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Minor signs of the day of judgment


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Published in: Spiritual
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Minor signs of the day of judgment

  1. 1. Minor Signs of the Day of Judgment
  2. 2. Minor Signs of Judgment • Prophet told us many signs of The Day of Judgment • Some of the signs will happen only one time or many times • Lots of killings will happen and will increase gradually to the full extent • Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said ,” I was sent close to the day of Judgment like these fingers close to each other.”
  3. 3. Continued • He meant by these two fingers that he is coming in the end of time • Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave examples of The Day of Judgment • Ex. “If the day of Judgment is one day and I am sent in the afternoon and the Day of Judgment .”
  4. 4. Death of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) • Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said to his companions, “To count six signs of the day of Judgment, the first is my Death” • This was the biggest Disaster for the Muslim Nation • Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Whenever you expose to any major problems just think about my Death, which will make your problem insignificant.” • When they buried Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) their hearts start changing and the tranquility they used to have was not there.
  5. 5. Opening of Jerusalem • When Jerusalem was surrounded by Muslim army • The people of Jerusalem said they will give they key of Jerusalem to only the Caliphate (Umar). • Caliphate was informed by the army of Muslims to come and receive the key • Caliphate traveled from Medina to Jerusalem with his servant
  6. 6. Continued • They were riding on one camel and taking turns • When they approached near Jerusalem it was the Caliph's turn to pull the camel while the servant is riding on the camel • They passed through a pool of mud and his clothes were soaked with mud • One of the companions of the Caliph thought that this is not appropriate for Muslim Caliphates in front of Romans
  7. 7. Continued • He also thought that Romans would not give respect as a king to the Caliphate • Caliphate deserve more respect that any other king • He went to caliphate and gave him few suggestions • Caliphate did not like his suggestions and hit him on the chest • Caliphate told him that I did not expect this from you
  8. 8. Continued • Caliph said, “ Our honor does not come from extravagance, Allah will out our honor in their heart even though we are wearing dirty clothes .” • His dress had 14 patches • If we honor ourselves with superficial things then Allah will take our honor from us. • Caliphate was right
  9. 9. Continued • When he entered into Jerusalem people were standing and waiting for him. When they saw the simplicity of Islam they started crying. They handed the key to him. • It was written in their book the sign of the person that will get the key and will have 14 patches on their clothes.
  10. 10. Plagues • Plague occurs in Syria after the opening of Jerusalem • It was a major disaster and a great loss for Muslims • Many Prophets Companions died because of the plague. • For Muslims the plague is a form of Matyrdom
  11. 11. Abundance of Wealth • “From among the signs of the Hour is the abundance of wealth, increasing of ignorance, numerous tribulations and widespread trading and business.” (Al-Hakim) • Capitalist economists boast about the amount of wealth there is in the world today. Indeed, it seems as if business and trade are the most important agendas in the world today, outstripping any moral values or even the sanctity of human lives. When this is accompanied by ignorance— especially ignorance of the religion of God—and an increase in trials, tribulations, fighting and wars, the result for humankind is nothing short of disastrous. Yet this is what can be seen throughout the world today.
  12. 12. Continued • This happened in the time of Omar Bin Khatab and Abdul Aziz • Zaka’ah was taken from riches and were given to the poor • They could not find any person locally to give • Zaka’ah because of the abundance of wealth. • When you pay Zaka’ah it brings blessings to your wealth
  13. 13. River of Euphrates • River of Euphrates will be discovered full of gold • 100 people will go to get the gold and 99 will be killed • There will be a lot of killing and bloodshed at this time they will be so frustrated that they don’t want anything with money.
  14. 14. Continued • Prophet Muhammad says, “I was given the key of treasure of the Earth, I do not worry about poverty this is not my concern I do not concern that you might be poor my concern id that you would compete on this earth that would destroy you.” • It means that material gains of Earth will destroy you.
  15. 15. Continued • Muslim nations have poverty not due to lack of resources, but because of unfair distribution of wealth • World does not depend on resources i.e. silicon valley [valley of dirt] • Silicon valley used to do agriculture, but not anymore richest place on earth [no oil, no agriculture, but only human mind]
  16. 16. Continued • Muslim world have lots of resources, but do not have ability to use it • If Muslim use Islamic ways Allah will give blessing in money. • If money is earned by cheating it will not have blessings from God.
  17. 17. Time of Trials and Tribulations • Prophet Muhammad said, “Do good deeds before the time of trial and tribulations that are like the darkness of the night.” i.e. A man will be a believer and a disbeliever in the night and vice-versa • Prophet said, “they’ll be selling their religion for worldly profit” • Prophet said, “They will have body form, but no mind and body without conscience”
  18. 18. Continued • Prophet Muhammad said, “You can not tell the difference between truth and false” • Prophet pointed towards the east that trial and tribulations [fitna] will come out from here when he was in Medina and he said the horn of Satan [EVIL] will come out. • It does not mean all the fitna will come from East
  19. 19. Continued • Dajjal [Anti-Christ] • Gog and Magog will come from the East
  20. 20. Assasination of Usman [3rd Caliphate]by Muslim • This is the beginning of the Fitna • It is the 1st Fitna which opened the door to every after Fitna after it • Usman has some issues happened during his government Muslim gathered around his house and asked him to step down Prophet Muhammad told Usman that Allah will give you cloak if people ask you to take it off do not. At that time Usman didn’t have any idea what this means. • But Usman understands now what Prophet Muhammad had meant • Usman understood that the Prophet said that caliphate was given to him from Allah and telling him not to step down.
  21. 21. Continued • And he refused to step down, but he refused to fight also [to avoid bloodshed] • Ali and his sons were guarding his house and asking him to give the order to fight them. “I don’t want any drop of blood to be shed for my cause.” • His enemy came and entered his house and killed him. • Prophet said, Usman will die as a martyr.
  22. 22. Battle of Al- Jamal • When Usman was killed there was no Caliphate • Some of the Muslims came to Ali Abu- Talib and asked him to become Caliphate • He said no to them until Muslims make a consulting council and they will decide • Muslims said that killer of Usman will spread all over and cause major problems and it will take a while to make consulting council
  23. 23. Continued • They insisted him to become Caliphate now • In the beginning Ali refused and in the end he agreed • Killer of Usman infiltrated in the army of Ali they were in hundreds and thousands • Aisha Prophet Muhammad's wife, Zubair and Talha wanted to be bring to justice
  24. 24. The killer of Usman • The killer of Usman infiltrated into Ali’s army and asked to set a code for those who killed Usman (Caliphate) • Ali refused and told them the closest relative of Usman have to come forward to ask for his revenge • According to Islamic law If someone gets killed his closets relative are the one asked for justice
  25. 25. Continued • They can make the decision of either asking execution or financial compensation • Court does not have any right to make decision • Ali said to them, “ I am waiting for the relative of Usman to come forward” • Aisha and other companion agreed with Ali • Some of the killer of Usman in army of Ali, they attacked at night at the army of Aisha
  26. 26. Continued • Aisha thought that Ali attacked them • Fighting was very brief • Ali convinced Aisha that he did not attack them • Ali said he was right and they agreed • Prophet Muhammad told Ali when he was alive that something will happen between you and Aisha • Ali said I am the most unfortunate person because something happened between the mother of believer and me.
  27. 27. Continued • Prophet said to Ali ,no you are not. When this happens take her back to safety • Ali went to Aisha and ordered his soldiers to accompany back to medina for safety • It is the fulfillment of the prophecy of Prophet Muhammad
  28. 28. Battle of Soffeen • Prophet Muhammad said, “There will be a war between two big armies of Muslims they will be fighting for same cause ” • Interpretation of this saying [hadith] the killer of Usman were in thousands in Ali’s army • Mauvia [governing of Syria] was a relative of Usman and he had the authority to ask for justice to bring forward the killer of Usman from Ali.
  29. 29. Continued • Mauvia asked Ali to hand over the killer of Usman [Usman Mauvia’s cousin] • Ali said “I will, but I need to establish my authority as a caliphate first they’re in hundreds I can not give them back like this you have to give me your oath first that I am the Caliphate” • Ali said, “When I have authority to be a caliphate from Muslims then I will hand them over to you.”
  30. 30. Continued • Ali was right in this dispute and he had the right justification Mauvia was wrong
  31. 31. Fitna of Al-Khawarij • Since Mauvia and Ali couldn’t settle their dispute they started fighting. • Ali had upper hand and he was winning the fight Mauvia was losing • Mauvia surrendered in such a way that they put the Qur’an on the top of the sword and raise up the Qur’an when Ali saw that he quit fighting
  32. 32. Continued • Some people in the army of Ali benefitting from the war and bloodshed wanted disunity in Muslims they did not want to stop so they continued fighting • They are the one who caused battle between Aisha and Ali • They are the one who were exaggerating this problem
  33. 33. Continued • They said, “how can Ali give-up?” • This is the order of God to continue fighting • Ali is putting the opinion of Man over God. Ali is committing mistake and Kufr • They also accused Mauvia committing Kufr • At this point they broke off from the army of Ali and they got the name of Al-Khawarij [means: Broke Off] • This resulted into the formation of sect Al-khawarij • This lineage or source existed in the time of prophet
  34. 34. Continued • Major characteristic of Al-Khawarij sect is extremism existed in the time of Prophet Muhammad. ex. Distribution of goods gained from war [booty] by Prophet Muhammad • Prophet Muhammad said “Al-Khawarij will have followers and descents and your prayers and fasting will be insignificant to their fasting and prayers.
  35. 35. Continued • They seem to be very righteous from the outside they read Quran, but it doesn’t pass through their throat *means Quran doesn’t go through mind and heart and doesn’t have application in their lives] • They leave the religion so fast/swift that they don’t notice it because of their extremism. • They are the same people who killed Usman [caliphate] they caused the fight between Ali and Mauvia
  36. 36. Continued • They caused war between Aisha, Talha, Zubair and Ali • When they saw the Peace they broke off and when they saw bloodshed they participated and bloodshed continued • Ali went to Al-Khawarij tried to convince them they said “You have betrayed the order of God”
  37. 37. Continued • Ali said to them “I will give three things” a. I will not prevent you from praying in our Masjid b. I will give your share of booties of war c. I will give you the money of Muslims when its split among them • “I will leave you alone as long as you leave Muslims alone,” said Ali • Al-khawarij refused to leave the Muslims alone
  38. 38. Continued • Example of one of the companion of Prophet Muhammad PBUH and his wife were killed by them. • After this incident Ali started War with them • Ali defeated them • Fitna of Al-Khawarij is not temporary Prophet Muhammad said it will continue whenever one generation leaves the other generation will come up until the time of Anti-Christ.
  39. 39. Continued • They accuse the Muslim of disbelief that is their major characteristics
  40. 40. Death Al-Hussain • Prophet was presented by red dirt by Angel Gabriel • Gabriel said, “That your grandson *son of Al- Hussain] will be killed and this is the dirt of that area called Karabala. • Al-Hassan received an Oath and after 6 months gave it up and then it went to Al- Hussain.
  41. 41. Continued • Al-Hussain was promised the support by some tribe of Iraq and a large group of his relatives. When they fought with army Bani Ummayah the tribes of Iraq betrayed him. • In the end his relatives and him fought till the last person and were all killed • Biggest bloodshed and darkest in the history of Muslims
  42. 42. Sign of false Prophet • Prophet Muhammad said, “The day of Judgment will not occur until 30 false prophet will arrive and everyone of them will claim to be a messenger.” • After 1400 years of Prophet Muhammad more than 30 false prophet existed, but Prophet Muhammad meant about those false prophet who have a large number of followers and well-known famous and they formed a sect
  43. 43. Continued • There were two people who claimed to be prophet in the time of prophet Muhammad • One was in Yemen and the other was in Al- Yamama • Muslaima was born in Yamama • He was using tribalism ideology • He was from the ruler area • Prophet (PBUH) was from urban area • He gathered his followers on the basis of nationalism
  44. 44. Continued • He used deceptive ways to attract the people • Whenever he tried to imitate the Qur’an his scripture was miserable and funny • He could not compete with the word of God • In the time of Abu Bakr (first caliph) Muslims fought with his followers in the battle of Al- Yamama • A lot of Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) companions were killed who memorized the Qur’an, and this is how the compilation of the Qur’an started.
  45. 45. Continued • Muslimah was killed in the battle of Al- Hadaiqa • Second person that claimed to be Prophet was born in Yemen who's name was Tuliha But he gave up and became Muslim • In this time we had Mirza Ghulam Muhammad who is the founder of Al- Qaidiani Sect • He has a large number of followers and they claimed to be Muslim, But the Pakistani Government declared them Non- Muslim
  46. 46. Spread of Peace and Fitan • Spread of Peace happened at the time Prophet Muhammad and will happen in the future at the time of Jesus when he will descend • Whenever there is Islam there will be Peace and whenever there is lack of following religion of Islam and there will be lots of killings • Prophet Said, “ Them time will come that the land of Arabs will be rivers and forests, a traveler will leave from Iraq to Mecca will be no fear but getting loss.