January 2012 newsletter


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St Paul Lutheran Church of Lodi January 2012 Newsletter.

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January 2012 newsletter

  2. 2. Page 2 THE SAINTINEL
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  5. 5. THE SAINTINEL Page 5 St. Paul Lutheran Church Saturday, February 25, 2012 6:00P.M. Lodi Boys’ & Girls’ Club 1050 S. Stockton St Tickets $45 and go on sale Sunday, January 8 Entertainment provided by: Tapestry For tickets contact: Melinda Woods at (209) 745-6207 Michelle Osborn at (209) 365-1640 Jerry Glenn at (209) 334-9362 PROCEEDS BENEFIT ST. PAUL YOUTH GROUP’S TRIP TO THE NATIONAL YOUTH GATHERING IN NEW ORLEANS IN JULY 2012
  6. 6. Page 6 THE SAINTINEL I’d like to begin this month’s arti- And now for January: cle with lots of thank yous for some wonderful ministries we had The Education Board is planning a Winter Carnival here at St. Paul during December: on January 22nd during education hour. This will a fun event a lot like Rally Day. Here is an opportu- First, thank you to Nancy Hazen, nity for the students to come have fun and kick off Vicki Marien, and everyone who the new year of Sunday School. We will also be helped make the Advent Faire having a time for parents to chat and/or get to happen this year. Families made know each other in the Fireside Room during the some wonderful crafts, including same time. If you would like to help with this event Christmas cards and stockings and please let me know, we would love to have you! Advent candles. Everyone I talked Education Board has also been brainstorming ideas to had a great time, and I thought the crafts turned for other fun activities for our Elementary aged out really beautifully. kids, both on and off site. If you have ideas or sug- gestions for something you would like to see hap- Thank you also to Rita and all of the preschool staff pen please let me or one of the board members for the wonderful Christmas program they gave us know. on December 15th. The kids were wiggly, the sanc- tuary was packed, and the program was so much Thursday night women’s bible study opted to take fun! It was a delight to watch the Christmas story a break during December, but will resume meeting through the talents and excitement of our pre- on January 19th. We meet from 5:00-6:00 in the schoolers. Fireside Room and we are always happy to have new people join us. Come chat, learn and laugh Thank you to Monica and all of the children who with us! participated in this year’s Christmas Pageant on De- cember 18th! Again, it was wonderful to see the January brings us the celebration of Epiphany on story of Jesus’ birth through them. Everyone the 6th. This is 12 days after Christmas and marks worked really hard, and we are grateful for their the day traditionally associated with the wise men faithfulness that brought us this ministry! coming to see the baby Jesus. The wise men fol- lowed a star to find the Messiah so Epiphany is a Finally, thank you to everyone who participated in season of light. It is especially appropriate this time all of the Christmas worship services. It takes a lot of year as we experience more darkness due to the of people to fill a lot of spots for that many ser- winter season. Christ brings light to our darkness vices, and we all definitely appreciate everyone who and love and hope to our lives. Blessed Epiphany helped in so many ways. A special thank you to to you all! everyone who provided music for those services; what wonderful gifts you gave to us. Sunday school Winter Carnival- January 22, 2012 Come Join the Fun! Kick off the New Year and join us at the Sunday School Winter Carnival! Dress for winter fun with hats and mittens! It’s for kids of all ages and parents too. Come and enjoy games, goodies, and family fun on January 22, 2012 at 9:30 to 10:15. We will also have Pastries with Parents while the kids are having fun and playing games and eating yummy treats with our St. Paul High School Youth. If you have a High School Youth who would like to volunteer please contact Pastor Sarah. Jeana Ramos
  7. 7. THE SAINTINEL Page 7 January2011 Knitting Group 1st and 3rd Wednesday Every Month- Fireside Room 1:00 p.m. We invite all Seniors (men and Beginners and all levels of knitters are welcome. Knit- women) to participate in our ters and crocheters are invited to work on personal Social, Spiritual and Service projects or on items to donate to community organi- projects and activities. zations. Join the group to learn a new hobby and make new friends. Questions—Call Pat Fredstrom, 368-2261Monthly Gatherings beginning Friday, January 13th Reading Group January 26, 2011 Fireside Room11:00 a.m. in Morton Hall 2:00 p.m.We’ll begin the New Year with Pizza The Reading group will not meet in De-and the Movie “Sweet Land”. cember. The January book for discus-Our gathering will begin at 11:00 a.m. sion will be Reading Lolita in Tehran bywith devotions and sharing ideas for Azar Nafisi. The book will be availablefuture gatherings. We’ll have Pizza to check out at the Lodi Public Libraryfor lunch followed by the movie “Sweet Land”. The on December 29th (Mention St. Paul’smovie is about a young Norwegian man who sends for Book club). Questions—call Bev Corne-a bride from Norway. When she arrives he discovers lius, 334-3719 or Betty Roget, 365- that she is German, and they cannot 7266 marry. It’s a great story of love, commitment and prejudice. The cost Grandparents/Grandkids Event in February is $5.00 which will be collected at the door. Please let us know if you are Heidrick Ag History Center coming by calling Bev Cornelius--334- Watch for more information in our next3719 or Lorene Freggiaro—931-3188. There will also Newsletterbe a sign-up sheet at coffee between services. Rose Pruning Demonstration Service ProjectJanuary 21st 9:00 a.m. Legion ParkVolunteer to help prune roses and learn the tricks Fred and I want to say thank you for all the prayersfrom Ron Marien, Steve Dutra from Parks and Rec for his surgery and your continuing prayers for hisand Vern from Weigum’s Nursery. Bring gloves and recovery. The surgery went well and his recovery is onpruning tools. Questions? Call Ron Marien, 747- track. Thanks too for the cards and visits.0988. Special thanks go to our own outstanding churchWalk and Talk Every Thursday, weather permitting nurse, Marilyn Maki, Sharon Seegmiller, MavisLodi Lake__9:00_a.m Zimmerle, Bill Sharp, Courtney for delivering our tri-tipThe Walk and Talk Group will continue to meet at Lodi meal and Delores Brandt for delivering our octogenar-Lake at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday mornings during the ian dinners. We wish we could have gone to both.winter months, weather permitting. Questions-callJan Flanery—339-1753 or Sharon Seegmiller—712- Super job by all the chefs! Also great job by the3348 Friendship Ministry Committee. In Christ’s Love, Fred and Pat Fredstrom
  8. 8. Page 8 THE SAINTINEL DIRECTOR’S CORNER ATE MR. TERRY HICKEY RECORDING OUR PRE- SCHOOL CHRISTMAS PROGRAM. BLESS YOU ALL. JANUARY 2011 IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE THAT THE NEW YEAR HASOUR NEXT PARENT’ MEETING WILL BE JANUARY 12. ALREADY ARRIVED. WE HAVE JUST COMPLETED WE WILL DISCUSS FUNDRAISING, AND FIELD TWO MONTHS OF WORKING WITH THE CHILDREN TRIPS. WE WILL RECEIVE MORE INFORMATION ON A ON THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS THEMES. COMPUTERIZED SIGN-IN AND OUT SYSTEM WE ARE CONSIDERING PURCHASING WITH FUNDRAIS- OUR THANKSGIVING PIE SOCIAL AND CHRISTMAS ING DOLLARS. PROGRAM WERE A GREAT SUCCESS. WE HAD Sincerely, Rita Spohn, Director MANY TEACHING OPPORTUNITIES REGARDING BEING THANKFUL AND UNDERSTAND- ING THE BIRTHDAY OF JESUS. Lydia Allen, Mark Anaforian, Kiah An- drews, Paula Bennett, Frieda Betten- OUR SCHOOL WAS CLOSED THE WEEK hausen, Francis Bitz, Paul Churchill, OF DECEMBER 26 AND ALSO THE Jennie Coughran, Edward Craig, Caitlyn Daley, Tim Daley, George Dorr, Rowan WEEK OF JANUARY 02. THIS Meghan Duffy, Ruth Ann Eichele, Jessica MATCHES THE SCHEDULE OF LODI Evans, Connie Fabian, Willie Flanery, UNITIFED SCHOOL DISTRICT. TIME OFF Curt Gabrielson, Sandie Gilbert, Alex WAS A NICE BREAK FOR THE STAFF Goldberg, Janelle Goldberg, Paul Gold- berg, Kathryn Goldhahn, LaVera TO REFRESH AND READY FOR THE ST. PAUL LODI Guenther, Roland Guenther, Nicholas NEXT PART OF OUR SCHOOL YEAR. LUTHERAN Hagen, Frieda Hall, Roger Harbin, Bran- PRESCHOOL don Herrmann, Steve Herzfeldt, Patti JANUARY BRINGS US TWO NEW CHIL- Hickey, Susan Holmquist, Roger Houston, DREN BEGINNING THE WEEK OF NEWS Jordyn Hummel, Keely Hummel, Richard JANUARY 09 IN OUR THREE YEAR OLD Ianni, Abby Jaeger, Phyllis Jaeger, Steve CLASS. THE THEMES FOR JANUARY ARE: ARCTIC Johnson, Ashley Jones, Louise Keser, Larry LaFleur, Spencer Lang, Lisa ANIMALS, WINTER, SPACE, AND BEARS Lehnertz, Ricky Lehnertz, Dee Leistikow, (HIBERNATION). THE ALPHABET LETTERS WE WILL Shaun Mackey, Tracey Maier, David STUDY ARE: Qq, Rr, Ss, AND Tt. OUR BIBLE Mann, Ron Marien, Jon Paul Marion, VERSES FOR JANUARY ARE: “PRAISE YE THE Arta Mason, Anita McKeever, Nolan LORD” AND, “LOVE THE LORD”. OUR SCIENCE McKeown, Dave Mende, Delores Miller, Peter Mullenbach, Karlyn Nieland, Jerry STUDIES WILL TAKE US TO: QUARTER, ROCKET, Olson, Max Osborn, Claire Pacheco, STATIC ELECTRICITY, AND TRACKS. Edwin Pacheco, Glenn Pillsbury, Alvina Pulliam, Kirby Quaschnick, Andrew A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THE GENEROUS FAMI- Ramos, Kaitlyn Ramos, Jordan Rasmus- LIES WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO OUR PRE- sen, Katherine Reese, Zoe Richards, Jack Ronsko, Faith Ross, Vivian Rostomily, SCHOOL THE PAST FEW MONTHS: JIM AND KATHY Don Royal, Edward Sandmeier, Dorothy MORRIS - TWO WONDERFUL TRAIN SETS, PASTOR Scheflo, Beth Schmid, Billie Jo Schmierer, PRICES’ TEENS - A WOODEN NATIVITY SET, THE Jimmy Schmierer, Mary Kaye Schramm, CHURCHILL FAMILY - SHELLED WALNUTS. WE Paula Simpfenderfer, Violet Springer, An- ALSO WOULD LIKE TO THANK MONTE AND SUE drea Stewart, Mike Sweatt, Alex Taddei, HUMMEL FOR THEIR LEADERSHIP IN OUR Katharine Taddei, Rocky Terra, Scott Turner, Elaine Ulrich, Sharon Valinoti, WEDNESDAY PRESCHOOL CHOIR. WE SO APPRECI- Andre Francisco Wagner, Tyler Wallace, Riley Woznick, Rachelle Zimmerle.
  9. 9. THE SAINTINEL Page 9 greater). METABOLIC SYNDROME Having a diagnosis of metabolicMetabolic syndrome is the name that has been given syndrome (or three out of five offor a group of conditions that increases your risk for the symptoms) greatly in-heart disease, diabetes and stroke. It is also some- creases your risk of heart dis-times referred to as “syndrome X” or “insulin resis- ease, stroke and diabetes.tance syndrome”. Metabolic syndrome is becoming more common dueMost of the food you eat is changed into glucose to a rise in the obesity rates in adults. It is believedwhich is used for energy. Insulin is a hormone pro- that it may overtake smoking as the leading risk fac-duced by the pancreas that allows the glucose to tor for heart disease.enter the body’s cells. For some people, the body’stissues stop responding to insulin and this prevents There are ways to prevent or even reverse this syn-the body from using glucose properly. This is known drome, but it requires a commitment to changingas insulin resistance. your life style. This should be a no-brainer, as not doing so could mean a commitment to chronic dis-Insulin resistance often goes along with other prob- ease and an earlier demise.lems such as diabetes, high cholesterol and highblood pressure. When this occurs, physicians com- Lose weight. Losing as little as 5 to 10 percent ofmonly refer to it as Metabolic syndrome. Taking in your body weight can reduce insulin levels and bloodtoo many calories and too much saturated fat, pressure and decrease your risk of diabetes.along with too little physical activity is a major fac-tor in developing this syndrome. Family history can Exercise. Doctors recommend getting 30 to 60 min-be another. utes of moderate-intensity exercise, such as brisk walking, every day.Metabolic Syndrome is diagnosed if three out of thefollowing five symptoms exist: Stop smoking. Smoking cigarettes increases insulin resistance and worsens the health consequences of1. A large waistline ... for men, this means a waist metabolic syndrome. Talk to your doctor if you needthat measures 40 inches or greater. For women, it help kicking the cigarette habit.means a waist that measures greater than 35inches. Eat fiber-rich foods. Make sure you include whole grains, beans, fruits and vegetables in your diet.2. High blood pressure (or if you are on medication These items are packed with dietary fiber, which canto treat high BP)... your BP should be at or lower lower your insulin levels.than 130/80. We will be addressing future newsletter articles to3. High triglyceride level (amount of fat in your ways of improving health habits in the hopes thatblood). A high level would be 150 mg/dL or greater. everyone will begin the program he or she needs. If you are already eating well and getting regular exer-4. Lower than normal high density lipoprotein (HDL) cise, hooray for you! Now help your friends andcholesterol level. For men, this means an HDL level neighbors by inviting them to walk with you or share aless than 40 mg/dL. For women, it’s a level less than good high fiber, low fat recipe!50 mg/dL. We wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy New5. Higher fasting blood sugar (110 mg/dL or Year!
  10. 10. Page 10 THE SAINTINEL TRIBAL NEWS - JANUARY PLEASE PRAY FOR THE NEW BENJAMIN TRIBE Please pray for these tribal members and TRIBAL ASSIGNMENTS families. They need our prayers for the min- BASED ON istry they do in worship and in our church. Let’s connect with them by affirming their FISCAL CALENDAR YEAR service when we see them, and let’s connect FOR with God by praying for them during the month of January. They are: The Akahori 2011-2012 Family, The Baumgartner Family, Marie MONTH, TRIBE/SISTER TRIBE Boyd, The Case Family, The Colla Family, The Dietz Family, Lillian Elliott, The S. Faszer August 2011, Reuben/Naphtali Family, Fred & Pat Fredstrom, Craig & Vicki Gallego, Roland & LaVera Guenther, Roland September 2011, Judah/Dan & Linda Hatterle, Tod Hill, Lisa Holmquist, October 2011, Naphtali/Reuben Earl Irons, Gail Irons, Randy & Bonnie Kie- November 2011, Simeon/Issachar drowski, Lloyd & Diana Kuehne, Darlene Lassanske, The Maier Family, Chris- December 2011, Dan/Judah tine Marzolf, Ernie & Diane Meier, Moe January 2012, Benjamin/Zebulon Joyce, The Niggli Family, The Osborn Family, The Perkins Family, Helen Peterson, The L. February 2012, Asher/Gad Reeves Family, Harold & Bernice March 2012, Levi/Joseph Rohrbach, The Sharp Family, Vio- April 2012, Gad/Asher let Springer, Jason & Robin Tiede, The Vincent Family, Sta- May 2012, Zebulon/Benjamin cey Westerlund, The Woods Fam- June 2012, Joseph/Levi ily. THANK YOU SO MUCH! The families and individual Dan tribal members who helped during the month of December were; Erick & Julie Albert, The Beaton family, Dolores Brandt, Michael & Meghann Cazale, Tambra Ciboch, Beverly Cornelius, Esther Dietz, Julia Engelhardt, The Ferguson/ Luce family, William & Patricia Freeman, Kathleen Ganoe, The Gordon family, The Graves family, Patrick & Nancy Hazen, The Hickey family, Phil & Karen Honkala, The Jacinto family, Connie Kiedrowski-Murphy, Vivian Kulm, M. Lassanske Family, Dave & Ann Mende, Robert & Lorraine Montgomery, Michael & Sharon O’Connell, The Price family, The R. Reeves family, Karen Rohrbach, The Schafer family, Robert Shaw, The Staples family, Werner & Eileen Tiede, Robert & Carolyn Vocker, Florence Wheeler, Larry & Doris Woznick We appreciate your faithfulness and willingness to serve.
  11. 11. 2012 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat1 2 3 4 5 6 79:30a Worship with Communion OFFICE CLOSED 8:30am Quilters 6:15a Prayer & Meditation 9a Senior Connection 7a Men’s 10:30a/4p Adult 1:15p Fairmont Ser- 10a Women’s Bible Study Walk & Talk Lodi Lake Bible Study Literacy vices 10:30a/4p Adult Literacy 6:30p Girl Scout 6p Cub Scouts 1p Knitting Group 3p Kids Choir 5:30p Worship with Com- munion 7p Chancel8 Epiphany Sunday 9 10 11 12 13 148a Worship with Communion 10a/7p Tai Chi 3:45p Girl Scouts 6:15a Prayer & Meditation 9a Senior Connection 11a Senior 7a Men’s9:15a Adult Forum/Sunday School 10:30a/4p Adult #2029 10a Women’s Bible Study Walk & Talk Lodi Lake Connection Bible Study10:30a Worship with Communion Literacy 4p Executive Commit- 10:30a/4p Adult Literacy 1:30p Naomi Circle movie5p Confirmation 1p Friendship tee 1p Rebekah Circle6p High School Youth Group Ministry 6p Cub Scouts 3p Kids Choir7p Peals of Praise 6:30p Bd of 5:30p Worship with Com- Worship & Music munion 7p Bd of Property & 6:30p New Member Class Social Ministry 6:45p Bd of Christian Education 7p Chancel15 16 17 18 19 20 218a Worship with Communion 10a/7p Tai Chi 6p Cub Scouts 6:15a Prayer & Meditation 9a Senior Connection 7a Men’s9:15a Adult Forum/Sunday School 10:30a/4p Adult 6:30p Council 10a Women’s Bible Study Walk & Talk Lodi Lake Bible Study10:30a Worship with Communion Literacy 7p Boy Scouts 10:30a/4p Adult Literacy 5p Women’s Bible5p Confirmation 1p Knitting Group Study w/ Pastor Sarah6p High School Youth Group 3p Kids Choir 6:30p Girl Scouts #1827p Peals of Praise 5:30p Worship with Com- munion 6:30p New Member Class 7p Chancel22 23 24 25 26 27 288a Worship with Communion 10a/7p Tai Chi 3:45p Girl Scouts 6:15a Prayer & Meditation 9a Senior Connection 7a Men’s9:15a Adult Forum/Sunday School 10:30a/4p Adult #2029 10a Women’s Bible Study Walk & Talk Lodi Lake Bible Study10:30a Worship with Communion Literacy 6p Preschool Board Mt 10:30a/4p Adult Literacy 2p Senior Connection5p Confirmation 6p Cub Scouts 3p Kids Choir Reading Group6p High School Youth Group 7p Boy Scouts 5:30p Worship with Com- 5p Women’s Bible7p Peals of Praise munion Study w/ Pastor Sarah 6:30p New Member Class 7p Chancel29 30 318a Worship with Communion 10a/7p Tai Chi 6p Cub Scouts9:15a Adult Forum/Sunday School 10:30a/4p Adult 7p Boy Scouts10:30a Worship with Communion Literacy 7p Friends for Survivaland New Member Sunday 6:30p Deacons5p Confirmation6p High School Youth Group7p Peals of Praise
  12. 12. St. Paul Lutheran Church 701 South Pleasant Avenue Lodi CA 95240 Phone: 209-368-2747 Fax: 209-368-3945 E-mail: officestpaul@yahoo.comRETURN SERVICE REQUESTED We’re on the Web! stpaullodi.net CONNECTING WITH GOD, EACH OTHER AND THE WORLD… The mission of St. Paul Lutheran Church is to Connect with God, each other and the world. The priorities in that mission are outreach to families with children and youth, deepening spirituality, strengthening stewardship, and developing leadership. The vision for St. Paul is to be an oasis, a place of refreshment, respite and renewal. If you would like to be a part of this mission and vision, please contact the church office at 368-2747 or officestpaul@yahoo.com