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Website Newsletter Template

  1. 1. TO KNOW CHRIST AND TO MAKE HIM KNOWN . . . TRISSELS MENNONITE NEWSLETTER published every other week LOCATED AT 11246 HISERS LANE, BROADWAY SEPTEMBER 3, 2007 Pastor: Phil Kanagy From the Secretary’s Desk . . . Phone: (540) 896-7289 Email: Website: An assortment of stray cats passes through my yard. Lulu, a petite calico barely tipping a six- Mailing Address: P.O. Box 549, pound scale, took shelter underneath our shed a couple of years ago. If she even caught sight of Broadway, VA 22815 me watching her from yards away, she ran. Now she lies on her back on my lap, purring barely audibly, kneading her paws against my arm. She had a sister, Mattie, that shared the apartment Our Sunday Services . . . September 9 underneath the shed. Mattie never warmed to us. After a mess with her sickly kittens, Ryland 9:30 AM Sunday School and Margaret helped me catch Mattie to take her to a friend’s farm in Singers Glen. She took 10:30 AM Worship the first door out of a warm calf barn, and the last we saw her, she was running straight towards September 16— A Missional Sunday a woods where coyotes live. Another kitten showed up last spring. On a frosty night when I had Linford and Janet Stutzman lead adult Sunday the shed open while covering strawberry plants, O’Malley slipped inside for warmth. The next school and worship. After a fellowship meal, day when I opened the shed, perched on a shelf was a long-haired, white and tan Persian kitten they will lead an afternoon session. staring at me with frightened, blue eyes. For days he ate ravenously, his feces left in the shed Nursery Schedule . . . indicating his diet had been John the Baptist’s fare – bugs. O’Malley is slowly warming to us, Sept. 9: Karin & Katie Halterman but really, it’s up to him whether or not he will let us fully care for him. Sept. 16: Janet Miller & Daniel Richards Stewardship Report . . . As I’ve watched these cats, I am struck by the parallel free will God gives us in living into His August 26: worship— 72, offering—$3,42 goodness. Philip Yancey’s book, The Jesus I Never Knew, keeps turning over in my head on Sept. 2: worship— 86, offering— $1,858 just how much Jesus respected this freedom. Jesus had the power to destroy Satan in the tempta- Wishing a tion in the desert. He could have won over the crowds by creating food on demand. He could have opted for the power behind a crown of jewels instead of the pain from one of thorns. Happy Anniversary Plainly, why didn’t Jesus, God Incarnate, just bedazzle us, crush Satan, and get rid of this and worldly mess? Because He knows that the only way righteousness grows out of our sinful na- ture is when we choose to live into His love -- ever-patient, never-conditional, pain-bearing love. Happy Birthday to . . . So, which stray are you like? Lulu, Mattie, or O’Malley? . . . Becky Marv Zehr September 15 Charles & Laura Turner September 16 Donald & Sandy Lambert September 19 Sarah Mumbauer September 20 Laura Turner September 22 Michelle Hamsher September 22
  2. 2. ~ At Trissels ~ Jr. Youth Heartfelt condolences are extended to Janine Whoohoo! The Junior Youth Retreat at Smith Kanagy and her family as they grieve the loss Mountain Lake is around the corner (Sept. 29 & 30). of Janine’s father, Joseph Mininger. Get your medical release forms to Mel or John The Worship and Church Life Committee ASAP. meets Thursday, Sept. 6, in the library at 7 PM. Sr. Youth On Wednesday, Sept. 12, during school hours, Ya’ll know what a ROAD RALLY is? Trissels Mennonite Women gather in the fel- Find out this Saturday, Sept. 8. lowship hall to make items for missions. All Your sponsors will be calling with details. women and children are welcome with work available for all skill levels. Come for fellowship and a carry-in meal served at noontime. ~ In the Community ~ Be a part of the audience for live videotaping of Fish- Trissels Mennonite Church NONPROFIT Church Council convenes in the fellowship Eyes and Creation Chronicles at Eastern Mennonite School P.O. Box 549 ORG U.S. POSTAGE hall on Wednesday, Sept. 12, at 7 PM. Quo- auditorium on Sept. 18, 20, & 21. Ted Swartz has assembled PAID Broadway, VA 22815 PERMIT 10 rum members are council chair & vice-chair, a cast of seasoned actors to play roles he had created with BROADWAY, VA pastor, elders chair, treasurer, finance committee Lee Eshelman during their 20-year partnership as Ted & Lee chair, adult & primary Sunday school superinten- Theater/Works. Fish-Eyes will be performed on Sept. 18 at 4 dents, minister of music, Mennonite Women and 7:30 PM. Creation Chronicles will be given on Thurs., president, senior building & grounds trustee, Sept. 20 and Friday, Sept 21 at 7:30 PM each night. Tickets senior legal trustee, youth rep, head usher, and are $5 at the door. Because of videotaping, the programs are Brotherhood Fund administrator. At least eight appropriate for children ages 6 & up. Call 574-4877 for more quorum members must be present for congre- information. gational representation. All church members may vote on matters presented. Harrisonburg Pregnancy Center is looking for Christian nurse volunteers who have a heart for women in crisis The Ladies Fall Retreat is at Sparkling pregnancies and who agree with HPC’s Statement of Faith Springs on Saturday, Sept. 15, starting at 2 and Mission. For more information, contact Peg Martin, RN, PM. Finger foods will be served in Cottage #58. at 434-0685. Visitors are welcome. Please bring lawn chairs, and maps will be coming shortly. Virginia Mennonite Missions is seeking a team of skilled workers to go to Charlottesville on Saturday, Sept. 29, to Missional Sundays coming soon! assist with a construction project for a transitional program ____________________________________ beginning there. An electrician, floor tiler, carpenter, and September 16, Linford & Janet Stutzman share about plumber are needed. If you have a skill in any of these areas their experiences resailing all of Paul’s missionary jour- and would like to help, please contact Philip Rhodes for more neys, focusing on how to apply Paul’s principles and information at 434-9727. practices to Trissels’ missional work. Share in a fellowship meal at noontime followed by the Stutzmans leading an afternoon session. ~ Missions ~ RETURN SERVICE ___________________________________ Skip and Carol Tobin, EMM and VMM workers in Thailand, September 23, Loren Horst, Virginia Mennonite Confer- are relating to a wide variety of people in Southeast Asia. ence Minister, leads worship on a missional theme. Thank God for their deep commitment to spreading the Good REQUESTED News and ask for protection daily as they move around the region.