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Announcements 20 jan 2013


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Announcements 20 jan 2013

  1. 1. The Anglican Church of St. Nicholas 1512 Kingston Road, Toronto, Ontario, M1N 1R7 Nick’s News – Please take this home 416–691–0449 Sunday January 20, 2013 To contact the wardens directly, email: The 2nd Sunday in Epiphany Prayers for the Week “Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering persevere in prayer.” Rom 12: 12 We warmly welcome those who are visiting with us today. Please introduce yourself to the clergy, fill out the “Newcomer / Visitor” Information form (on the back page ofFor the world: For all those suffering in the midst of war, civil unrest or disaster. this bulletin) and place it in the offertory plate. Please also join us for refreshmentsFor the Global Church: The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity following the 10:30am service. The Diocese of Liberia (West Africa)The Diocese: We pray for the Parish of Christ the King (Etobicoke) Rev. Janet is available for conversations about life or faith, and to respond to pastoralParish Ministries: The ministry of our Church School Teachers & Children situations and pastoral emergencies. Please don’t hesitate to contact her via email atParish Families: Bill Shaw, Robert Shillibeer, Isobel Smith or by calling the church office 416-691-0449 ext. 223 or in the case of an emergency at 416-648-1418.The sick or those in need: Anne Moir, Cassandra Brake, Jack Pound, Mary Harris,Doug Goss, Joan Wilson, Myrna Gray, Beverley Spencer; Doone Warner; BarbaraDonnelly; Marie-Louise Lister; John Patterson; Helen Fice; Vernon Smitz. This Week at St. Nicholas’…Thanksgivings – please add your personal thanksgiving. Today VESTRY REPORTS ARE DUE TODAY 12:15 pm Choir Annual General Meeting Tuesday 8:45 am Morning PrayerPrayers – If you desire prayers for yourself, family, or friends, please contact the Wednesday 8:30 am Staff Meetingprayer chain. Members of the prayer chain will uphold your name (s) in daily 10:00 am Holy Eucharistprayer for 30 days. Thursday 8:45 am Morning PrayerThe prayer chain contact from Jan 2nd to Jan 20th is Mavis Hristow 416-690-6862 7:30 pm Choir Practice Sunday 8:30 am Said EucharistDaily Devotions – Copies of Forward Day by Day are also available at the back 10:30 am. Sung Eucharistof the church. This devotion includes a short passage of scripture, a brief 12:15 pm. Outreach Meetingreflection and a prayer focus for each day of the week. Scripture Readings for Sunday January 27, 3rd Sunday after Epiphany Newcomer / Visitor FormIf you are new to our parish, or you are visiting, we invite you to complete this Nehemiah 8: 1-3, 5-6, 8-10 Psalm 19form. Please place it on the Offering plate, or give it to one of the Sidespeople 1 Corinthians 12: 12-31a Luke 4: 14-21at the back of the church. Gluten free wafers are available for communion. To indicate your need, please pick You are a Newcomer You wish a Pastoral Visit up a purple card from a sidesperson. With the purple card in your hand at the altar You wish to have Offering Envelopes rail, the communion minister will know that you require a gluten free wafer.Name_________________________________________________________ All baptized Christians, regardless of denomination or age, are invited to receive Communion in the Anglican Church. If you do not wish to receive the bread and wine,Address_______________________________________________________ please come to the Altar, and cross your arms over your chest to receive a blessing.Postal Code____________ Phone#__________________________________ Children are welcome at St. Nicholas’! Children are invited to attend our Churche-mail address __________________________________________________ School Program downstairs during the 10:30am service.
  2. 2. Altar Flowers Each week the flowers on both Altars can be given in memory of aLOOKING AHEAD………more info in paragraphs below loved one or in celebration of a significant life event. (Anniversary, Birthday, BaptismFeb 10 Annual Vestry Meeting – etc.) If you would like to do this, please write your name and phone number on theFeb 12 Pancake Supper calendar at the back of the church. As the week approaches Iris Hogan will give you aFeb 13 Ash Wednesday Services 10:00am and 7:30 pm call to see if you have any colour requests, and also to get the wording for the Lenten Lunches begin at Noon bulletin. Payment of $60.00 can be put in an envelope, clearly marked “For Altar Flowers” and placed on the collection plate. It’s OK for more than one person/familyToday at coffee hour we will be updating our Birthday Sunday lists. Please add your to sign up for the same to the month of your birthday, so you will be included in our celebration ofBirthdays on the first Sunday of each month. Coming in Lent…Our Annual Vestry Meeting is on February 10 following to 10:30am service. Pleasecheck the Vestry List on the Manderley bulletin board, to make sure you are listed as Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper February 12, 5:30pm – 7:00pm Come andeligible to vote at the meeting. To be eligible, you must be 16 years of age or older, enjoy the best pancakes and sausages (with real maple syrup!) in Birch Cliff !have been a member of and worshipper with this congregation for 3 months prior to the Only $5.00.meeting, and not be voting at the Vestry Meeting of any other parish. In preparation for Ash Wednesday on February 13, please bring in your palmWe will have a pot luck lunch during the meeting. Bring something to share, tea and crosses from last year to be burned to make the ashes for our services on Ashcoffee will be provided. Wednesday. They can be left on the counter in the Sacristy.REPORTS FROM ALL GROUPS ARE DUE TODAY. Lent Lunches – begin on Ash Wednesday. As usual, we at St. Nicholas will be responsible for making sandwich fillings each week, and the church of the weeklyDo you have the travel bug? In 2013 I will be leading three tours with Craig Travel speaker will bring the soup. On Ash Wednesday, as Rev. Janet is the speaker, we(the company that advertises on the back page of the Anglican Journal). The first will do the soup as well and the sandwich fillings. Watch for more information here,(Mar 5-27) will be an extensive 23 day tour of South Africa, and the second (July 19- and sign up sheets on the Manderley bulletin board in the coming weeks.Aug 2) “The Best of Ireland” and the third (Oct 22 – Nov 7) a tour of Morocco.Information and brochures are available from the church office, or e-mail me PLEASE READ THIS NOTICE, THE INFORMATION IN IT HAS CHANGED( or 416-690-5132. Ian Noseworthy This past summer the City of Toronto began charging all churches and non profitThe next monthly Breakfast will be for the whole parish, Ken Campbell is the organizations for garbage pickup.speaker, and we are providing child care (for the youngsters in the parish, not Ken). At the beginning of this year we received a notice from the city that we will not beMark February 2nd on your calendars and don’t miss the opportunity to heckle – er… charged for garbage pickup this year after all. They are going to look into the impacthear our favourite hockey writer, newsletter editor, and resident St. Nicholas, Ken of such charges on charitable organizations and then decide what course of action toCampbell! take. So… while for this year sorting our garbage doesn’t make a difference to our costs, it is still an environmentally responsible thing to be doing, and it very wellMinistry of Hospitality Opportunity- may again become a cost issue.In the letter to the Romans, Paul encourages us as a community to practice hospitality.If you would like to participate in the ministry of hospitality by helping with Coffee hour Please be aware of what you’re putting in the Green Bins, Recycling Bins andafter the 10 a.m. service… Garbage.There is a new Coffee Hour list posted on the Manderley Bulletin Board. Pleaseconsider taking a turn to prepare coffee, tea, and goodies. It doesn’t have to be a big In the kitchen there is a green bin – just like the one you put out to the street at yourspread, a loaf or two or some cookies, or cheese and crackers, would be just fine. If house – it’s for organic material, coffee grounds, food waste, tissues, napkins, paperseveral people went together it makes it much easier, - and fun. All you have to do is towels, there is a list posted in the kitchen. Milk cartons, and packaging DO NOT gobring milk and cream, and whatever food you want to provide. The sugar, coffee and in the green bin. There is a recycling bin just outside the kitchen door, and a garbagetea are here. Then take what you spent on the items you brought out of the proceeds bin in the kitchen. If you’re not sure what bin to put something in, please check thefrom the basket on the table. list. Thank you