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Introduction to social media

Introducing social media in a simple and interactive manner

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Introduction to social media

  1. 1. Introduction to Social Media Lara Abdulhadi
  2. 2. “Marketing is nolonger about the stuffthat you make, butabout the stories youtell.” – Seth Godin
  3. 3. “New marketing isabout therelationships, not themedium.” – Ben Grossman
  4. 4. “Privacy is dead, andsocial media holds thesmoking gun.” - Pete Cashmore
  5. 5. “A brand is no longer whatwe tell the consumer it is– it is what consumers telleach other it is.” – Scott Cook
  6. 6. NOW, Let’s spice it up a notch, shall we?
  7. 7. Social Media is based on conversation and interactionbetween people online, where digital words, sounds, and pictures, allow brands and consumers to connect and build relationships.
  8. 8. Making the best out ofsocial media
  9. 9. No Short CutsSocial Media Marketinginvolves investing time,energy and creativity.
  10. 10. Contribute Quality ContentIf you dont contributesomething of value, no onewill listen and you will losefans and followers
  11. 11. No SpamConstant selfpromotion isnt nice.How would you feel ifone of your friends justwent on and onwithout giving you thechance to speak?
  12. 12. Keep it SimpleKeep your contentshort, polite, and yourideas clear
  13. 13. Engagement is adiamond trait. Alwaysengage sincerely
  14. 14. The minute news hits the wires, it becomes aconversation. It’s just a question of how highthe volume of that conversation will become.” – Doug Frisbie
  15. 15. About the AuthorWith a strong background as a Social MediaStrategist, Lara is a blogger, who brings togetherher online experience and business background toset the direction and strategy for clients. Herdiverse list of clientele in which social mediastrategies was tailored for include both local andregional clients.Lara holds an MBA from the New York Institute ofTechnology, and offers social media training for individuals andorganizations, along side consultancy and strategy.
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