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LMS Research Presentation for Graduate Symposium


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Instructor Perceptions and Utilization of Learning Management Systems in Post-Secondary Education

Published in: Education, Technology
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LMS Research Presentation for Graduate Symposium

  1. 1. Submitted by: Leslie Pirtle To: Dr. Anne Hird As a final requirement for the Master of Education, Instructional Technology April 19, 2013
  2. 2.  Medium-sized public university in New England – 775 faculty  Blackboard since 1999  Moodle since 2008  LMS use is voluntary  Fall 2013 Blackboard to be decommissioned  Moodle training needs
  3. 3.  Time, technical, and budgetary limitations often prevent the collection of detailed data on instructor LMS utilization and perceptions  Impact of a mandated transition from Blackboard to Moodle on instructors’ training needs and pedagogical objectives is unclear
  4. 4. To inform specialists who assist instructors to achieve targeted administrative and pedagogical outcomes through the use of an LMS ID PD IT
  5. 5. To what extent do instructors use Blackboard or Moodle in their teaching practice? What features and for what purposes do instructors use LMSs in their teaching practice?
  6. 6. Online Survey Interviews Server Log Data Faculty at large Only run initially 11.5% return (n=89*) All 40 willing survey respondents were invited 10 (forced answer) questions 12* self-selected participants Feb 20 to Mar 1 3 open-ended questions w/ probes 40 willing to interview March 4-18 *All participants indicated consent Caused Moodle server to crash
  7. 7.  LMS was not an integrated tool for the F2F classroom  Primarily lecture-oriented, sequential content delivery  Communication tended to be 1-way (teacher to student)  Minimal description of collaboration or inquiry-, and problembased learning with the LMS  Survey evoked strong reactions regarding the migration from Blackboard to Moodle  Those Apri 2013 comfortable with Moodle tended to have experience 23
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