PD2 Going Public (Jeremy Myers)


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PD2 Going Public (Jeremy Myers)

  1. 1. Going Public! Jeremy Myers | Augsburg College
  2. 2. The Problem3 Key Weaknesses in Church’s Approach to Discipleship1.RELATIONSHIPS - Our young people are not connectedrelationally to enough people in the church to stayengaged in the church.1.VOCATION - Our congregations do not help youngpeople understand or practice living out God’s call intheir daily lives.1.WISDOM - Our congregations spend more timepassing on “information” rather than wisdom, which isthe ability to use information wisely. You Lost Me, David Kinnaman (2012)
  3. 3. The for “dropping out” followed by possible alternativeReasons Problem• Church is overprotective – Discernment: help young people discern movement of Spirit in risky ways• Church is shallow – Apprenticeship: apprentice young people in discipleship• Church is anti-science – Stewardship: openly discuss and live out its call to steward creation• Church is repressive – Relational: discuss sex within a larger conversation of purity lived out in relationships• Church is exclusive – Embrace: embrace difference• Church is doubtless – Doing: model how one lives out her faith in the midst of doubt You Lost Me, David Kinnaman (2012)
  4. 4. The ClaimAn intergenerational faith communityactively engaged in discerning publicexpressions of faith for the commongood will incorporate most, if not all,of these alternatives, resulting in amore urgent and fruitful approach todiscipleship with youth.
  5. 5. Artforms There are 5 artforms a faith-community will engage when seeking more public expressions of faith with their youth. The truth is there are probably more than 5, but these 5 are a good – and necessary – place to start. We are using theterm “artform” to denote that the dynamic nature of each. Just as two artists do not paint in the same way, two congregations will not practice accompaniment in the same way.
  6. 6. Artforms AccompanimentBiblical Imagination Discernment Reflective Practice Ritualization
  7. 7. Accompaniment 1. Definition 2. Purpose 3. Practice • Prayer Walk • Asset Mapping • Neighborhood Meetings • Interviews
  8. 8. Biblical Imagination 1. Definition 2. Purpose 3. Practice • Word on the Street • Connecting Narratives
  9. 9. Discernment1. Definition2. Purpose3. Practice • Awareness Examen • Lectio Divina
  10. 10. Reflective Practice 4. Action for Transformation New Experience 3. Discernment 2. Interpretation 1. Experience
  11. 11. Ritualization1. Definition2. Purpose3. Practice • Celebration & Mourning • Time & Space
  12. 12. How will these artforms take shape in your community?
  13. 13. What did you discuss? What ideasdid you generate? What problems surfaced?
  14. 14. Remember!Artforms are intended to move congregationinto the public square for the common good.
  15. 15. Going Public!Share one way you will help your congregation “go public” this year.