Isra’ and mi’raj


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Significance of Isra and Miraj from the seerah of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) Details of Isra and Miraj. Lessons of Isra and Miraj.

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Isra’ and mi’raj

  2. 2. Surah Isra,17:1• Glory to (Allah) Who did take His Servant for Journey by night from the Sacred Mosque( in Makkah) to the Farthest Mosque( in Jerusalem) whose precincts We did Bless in order that We might show him some of Our Signs: for He is the one Who hears and sees (all things).
  3. 3. Isra
  4. 4. Miraj
  5. 5. Miraj (Continued)
  6. 6. When did it happen?• 17th Ramadan, 12th Nabawi (Ibn Sa’ad)• 17th Rabi Al Awwal, 13th Nabawi (Baihaqi)• Shawal 12th Nabawi (Tabari)• 20 months before Hijrah (Ibn Qutaibah)• 16 months before Hijrah (Hakim)• 11 months before Hijrah ( Ibnul Muneer)• 27th Rajab,12th Nabawi ( Prevalent opinion, Zurqani)
  7. 7. Historical Background• Prophet (S) had presented his message for 12 years.• Opponents were putting maximum pressure upon the Prophet (S) and the companions.• His message had reached to every corner of Arabia.• A team of committed followers was prepared in Makkah.• In Medina, good number of Aus and Khazrij had joined Islamic struggle.
  8. 8. Short version of the incidence• Angel Gabriel woke the Prophet at night.• He took him on “Buraq” from Makkah to Jerusalem• He prayed there with other Prophets• He ascended to different heavens and met different Prophets• At the zenith of this ascension, he met Allah (SWT)• He was given some commandments with obligatory prayer 5 times a day.• Then he returned to Jerusalem and travelled back to Makkah.
  9. 9. Was this journey physical or spiritual?• It was indeed a physical journey of the Prophet in fully conscious state• He was given a physical tour of the heavens to show him the realities of the hidden world.• Allah (SWT) has shown other hidden realities to the previous Prophets in a similar way.• This is to prepare the Prophets to invite others to believe on unseen which they are shown first hand.
  10. 10. Details of the Isra and Miraj• It happened 12th year of prophet hood when he was 52 years of age.• He was sleeping in his cousin’s (Umm-Hani) house located in Shi’b Abi Talib.• Gabriel entered the house through roof and woke him.• He took the Prophet to Kaaba.• He opened his chest and washed it with zamzam.• He filled it with knowledge, forbearance, wisdom, faith and conviction.
  11. 11. Isra or Journey to Jerusalem• He was presented Buraq to ride.• Buraq was white in color. It was bigger than a donkey but smaller than mule. It ran fast like electricity.• When the Prophet was about to mount on Buraq, he moved.• Gabriel told him that no one more honorable than the Prophet mounted on him. He became quite and calm.
  12. 12. 4 stops during Isra• 1- Medina- Prophet offered prayer here. He was told that he will migrate to this place• 2- Toor Sinai- This is the place where Musa(AS) talked to Allah (SWT)• 3- Bethlehem- This is the place where Isa or Jesus (AS) was borne.• 4-Jerusalem- (Baitul Maqdis)- Buraq’s journey ended here.
  13. 13. Observations During Isra• Someone called him and he did not turn to him. Gabriel told him this was call to Judaism• Another person called him and again he did not turn to him. He was told this was call to Christianity• A decorated woman called him and he turned his face away. He was told this was material world.• An old woman appeared. Gabriel told him this tells you the world and its short age left.• A person appeared and called him but he ignored his call. He was told this was Satan.
  14. 14. Prayer in Jerusalem• He came down from Buraq• He entered the place of Aqsa masjid where he found all the prophets who came since Adam.• Rows were formed for prayer.• Gabriel held Prophet Mohammad’s hand and ushered him to lead the prayer.• He was then offered 3 cups of drinks. One had water, one had milk and one had wine.• He chose to drink milk. He was congratulated by Gabriel and told he chose natural path.• A ladder was presented to him and then he started his ascension to heavens.
  16. 16. 1st Heaven• Upon arrival the door was closed.• Guardian angels asked who is there. Gabriel told his name.• He was asked who is with him?• He said, "Mohammad (SAW)”• He was asked,” Is he invited?”• He answered, “Yes”. Then the door was opened and he was welcomed.
  17. 17. Observations on 1st Heaven• People cutting their harvest. The more they cut the crop, the faster it grew.• He asked who are these people?• He was told these are Mujahedeen in the path of Allah.• People whose heads were crushed with stones. He asked about them. He was told these people would not get up for prayer in the mornings.
  18. 18. Observations on 1st Heaven• People wearing clothes with patches and grazing grass. He was told these people did not pay Zakah or charity.• A man collecting woods but when he could not lift it, he added more wood in the load. He was told he had heavy burden of responsibilities and he would continue to add more into his burden.
  19. 19. Observations on 1st Heaven• People whose tongues and lips were being cut with scissors. He was told these are the speakers of sedition (Fitna) who called people to misguidance."• A rock developed a small opening from which a big bull came out. That bull tried to go back in the opening but could not. He was told this is the example of the bad word--once spoken, it cannot be returned."
  20. 20. Observations on 1st Heaven• People cutting and eating their own meat. He was told these people hurled insults and satires on others.• People who had sharp copper nails and they were scratching their faces and chests. He was told they used to do backbiting.• People whose lips were big like camels and they were eating fire. He was told they used to usurp orphan’s property.
  21. 21. Observations on 1st Heaven• People with big stomachs full of snakes. Others walked over them but they could not move. He was told they used to devour interest or Riba.• People who had nice roasted meat on one side and rotten putrid meat on the other side. They were eating rotten meat. He was told these are men and women who used to commit fornication while they had their lawful spouses.
  22. 22. Observations on 1st Heaven• Women who were being punished. He was told these women had illegitimate children which they falsely claimed to belong to their husbands.• Meeting with Hell’s warden, Malik. Prophet (SAW) met an angel who had harshness on his face. He was told this is Hell’s warden (Malik).• View of Hell-Prophet (SAW) wanted a view of Hell. He was shown Hell with all its dreadful scenes.
  23. 23. MI’RAJ NABI ISA a.s. NABI YAHYA a.s. 2nd Heaven NABI IBRAHIM as Prophet (S) greeted Isa(as) and Yahya(as) NABI MUSA as with Salaam and they replied back with NABI HARUN asSalaam. Then they said,“Welcome our righteous NABI YUSUF as brother and Nabi.” NABI IDRIS as NABI ISA as & YAHYA as NABI ADAM as
  24. 24. MI’RAJ NABI YUSUF a.s. 3rd Heaven NABI IBRAHIMProphet (S) met Nabi Yusuf (as) as here. He greeted him with Salaam and he replied with NABI MUSA asSalaam. He said, “Welcome to pious brother and Nabi.” NABI HARUN as Prophet (S) said,” He is most beautiful in the creatures ofAllah. His distinction in beauty is NABI YUSUF as like the distinction of moonamongst the stars.”(TABARANI) NABI YUSUF as NABI ISA as dan NABI YAHYA as NABI ADAM as
  25. 25. MI’RAJ NABI IDRIS a.s. 4th Heaven NABI IBRAHIM asProphet (S) greeted Idris(as) with Salaam and he NABI MUSA as replied back with Salaam. Then he said, NABI HARUN as“Welcome my righteous brother and Nabi.” NABI IDRIS as NABI YUSUF as NABI ISA as NABI YAHYA as NABI ADAM as
  26. 26. MI’RAJ NABI HARUN a.s. 5th Heaven NABI IBRAHIM Prophet (S) greeted as Harun(as) with Salaam NABI MUSA asand he replied back with Salaam. Then he said, NABI HARUN as“Welcome my righteous brother and Nabi.” NABI IDRIS as NABI YUSUF as NABI ISA as NABI YAHYA as NABI ADAM as
  27. 27. MI’RAJ NABI MUSA a.s. 6th Heaven NABI IBRAHIM asProphet greeted him with Salaamand he replied with Salaam. Then NABI MUSA as he said,” Welcome to my righteous brother and Nabi. “When the Prophet proceeded, he NABI HARUN as started crying. When asked whyhe cried. Musa (as) replied that a NABI IDRIS as Prophet came after me. His followers will be more in Jannah NABI YUSUF asthan my followers. I feel sorry for them. They did not follow melike the followers of Mohammad NABI ISA as NABI YAHYA as (S). NABI ADAM as
  28. 28. MI’RAJ NABI IBRAHIM a.s. 7th Heaven Prophet (S) NABI IBRAHIMgreeted him with salaam as and he replied with NABI MUSA as salaam. He said, “Welcome to my NABI HARUN asrighteous son and Nabi.” NABI IDRIS as NABI YUSUF as NABI ISA as dan NABI YAHYA as NABI ADAM as
  29. 29. MI’RAJ BAIT AL-MA’MUR BAIT AL MA’MURThis is a magnificent NABI IBRAHIM palace where as seventy thousands NABI MUSA asangels descend and NABI HARUN as leave every day. NABI IDRIS as NABI YUSUF as NABI ISA as NABI YAHYA as NABI ADAM as
  30. 30. MI’RAJ SIDRAT AL-MUNTAHA BAIT AL-MA’MUR SIDRATUL MUNTAHA NABI This is the last frontier IBRAHIMbeyond which creatures as knowledge ends. NABI MUSA asHere Prophet (SAW) was NABI HARUN as also shown Paradise (Jannatul Mawa) NABI IDRIS as NABI YUSUF as NABI ISA as NABI YAHYA as NABI ADAM as
  31. 31. Conversation with Allah (SWT)• Gabriel stopped at Sidratul Muntaha and said he could not go beyond that point.• Prophet (SAW) proceeded alone.• He was honored to converse with Allah (SWT)• Did Prophet (SAW) see Allah (SWT)? Abu Musa Ashari (R) reported that theProphet said, “ There is no one from Allah’screation whose sight reached Him.” Muslim,Kitabul Iman.
  32. 32. Commandments and Declarations given from Allah (SWT)1. Daily 50 prayers- When Prophet (S) came down and met Musa (A), he suggested to go back and get number of prayers reduced. He kept returning to Allah(SWT) till these were reduced to 5 prayers. He was told their reward will be equal to 50 prayers.2. Last 2 ayahs of Surah Baqarah3. Possibility of forgiveness for all sins except shirk.4. One reward for intention of good deed and 10 rewards for doing good deed. Nothing is written for intention of sin and only one sin for committing a sin.
  33. 33. Return Journey• Prophet returned to Jerusalem where all the Prophets were waiting. He led them in Fajr prayer.• He returned to Makkah on Buraq.• He told whole story to his cousin Umm Hani• She asked him not to tell the people since they will not believe him and ridicule him.• He left the house saying that he will tell them
  34. 34. Prophet facing his opponents• Facing Abu Jahl in Kaaba he told him the story.• Abu Jahl called and gathered a crowd• Prophet told them the same story.• They did no believe his story and called him crazy.• Abu Bakr(R) was told about it. He replied if he said it then it is the truth.• Then they came to the Prophet(S) and asked him to describe the details of Baitul Maqdis.
  35. 35. Prophet (S) describes Baitul Maqdis• Narrated Jabir bin Abdullah: That he heard Allahs Apostle saying, "When the people of Quraish did not believe me (i.e. the story of my Night Journey), I stood up in Al-Hijr and Allah displayed Jerusalem in front of me, and I began describing it to them while I was looking at it." Sahih al-Bukhari, Volume 5, Book 58, Number 226
  36. 36. Instructions on Salah• Jabir Ibn Abdullah (R) reported that after Miraj, Gabriel came to the Prophet(S) for 2 days and led him in prayer. 1st day they prayed the earliest times and 2nd day they prayed the ending times. Prophet(S) was told that proper time for each Salah is in between these times. Ahmad, Nisai, Tirmidhi, Ibn Habban, Hakim.
  37. 37. Message of Isra and Miraj Surah Bani Israel,17:2-39• Declaration of the universality of Islam o By leading the prophets o By praying in Masjid al-Aqsa• Warning the Kuffar of the imminent punishment• Lessons from the history of Bani Israel• Each person is responsible for his own actions• Evil actions of leaders can destroy a nation• Success depends upon giving priority to Akhirah
  38. 38. The twelve commandments Surah Bani Israel,17:22-371. Not to commit shirk 7. Do not kill2. Kindness to parents 8. Be kind to orphans3. Respect others rights 9. Fulfill your promise4. Avoid spend 10. Be fair in your thriftiness dealings5. Do not kill your 11. Do not be suspicious children of others6. Do not commit 12. Do not be arrogant adultery
  39. 39. Dua for HijrahDua for Hijrah or migration• Say: "O my Lord! let my entry be by the Gate of Truth and Honor and likewise my exit by the Gate of Truth and Honor; and grant me from Thy Presence an authority to aid (me).” Isra,17:80
  40. 40. Dua for Nusrah or Help of Allah• You are our Protector; help us against those who stand against faith Al Baqarah,2:286
  41. 41. Qaseeda Burda(Poem by Imam Busairi) Part 7 about Isra and Miraj• 6-You travelled by night from one sacred place to another. 7-As the full moon travels trough intense darkness.
  42. 42. • 7. And you continued ascending until you attained a position.• 8. At the distance of two cubits length, as has never been attained nor sought.
  43. 43. • 9. And you preferred due to your position by all the Prophets.• 10. And Messengers just as a servant give preference to his master.
  44. 44. • 11. You passed the seven heavens with them.• 12. In a procession in which you were the standard bearer.
  45. 45. • 13. Until you left no goal (for) any competitor to strive for.• 14. In closeness, nor any (room for ascent for any one to advance.
  46. 46. • 15. You made inferior every position by (your) advance, when.• 16. You were invited to his majestic and unique position.
  47. 47. • 17. So that you may be successful in a reaching the most concealed.• 18. From all eyes, and secrets well concealed.
  48. 48. Lessons of Isra and Miraj• Muslims are given a glimpse of what awaits them In the Hereafter, and what exists in the dimensions beyond our own• When we face adversity feel weak, oppressed and no means left we should go back to Allah and put our trust in Him alone have faith, and be patient.
  49. 49. Lessons of Isra and Miraj• This world is a testing ground. Allah constantly tests us. Our belief and practice is reflected by the way we deal with these tests and tribulations.• It is easy to be generous to a generous person, and kind to other kind people. True test of our character and faith is when we are able to treat our oppressors with kindness and generosity, in the manner demonstrated by the Prophet(S)
  50. 50. Lessons of Isra and Miraj• Prophet (SAW) taught us that in the face of oppression, we should not retaliate but instead remain silent and turn to Allah for help• Isra and Miraj Is not a fiction. It is an experience and journey that all of us should spiritually perform
  51. 51. Conclusion• Allah has shown his boundless generosity, and encouragement for us to remain strong in the path of Allah.• Allah has given the gift of Salah, the most intimate way of worshipping and communicating with Allah.• The real celebration of Isra & Miraj is to honor the message and purpose of the journey and to live according to the lessons it holds for us.