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Introduction to Twitter

Twitter Made Simply!
Have reading and tweeting!

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Introduction to Twitter

  1. 1. Introduction to Twitter Lara Abdulhadi
  2. 2. A hashtag is using this symbol ontwitter # - this pretty much means marking keywords or topics in a tweet.
  3. 3. The @ sign is used to call outusernames in Tweets, like this: Hello @larahadi!
  4. 4. Short for “Direct Message”, theseTweets are private between the sender and recipient. Just like telling a secret.
  5. 5. #FF stands for "Follow Friday."Twitter users often suggest whoothers should follow on Fridays by tweeting with the hashtag #FF.
  6. 6. (Noun) The act of forwarding another users Tweet to all of your followers. (Verb) A Tweet by another user, forwarded to you by someone you follow.
  7. 7. “The qualities thatmake Twitter seeminane and half-bakedare what makes it sopowerful” - Jonathan Zittrain, Harvard law Orofessor & Internet expert
  8. 8. About the AuthorWith a strong background as a Social MediaStrategist, Lara is a blogger, who brings togetherher online experience and business background toset the direction and strategy for clients. Herdiverse list of clientele in which social mediastrategies was tailored for include both local andregional clients.Lara holds an MBA from the New York Institute of Technology,and offers social media training for individuals and organizations,along side consultancy and strategy.
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