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  1. 1. Volume 13, Issue 25 January 2011 Find us on the Web!The Voice http://www.oslc-gb.org Our Saviour Lutheran Church–Green Bay Wis.T he End o f the Sp e arDavid H. Hatch It is rare that Christian “cuwoody” which translates tostories make it as feature films. “whatever their race.” TheBut one story has what it takes Waorani thought the cuwoodyand was produced into a movie were “eaters-of-people.” Thefive years ago. Thanks to funding Waorani hated all cuwoody.by the family that owns the Wielding their wickedly barbed The missionaries meet one of the tribesmen on Palm Beach – A photo by the late missionary,Hobby Lobby stores nationwide, nine-foot chonta wood spears, Nate Saint deep in the jungles of Ecuador.the film, “The End of the Spear,” they killed any who came intoplayed in major theatres in 2006. their territory. Groups of bucket on the end holding a We will be showing that Waorani even turned on each gift. On Oct. 6, 1955 Saint cir-film at OSLC this month on other, setting up a chain of terror cled over the village in hisJanuary 8 and 16. There will also with no end. The Waorani Piper plane, reeled out the ny-be a live internet interview with became so fierce that the lon line and dropped an alumi-the film‟s author, Steve Saint, Quichua people who surrounded num kettle. Marked withprior to the film. That is huge! them named them “Aucas” streamers, it contained 20Saint‟s father was speared to meaning savages.” brightly colored buttons and adeath in 1956 during a mission God moved five bag of rock salt. The giftsoutreach to a once hostile tribe in missionaries, Nate Saint, Jim landed on a beach near theEcuador. This film is about that Elliot, Pete Fleming, Ed tribal houses. Every week aftervery story. McCully and Roger Youderian, that, Saint dropped gifts such Here is background on the to reach this hostile tribe. The Continued on page 2film. The Waorani are people of men had left home in the Unitedthe jungles of Ecuador. People States to serve Christ in Ecuador. I n s i d e t h i s i s s u e :like us with names and families. Saint was a jungle pilot; Elliot,With parents alive or dead, Fleming and McCully took LWML invites you to... 2together or apart. The Palm Beach Gods message of new life inStory begins 55 plus years ago Christ to other tribes in the area. Mondays still sweet 2when the Waoranis palm- How could the five provethatched homes and jungle their friendly intent to those who Green and gold wanted 3lifestyle had never been seen on hated all “cuwoody?” How could television. Few they give them presents without outsiders knew they being killed? Saint was not only Directory update 3 existed. No one had a skilled pilot but also an lived with them and inventor. He discovered that if he Usher schedule 5 came back alive. flew his Piper in a tight circle The Waorani named with the door off, he could reel Warm winter funnies 5 all outsiders, out a long nylon line with a Calendar 6
  2. 2. P a g e 2 T h e V o i c eContinued from page 1 12, 1955, was a turning point. fast from there as they later The Waorani took their gift of land on a beach near the as machetes, axe- an axe head and returned a village and wait out a visitheads, shirts, shorts and feather crown in the bucket. from the tribesman. And thatkettles. They were establishing The five young missionaries is where the movie begins.a relationship of trust! Nov. were ecstatic. The story moves The rest is supernatural! The Lutheran Womens Missionary League invites you to “The End of the Spear” Through Speed the Bring your family to see, immediately afterNeed we had the joy of “The End of the Spear.” The the spearing. Show times atmeeting and interviewing story shows both our call to Free will a glance:some of those closest to this missions and God’s blessing offering toincredible mission’s story, when we carry on the Great benefit Mission 01.08.2011 @including two of the pilots Commission, “Go ye Aviation 6pmwho carried on Saint’s therefore and teach all Fellowship. Once 01.16.2011 @fantastic flying to bring the nations…” On Saturday, Jan. again, this 6pmlife changing Gospel to 8 at 6:00 p.m. and Sunday, showing includesthese people. Those Jan. 16 at 6:00 p.m. a live internetinterviews can be seen at Including signed books interview with Steve Saint,our church website: http:// for sale by Bob Griffin, son of Nate Saint and authorwww.oslc-gb.org/programs/ missionary pilot who assisted of the film with question andoutreach/palm/index.html with the mission and the answer time. widowed missionary’s wives Mondays are still sweeter Sweet Last year they blessings, for all Mondays are coming shared vacation women who could back! Watch the memories, recipes, use a night out, announcements for a our wedding dresses, without having to “Its casual evangelism chance to join other plenty of food, and RSVP or dress up! approach. Mostly social, ladies in a fun, much more! with a non-threatening low-key evening. The connection to God. Its an This is a great ladies chat, share a easy way for others to time to invite your devotional thought, invite people to church neighbor who may who might not want to then have an activity not go to church. Its get involved yet.” - or sharing session. Stephenie Hovland, non-threatening, fun, Sweet Mondays and done with Gods coordinator. She started the program last February.
  3. 3. V o l u m e 1 3 , I s s u e 2 5 P a g e 3 Wanted! Green and gold Our Saviour Lutheran cupboards and those boxes you If everyone cleans out Church was recently given a packed up and moved but their supplies, it can be donation of green and gold and never opened. Maybe you considered „giving without now we‟re looking for have recently helped an older opening our pocketbooks‟ and more! No, it‟s not currency relative or friend move and helps to clear out some clutter and precious metal, or even they need to dispose of their at the same time. The S&H Green Bay Packers‟ belongings. It‟s possible those Green Stamps and/or Gold memorabilia. Believe it or not, little stamps are in a desk or Bond Stamps do not need to be it was S&H Green Stamps and junk drawer of just about separated or counted. Just Gold Bond Stamps! With a anyone you know who is over place them in an envelope and quick bit of research we found 50! Instead of sending them to put them in the church these items still have cash the trash, help to redeem and secretary‟s mailbox (outlined value. The cash value is small recycle what some have come in red). for each point but those little to believe are worthless. Let‟s things can add up. bring them all together to be a Check your drawers, blessing to the church. Celebrate Trinity Many of you was formed to fill the kindergarten through know that Trinity void of an elementary eighth grade, 25 are Elementary School is an Lutheran facility on the members of “association school.” east side of Green Bay. Our The association On Sunday, Jan. 30, Saviour. of Lutheran churches OSLC will shine the Those that support Trinity light on Trinity to students come includes Our Saviour, promote the school and from 18 of Christ of the Bay, and their mission. our families! Faith in Green Bay and Of the current Hope in DePere. Trinity 85 students in What’s going on with the directory? For those of you bulletin announcements as then to the general who are wondering but well as in The Voice when membership of Our have not yet asked, the they have been received Saviour Lutheran new church pictorial and are ready for pick Church. If you need your directories are in up. Copies will first be copy mailed, please progress. At this point, we available to those who had contact Michelle at hope to have them ready their pictures taken by (920) 468-4065 or by for distribution in March Olan Mills, next to those e-mail at 2011. Notices will be who submitted personal info@oslc-gb.org. placed in the weekly photos of themselves and
  4. 4. V o l u m e 1 3 , I s s u e 2 5 P a g e 4 Seminar for the grieving As part of the Whole- intended. DontMan ministry of Our Saviour allow fear of whatLutheran, this program fea- others may think totures biblical, Christ- keep you fromcentered teaching that what could help you. renewing your hope for thefocuses on grief topics Confidentiality is very much future. Grief-related books/associated with the death of a part of this program. materials are available fora loved one. The DVD Your bereavement participants to borrow.seminar features nationally experience may be recent or The leadershiprespected grief experts and not so recent. You will find materials have been donatedreal-life stories of people, encouragement, comfort and in memory of Agnesfollowed by a small group help in grieving the death of Splitgerber. We thank herdiscussion about what was a spouse, child, parent, family and friends for theirviewed. Past participants sibling, other family member donation.have related how helpful the or friend. No matter what GriefShare will beinformation and follow-up caused your loved ones held for 13 weeks. It beginsdiscussions were to them. death, this is an opportunity January 11 in the parlor. Many grieving people to be around people who Please register by January 5find they are only beginning understand what you are by calling the church officethe work of healing when feeling. You will learn how to at 468-4065. The cost is a $20friends or family have recognize the symptoms of free-will donation to coverreturned to their daily life being stuck in grief and that the cost ofroutines. Too often people, you do not need to live participantincluding Christians, tend to bound to certain emotions. materials. Pleasestuff their grief instead of You will learn valuable contact Pastorallowing it to do the God- information about facing Greg withgiven work for which it is your new normal in life and questions. We w a n t yo u r b r a i n p o we r ! The youth board is Follow us on Facebook for looking for new activity ideas discussions, activity details, for 2011. We will even accept find out who else is attending new ways of doing old things! youth activities. Do you have Please contact Avra Juhnke at something you want to talk ajjoslc@yahoo.com or Whitney about at Bible study? Let us Hunter at know that too. We love to hear whitneyhunter26@gmail.com from you ! with ideas and suggestions.
  5. 5. V o l u m e 1 3 , I s s u e 2 5 P a g e 5 February 2011 Usher Schedule Day: Date: Service: Lead Usher Team: Thu. 03-Feb 7:00 pm B. Clayton Anthony Clayton; †UN; †UN Sun. 06-Feb 7:45 am J. Kielpikowski Chad Kielpikowski; Ron Klumb; †UN Sun. 06-Feb 9:15 am D. Bitters Robin Williams; Frank Helebrant; Don Schultz; Shelly Williams; Trey Boerschinger Sun. 06-Feb 10:45 am G. Buechner Carmen Leuthner; Lloyd Leuthner; DeVonte King; Rich Spangenberg Thu. 10-Feb 7:00 pm HC C. Arthur Carl Zimonick; Gary Kirchman; Dick Zimonick Sun. 13-Feb 7:45 am HC M. Dalebroux Andrew Prescher; Al Brietlow; Barry Dalebroux Sun. 13-Feb 9:15 am HC W. Chamberlain Randy Dyle; Roxanne Dyle; Alex Chamberlain; Elyssa Ammerman; Kathy Ammerman Sun. 13-Feb 10:45 am M. Charles Don Larson; Karen Kiekhaefer; †UN Thu. 17-Feb 7:00 pm P. Kuehl Bill Baneck; †UN; †UN Sun. 20-Feb 7:45 am M. Morgan Vernon Siech; Gloria Morgan; Ralph Hoerchler Sun. 20-Feb 9:15 am D. Wians Lonnie Peerenboom; Todd Korth; Barb Korth; Davis LaMarche; Dan Richer Sun. 20-Feb 10:45 am R. Bruhn Rich Ryman; Sue Bruhn; Richard Christianson Thu. 24-Feb 7:00 pm HC B. Clayton Anthony Clayton; †UN; †UN Sun. 27-Feb 7:45 am HC A. Knaus Clarence Ney; Josh VanKauwenberg; Jerry VanKauwenberg Sun. 27-Feb 9:15 am HC R. Vande Hei Walt Juhnke; Tiffany Duff; Brian Duff; Chelsea Vande Hei; Rachel Vande Hei Sun. 27-Feb 10:45 am G. Buechner Carmen Leuthner; Lloyd Leuthner; DeVonte King; Rich Spangenberg † UN -Usher Needed: If youd like to volunteer as an usher please contact the lead usher of the group youd like to join. Or contact Rich Spangenberg at (920) 983-9821 or e-mail spangenr@uwgb.edu January funnies to keep you warm Edna found lose my car as well” A large, well herself in bad Lotto night comes and built man visited the trouble. Her business Edna still has no luck. vicarage and asked to had gone bust, she Once again, she prays, see the vicars wife, owed on her mortgage “My God, why have who was well known and her car is about to you forsaken me? I’m for her charity. Voice be towed. Desperate, losing everything. My breaking with she decides to ask God children are emotion, he said, “Id for help. She prays, starving. I’ve always like to draw your “God, please help me. been a good servant to attention to the Ive lost my business you. Please, please, let terrible plight of a and if I dont get some me win the lotto one poor family in this money, Im going to time so I can pay my district. The father is “How frightful!” lose my house as well. bills.” Suddenly there dead, the mother is exclaimed the vicars Please let me win the is a blinding flash of too ill to work, and the wife. “May I ask who lotto.” Lotto night light as the heavens nine children are you are?” The comes and somebody open and Edna is starving. They are enormous visitor else wins it. On her confronted by the about to be turned out wiped his eyes with knees, Edna again thunderous voice of into the cold streets his handkerchief and prays, “God, please let God Himself. “Edna! because they are wailed, “Im their me win the lotto! Ive Edna! You must meet $400.00 in rent landlord.” lost my business, my Me halfway on arrears.” house and Im going to this. Buy a ticket!”
  6. 6. January 2011 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 Youth movie night: Elf2 3 4 5 6 7 87:45a Trad worship 5:3p Youth board 7a Bible study 3p Youth night 9a Staff meeting 6p End of the Spear9:15a Praise worship 6:3p Worship 9a Bible study 6p Praise band 12:15p Brown Bag movie and interview10:45amTrad worship committee 6:3p Cub scouts 6p Confirmation worship, Parlor12p Packers v Bears, 7p Elders meeting 7p P&F meeting 7p Trad worshipLambeau9 Communion 10 11 12 13 14 15Mite Box Sunday 7p Church council 7a Bible study 3p Youth night 9a Staff Meeting 5p Fish fry Youth ski trip: watch7:45a Trad worship 8a OLM orientation 6p Praise band 12:15p Brown Bag for more details9:15a Praise worship 9a Bible study 6p Confirmation worship, Parlor9:15a Bible study9:30a S. school 6:30p Kindergarten 5p Fish Fry Prep10:30a Bible study open house 7p Trad Worship10:45a Trad worship 7p Grief Share16 17 18 19 20 21 227:45a Trad worship 7p Board of education 7a Bible study 3p Youth night 9a Staff meeting9:15a Praise worship w/SS 9a Bible study 6p Praise band 12:15p Brown Bagassistance 6:30p Cub scouts 6p Confirmation worship, Parlor9:15a Bible study9:30a S school 7p Grief Share 7p P&F meeting 7p Trad worship10:30a Bible study NO Preschool or 7p Evangelism10:45a Trad worship Trinity Classes All Preschool classesw/Adult Confirmation No Preschool (meet on meet for Weidner6p End of the Spear Friday) Center field trip 28 2923 Communion 24 25 26 277:45a Trad worship 6:30p Trinity school 7a Bible study 3p Youth night 9a Staff meeting9:15a Praise worship board 9a Bible study 6p Praise band 12:15p Brown Bag9:15a Bible study 7p Fellowship 7p Grief Share 6p Confirmation worship, Parlor9:30a S school10:30a Bible study 7p Stewardship 7p Trad worship10:45a Trad worship Youth Bible study on30 31 Sunday Jan. 9, 16, 23,7:45a Trad worship 6:30p Altar guild 30.9:15a Praise worship meeting Check for updates on9:15a Bible study9:30a S school Facebook under Our10:30a Bible study Saviour Lutheran10:45a Trad worship Church—Green Bay, WI Youth
  7. 7. V o l u m e 1 3 , I s s u e 2 5 P a g e 7 Our Saviour Lutheran Church Senior Pastor– David H. Hatch (920) 465-8118 Lutheran Church dave@oslc-gb.org Missouri Synod Associate Pastor– Greg Hovland 120 S. Henry Street (920) 544-3614 Green Bay, WI 54302 greg@oslc-gb.org (920) 468-4065 Church Office – Michelle Burhite http://www.oslc-gb.org (920) 468-4065 Vol. 13 No. 25, January 2011 The Voice (permit No. 59) is published monthly by Our Saviour Lutheran Church. All rights reserved. No portion info@oslc-gb.org of this publication may be reproduced without permission. Preschool Director – Christina Scholz Edited and designed by Avra J. Juhnke. Please feel free to contact me with constructive suggestions (920) 468-3596 and comments at ajjoslc@yahoo.com. Thanks to those who have already commented! christina@oslc-gb.org I am seeking more congregational input and submissions. Submissions can be sent to info@oslc-gb.org What do you want to read about? OSLC Business Directory Advertisements in the business directory help Our Saviour defray the cost of printing and mailing The Voice each month. If you would like to advertise in The Voice, please contact Michelle at (920) 468-4065 or by e-mail: info@oslc-gb.org
  8. 8. Our Saviour Lutheran Church Non-Profit Organization120 S. Henry St. U.S. Postage PaidGreen Bay, WI 54302 Permit #59(920) 468-4065 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTEDT h e B i r d s W h o F o r m e d a C h u r c hBy Rev. Danne Van Geisch Perhaps you heard about the church building have a balcony because attendance count.birds that formed a church. they wanted to sit up high, and the Ducks Suddenly, one of the birds said,A group of birds got together and de- were making quite a squawk about pools “I think that Sparrows should not be al-cided to form a church, so they called a of water down front where they like to sit. lowed in our church. There are so many ofmeeting and got organized. It was The Mockingbird moved that the them. You cant tell one from the other.a difficult task, getting the "rules and first major purchase be a pipe organ, but They all look alike and they might try tobeliefs" of the new church. the Woodpeckers thought drums would take over our church.” All agreed that The first question to solve was add more to the congregational singing. Sparrows would not be allowed.“where to build the new church.” The The Hummingbirds wanted only hum- The lovely Peacock thought about sup-Pigeons wanted it downtown, but the ming. porting the church and suggested thatBarn Swallows wanted it on the The Cardinals wanted red robes everyone give their best gifts to theedge of town. So, immediately there was for the choir, and the Blue Jays voted for church. She would give some of her beau-a disagreement and a lot of shouting blue robes, but the Robins didnt want tiful feathers. But the Chickens thoughtat each other. robes at all and said they looked good the church could be supported on Chicken The Rooster wanted the ser- enough without robes. feed. Chicken feed won out.vices to be held early in the morning just The Goose volunteered to be Well, after long hours, much has-as soon as the sun comes up, but the head usher, but no one thought anyone sle, hurt feelings and many arguments,Owls demanded that the services be held needed the assistance of a goose. These they formed a church and it was for thein the evenings when everything was duties were given to the Ostrich. He had a birds!dark. long neck and could see where the empty The Turkeys insisted that the seats were and could get an accurate