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Why an LMS


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This presentation was originally developed for a client in the early stages of selecting an LMS. They currently do very little e-learning, and their classroom training is all managed manually with spreadsheets and email. They maintain a PDF course catalog that is distributed via email every time updates are made. They are looking for ways to improve their processes and expand their offerings, and this presentation provides an introduction to how an LMS can solve some of their problems.

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Why an LMS

  1. 1. Why An LMS? Christy Tucker January 12, 2015 CC-By-NC
  2. 2. Meet Anna
  3. 3. Anna is a great ID. She develops e-learning, ILT, blended learning, job aids, and more. She does a little bit of everything, and her courses get good anecdotal reviews.
  4. 4. Anna’s Problem Too much time on administrative tasks
  5. 5. Booking Rooms Tracking Attendance Reviewing Surveys Sending Reminder Emails Monitoring Prerequisites
  6. 6. Anna spends a lot of time dealing with administrative work related to her courses, but she doesn’t feel like she has a great handle on how everything is being used and what’s most effective.
  7. 7. Meet Anna’s Manager, Nathan He has big plans. • Expand e-learning • Increase blended learning • Better tracking
  8. 8. Nathan tasks Anna with researching ways to expand their offerings while reducing administrative work.
  9. 9. Their Wish List Track Training Bookmark Progress E-Learning Blended Learning SCORM Certifications Cloud-Based Webinar Integration Assessments Feedback Surveys Test Out Search Capability …and more
  10. 10. An LMS Helps Everyone Users Managers L&D Team
  11. 11. LMS Screenshots The following slides contain screenshots from a number of different LMSs. These are designed to provide a very high level snapshot of LMS capabilities, rather than a detailed feature review of any particular system.
  12. 12. HOW IT HELPS USERS User Accounts Permissions Enrollment Learning Plans Course Catalog
  13. 13. User Accounts Moodle/Totara
  14. 14. Permissions Absorb LMS
  15. 15. Enrollment PeopleFluent
  16. 16. Learning Plan Upside LMS
  17. 17. Course Catalog ExpertusOne
  18. 18. HOW IT HELPS MANAGERS Track Team Progress Appraisals
  19. 19. Track Team Progress IMC
  20. 20. Appraisals Totara
  21. 21. HOW IT HELPS THE L&D TEAM Track Enrollments and Completions Satisfaction Surveys Upload from Any Tool Assessment Classroom Training
  22. 22. Track Enrollments and Completions Intellum Exceed LMS
  23. 23. Satisfaction Surveys Blackboard Learn
  24. 24. Upload From Any Tool
  25. 25. Assessment Totara
  26. 26. Classroom Training Docebo
  27. 27. Expanded Training More People Use Training Better Tracking How the LMS Helps Nathan Meet His Goals
  28. 28. Time on Administrative Work More Info, Better Learning How It Helps Anna
  29. 29. Everybody wins! Users, managers, the L&D team, Nathan, and Anna all benefit from the new system. More people are using training, managers and IDs know what’s being used and how successful learners are. The L&D team is growing, and the organization as a whole is stronger because people are getting the support and training they need.