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Prophet hood and_revelation2

  1. 1. Prophet hood and Revelation By: Ocoee Center For Peace
  2. 2. Prophet hood & Revelation • Prophet & Messenger-chosen by God • Detailed knowledge of God to human being • Show specific ways to relate to God • Real leader of mankind • Implementation of divine laws • Messenger revelation in form of scriptures and Prophet inspired by God (no divine book) • Revelation-A message sent to the Prophets through Gabriel from God.
  3. 3. Criteria For True Prophet • True teaching through revelations or inspired by God • Not invented by them • Teaching is preserved exactly as it was and No distortion or addition
  4. 4. Criteria For True Scriptures • Use of logic and reason to find true scriptures • Analyze through qualities of God 1. Scripture should not change His (God) unique nature (oneness of God) 2. Scripture should not relate to any created or a person as powerful as God 3. It should completely deny to worship any other God. 4. Verses of the scripture should not contradict each other
  5. 5. Example of Contradiction • John 9:29 God is with me the Father has not left me alone • Mathew 27:46 My God, My God why you forsaken me  2 Sam 24:1 God provoked David about Israel and said go and number them  1 Chron 21:1 Satan provoked David about Israel and ordered him to go and number Israel.
  6. 6. Continued • 5. Scriptures should not have stories about Prophets committing major sins (adultery) • Genesis 19:30 Lot went out of Zoar and dwelt in the hills with his two daughter and the first born said to the younger and our Father is old and there is not another man on this earth to come to us after the manner of all the earth come let us make our father drink wine and we will lie with him that we may preserve offspring through our father.
  7. 7. Continued 6. A person mentioned in the scripture should be honest and Truthful 7. Claim no benefit or reward for himself. QUR’AN IS THE ONLY SCRIPTURE FULFILLING THIS CRITERIA
  8. 8. Adam The First Prophet • Correct knowledge of God and creations • Knowledge taught by God • His descendants is the Human race • God continued his Mercy • Prophets sent by God to guide them back to straight path (role of Prophet) • Quran 10:47 For every Nation there is a Messenger when their messenger comes, their matter will be judged between them with justice and they will not wronged.
  9. 9. Continued • Quran 57:25 Indeed, Allah has sent the messenger with clear signs and revealed the scriptures with them and the balance (justice) so that mankind can keep up justice. • Quran 40:47 Indeed, Allah has sent messengers before you (O! Muhammad) Some of them Allah has related the story to you and some of them whom Allah has not related their story to you.
  10. 10. Name of Prophets and Messenger 1. Adam 10. Harun 19. Isa 2. Nuh 11. Dawood 20. Hud 3. Ibrahim 12. Sulaiman 21. Dhul Kifl 4. Ismail 13. Ilyas 22. Shoiab 5. Ishaq 14. Al-Yasa 23. Salih 6. Lut 15. Yunus 24. Luqman 7. Yaqub 16. Ayyub 25. Uzair 26. Dhul Qurnain 8. Yusuf 17. Zakariya 27.Muhammad 9. Musa 18. Yahya
  11. 11. Name of Former Scriptures • The scrolls of Ibrahim [Abraham] and Musa [Moses] • The Torah [Taurat] • The Psalm [Zabur] • The Gospel [Ingil] • The Quran [The Final Revelation]
  12. 12. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) • Born in the noble tribe of Quraish in 570 • Ancestry goes back to Prophet Ishmael • Father died shortly after birth • Mother died when he 6 Years old and was raised by a nurse, grandfather, and Uncle. • Meditated in the Cave of Hira • He received Prophet hood age of 40 (received 1st revelation in cave through Angel Gabriel)
  13. 13. Continued • “Read in the name of your lord and cherisher, Who created man, out of a mere clot of congealed blood. Read! And your lord is most bountiful (generous). He who taught the use of the Pen.” • He began to preach the (truth) message revealed to him by God. • His follower suffered several persecution and torture
  14. 14. Continued • In 622 God commanded him to migrate to Medinah • After several years Muhammad PBUH he came back to conquer Makkah without blood shed and torture. (He forgave all the people) • Established Islam in Makkah • With in Century Islam spread to Spain [west] and to China [East] • Age 63 he passed away
  15. 15. Quran • Final revelation brought by final messenger to reconfirm and justify all other religions in its final form • Guidance for Mankind as a whole • Quran doesn’t require to believe blindly • Quran stresses knowledge and reason to validate faith and God consciousness
  16. 16. Quran Verse • Quran 35:28 Likewise Man, Beast, Cattle have various colors. It is only among Allah’s servant who have knowledge and fear Allah.
  17. 17. Continued • Can be defined as follows: - Speech of Allah sent down to the last Prophet Muhammad through angel Gabriel - In precise meaning and precise wording - Inimitable and Unique - Protected by God from corruption
  18. 18. Quran • Arabic word Qur'an • Root word Qara’a • Various meanings such as read and recite • Qur'an verbal noun means reading or reciting • Broader sense used in Qur'an • Revelation from Allah to Prophet Muhammad only
  19. 19. Why Qur'an was sent down in stages 1. Revelation in 23 years 2. Gradually implement the laws of God 3. Easier for believer to understand, apply and memorize
  20. 20. Supervised and authenticated Written texts of Qur'an 1. Revelation memorized by prophet 2. Dictated to scribe immediately 3. Rechecked and authenticated written by companion and scribes
  21. 21. Order and sequence of Qur'an divinely inspired 1. Revealed in 23 years 2. Not compiled by prophet in chronological order of revelation 3. Order and sequence of Qur'an by angel Gabriel to prophet 4. Rechecked and reconfirmed by prophet with angel Gabriel every Ramadan 5. Last Ramadan of prophet rechecked twice
  22. 22. Battle of Yamama • Companion who memorized Qur'an were killed • Time of Abu Bakar • Request from Umar to compile Qur'an on one common material • Order of ayat were fixed in surah • Surah is in the memory of companion
  23. 23. Qur’an copied from one common material 1. Complete Qur'an in loose form with correct sequence of verses found in the prophet’s house 2. Revelation written on separate pieces such as: a. A thin flat stone b. Palm branches c. Leaflet d. Shoulder blades e. Scraps of leather
  24. 24. Copies of Qur'an made by Usman From original manuscript • Qur'an recitation in different dialects • Dispute among correct manner of reciting the Qur'an • Uthman borrowed original manuscript from hafsa • Ordered four companions with Zaid bin Thabit to copy from original manuscript with Quraish dialect originally revealed • Sent copies to main center of Muslims
  25. 25. THE END!