Azure for Education Ktadeka UCL Cloud Event 2013


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Presentation from Kenji Takeda Microsoft Research Connection at UK education Cloud Event UCL

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Azure for Education Ktadeka UCL Cloud Event 2013

  1. 1.
  2. 2. 𝜌 𝐷𝑣 𝐷𝑡 = −𝛻𝑝 + 𝛻 ∙ 𝜯 + 𝒇
  3. 3. • Multidisciplinary interactions • Wide temporal and spatial scales • Real-time streams • Structured and unstructured • Virtual organizations • Socialization and management • Client-centric and infrastructure-centric
  4. 4. Every research field is now a data science field
  5. 5. Data-intensive Research Data Acquisition & modelling Collaboration and visualisation Analysis & data mining Dissemination & sharing Archiving and preserving
  6. 6. Genomics David Heckerman
  7. 7. Genomics
  8. 8. The genomics revolution
  9. 9. Vaccine design • Spammers mutate their messages to work around filters • Solution: Go after the weak link • HIV mutates to avoid attack by immune system • Solution: Go after the weak link
  10. 10. default.aspx?id=189426
  11. 11. North Central USA South Central USA Northern Europe Western Europe Eastern Asia Southeast Asia 100 globally distributed data centers From ‘edge’ facilities to megascale (100k to 1 M servers)
  12. 12. IT PAC
  13. 13. application building blocks
  14. 14. “Cloud computing has the potential to revolutionise research by offering vast compute resources on-demand. At Newcastle University, we already have over £20M of research projects that are supported by the cloud. However, one of the major barriers holding back further cloud adoption is the time it takes to transfer large datasets from the lab to the cloud for analysis. This new link between Janet and the Azure Cloud removes this barrier, and will allow a far greater range of research projects to fully exploit the benefits of cloud computing.” “In the UK, higher education institutions are fortunate to have high speed network services as provided by Janet. The capability afforded by Janet’s peering with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud with high- bandwidth secure connections creates new opportunities for researchers and the University community as a whole.” Professor Anne Trefethen, Chief Information Officer, University of Oxford:
  15. 15. University of Adelaide
  16. 16. Accelerating Drug Design - QSAR 5 years 10 hours
  17. 17. Fighting Wildfires with Data
  18. 18. Life, the Universe, and Everything
  19. 19.
  20. 20.
  21. 21. Use laptops & desktop computers Overwhelmed by data Finding analysis ever more difficult; sharing even harder