum kids)+275(school kids) / day
  11. 11. Basic
  12. 12.  Basic education refers to the whole range of educational activities taking place in various settings (formal and non formal), that aim to meet basic learning needs. What does Veda do?— Built bridging schools in every slum to ensure that children who are deprived of any educational opportunity – atleast acquire basic literacy skills. In some slums, the schools we built sometimes provide shelter to people in times of emergency.
  13. 13. Since 2006• Total of 12 schools• 1 school in 1 slum• on average 90-100children/schoolso total of nearly 1200 children are getting education from our bridging schools
  14. 14. Medical care
  15. 15. • Veda+RRDF  renders its services round the clock among the slum dwellers through health awareness programmes, medical cmo’s and surveys. RRDF supports people suffering with unusual conditions: • Heart surgeries • Reconstructive surgeries • Polio surgeries • Hysterectomies.
  16. 16. Cleft lip
  17. 17. Heart condition-Tetralogy of Fallot
  18. 18. Burnt case-Treated for Srictures
  19. 19. Immunization programme
  20. 20. Dental camp
  21. 21. Antenatal care : Refers to the regular medical and nursing care recommended for pregnant women. It’s a type of preventative care with the goal of providing regular check-ups that allow doctors to treat problems throughout the course of the pregnancy thereby promoting healthy lifestyles that benefit both mother and child.Immunization is an important part in this programme
  22. 22. Income generation
  23. 23. • Poverty is characterized by a lack of income/purchasing power attributable to lack of productive employment.• NGO’s play the role of facilitators in encouraging participatory approaches in empowering the poor by income generating projects.• This is with an objective of improving their economic status.
  24. 24. Home forhomeless
  25. 25. Housing:• Providing shelter to the homeless• Veda has taken up construction of houses to the slum dwellers under the Housing scheme in collaboration with the Government of Andhra Pradesh.• RRDF generously came forward to support this Blessed venture
  26. 26. VTC is proposed for under privileged children to give a ray of hope to get trained in various job oriented technical and non technical trades in our VTC so to stabilize their lives for a better future.
  27. 27. Such kind of childrenwill be gettingeducation in our VTC
  28. 28. “When the world says give up Hope w h i s p e r s. . . . . . . . Try it one more time”
  29. 29. We are very thankful to God Almighty, RRDF and its sponsors Mrs. Fenny van der wijk & Mr.Roelf Mrs. Linda & Mr. Alko for enabling us in helping the needy and underprivileged students with Vocational Training centre