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What is open schooling


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What is open schooling

  1. 1. What is open schooling? Explainits aims, organizational structureand the use of technology inIndia. What are the currentissues related to technology usedand how new technology can beintroduced in the currentschooling system in India?
  2. 2. Module 1: Introduction to the question
  3. 3. Module 2 What is open schooling? What is its significance in developing countries?
  4. 4. Module 3:Overview of Open schooling in India: needand aims
  5. 5. Module 4Technological issues in open schooling inIndia
  6. 6. Module 5Organizational, structural and cost issues inopen schooling in India
  7. 7. Module 6New technology in distance learning
  8. 8. Module 7Current and future use of technology in openschooling in India
  9. 9. Module 8Updated Annotated bibliography
  10. 10. Module 9Conference summary
  11. 11. Thank You !