The CSR Report and The 3BL Model


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A presentation that’s addresses the relationship between the fundraising and the manufacturing sector. Specifically on calculating the bottom line to eradicate issues surrounding sustainability as a result of manufacturing.

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  • Address the challenges associate with soliciting and accepting corporate funding, specifically from the MFG Sector
    Pop the lid off the CSR and look at what it includes
    Propose another tool for assessing an organizations ethical behavior

    Begin a Trailer to a film 2012: Time for change.
    Has not yet been released in Canada

  • This is an official trailer for the film 2010 that has not yet been release in Canada.
    I feel it touches on issue that greatly affect us as fundraisers.
    In fact it was the inspiration for my presentation

    Video Source
  • The External Costs of Production are un quantified and tragic at this point.
    The casualties are the environment and the people who depend on it to feed their children.

    As we will see soon, there are very high costs to the manufacturing sector, not captured in the CSR Report.

  • Manufacturing is looking out for their bottom line = Profit
    External Costs to the Environment continue to add up
    We come along to save lives
    Pull on the heart strings of any one who will listen
    MFG Feels bad and gives $
    Vicious Cycle
    If we are not careful, we will accept $ from the culprits of the very issues we are working to eradicate

    We may never eradicate anything.
  • 2003 Imagine Canada, Business Support for Charities and Nonprofits
    We are fundraisers: We want to make sure that we are not perpetuating the problem by accepting money from those responsible for the tragedy we are looking to solve.

  • Lets have a look at the CSR
    Term 1970s to denote ethical and socially responsible business behavior
    Can be a very helpful document
  • Please share your experiences with me…
  • Question: What kinds of things would you typically fund on their CSR
    The very definition of the CSR is unclear, because I is not legislated.
    However, organizations do their best to paint a good picture of their operations and how they relate to the society and the environment.
  • This is an old quotation, but very suiting for an argument against a capitalist societal structure.
  • Balance exists
    Stakeholder and Share holders are working together.
    Consumers and fundraisers can feel better about their choices
  • Triple Bottom Line Reporting (people, planet, profit) requires businesses to operate from a stakeholder, rather than a shareholder perspective.

    The concept of a triple bottom is a holistic way to measure the success and prosperity of a society.

    people- social well-being
    planet- quality of the environment
    profit- strength of the economy

  • Managed by the finance committee
    Triple bottom line thinking holds that a company should combine standard metrics of financial success with those that measure environmental stewardship and social justice.

    This produces the true cost of production.
  • Triple Bottom Line Reporting is just starting to catch on in Canada.
    Though can be criticized for lacking governmental regulation, it seems to be a step in the right direction
    A bit too nes to see the inherent results in Toronto
    Green Enterprise Ontario- Supply Chain Management - November 5th 2010
    Speakers from France
    France and the Netherlands have established laws around 3BL
  • Let’s ask for more from our corporate donors.
    Then we as Fundraisers, can make our life's work about eradicating problems, not band aiding them.

  • The CSR Report and The 3BL Model

    1. 1. Capture Corporate Funds and STILL get a good nights rest. Fund 503 November 2010
    2. 2. 1/29/2015 L.Price 2
    3. 3. The Dark Side of Manufacturing… “It’s all about externalizing the costs. In other words, we’re not REALLY paying for the Stuff we buy.” -Annie Leonard, The Story of Stuff 1/29/2015 L.Price 3
    4. 4. The Never Ending Cycle Manufacturing External Costs to Local Environment and Society Not for Profit Aid 1/29/2015 L.Price 4
    5. 5. Why We Should Care… 1/29/2015 L.Price 5 In 2003, more than half of all corporate donations came from two industries: Finance and Insurance (32.1%) and Manufacturing (19.4%)
    6. 6. The Corporate Sustainability Report Investigation 1/29/2015 L.Price 6
    7. 7. Lets check out the CSR! Are you researching an organization that already has a CSR? What kinds of problems are you encountering? 1/29/2015 L.Price 7
    8. 8. What The CSR Report Might Disclose 1/29/2015 L.Price 8 • Social Responsibility • Sustainable Development • Social Welfare • Gender Equality • Human Rights • Environmental Responsibility • Socio-economic Development • Socio-economic Equity
    9. 9. Criticisms of the CSR Report • Public relations tool • Shareholder centered, not stakeholder centered • Not legally bound to ANY regulations – Guidelines – Accountability – Benchmarks • Let’s not forget the EXTERNAL costs to manufacturing! 1/29/2015 L.Price 9
    10. 10. "If the environment were a bank, they would have saved it by now.“ -Unknown 1/29/2015 L.Price 10
    11. 11. Imagine a world where… 1/29/2015 L.Price 11 Profit Maximizing Corporate Agenda Socio-economic and Environmental Integrity
    12. 12. The Triple Bottom Line Approach (3BL) 1/29/2015 L.Price 12 People ProfitPlanet Enhanced Quality of Life
    13. 13. How it Works… (Internal Revenue - Internal Expense) - (External Revenue - External Expense) = True profit or loss 1/29/2015 L.Price 13
    14. 14. Local Triple Bottom Line in Action RONA Announces Initiatives to Reduce Environmental Footprint of Its Stores October 21st -Rona announced a series of initiatives to reduce the environmental footprint of its stores. RONA's environmental footprint reduction strategy: 1. Energy efficiency 2. Zero waste initiative 3. Triple Bottom Line strategy 1/29/2015 L.Price 14
    15. 15. 1/29/2015 L.Price 15 Add the 3BL to the CSR Report for: – Accountability – Responsibility – Transparency – Inclusive Reporting
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