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Storytelling using Immersive Technologies

  1. Storytelling using AR and VR Kumar Ahir Nov 18 Design4India Twitter: @kernel_kumar Medium: @kumar.ahir
  2. Kumar Ahir Twitter: @kernel_kumar Interaction Design, IIT Bombay MahaWar - Funskool CISCO, Microsoft, Symantec OoBI - Out of Box Interactions - Exit to NewsCorp, Rupert Murdoch 9 month old startup, exit Consulting ...
  3. OoBI Surface
  4. Tanishq Jewellery Browser
  5. Interior Designer
  6. 4dview Interactive property browsing
  7. Why are you here? Your expectations
  8. Experienced VR Own VR headset Actively working on VR project
  9. Workshop objectives The workshop will help you know about Immersive Technology space and what it takes to conceptualize, design and built an immersive experience We are going to take a glance at AR and VR technologies from different angles ● Hardware ● Industry where it’s actively being used ● Different tools and solutions developed for deploying AR and VR ● Critical choices in deploying Immersive tech ● Design Develop an Immersive experience using both AR and VR
  10. Workshop schedule Part 1 - General, Managers, Strategy Difference between AR and VR and XR Devices - Hardware Applications - Consumer and Business Part 2 - Designers, Developers Technology standards Product and Design strategy Design fundamentals Part 3 - Hands on - Team Build An Immersive App for Tourism
  11. Virtual Immersive Block the real world Teleport to a new world and time Part of simulation Augmented Overlay information View the real world Present in time and space Part of real world
  12. Why you should pay attention ? if you currently own a smartphone chances are, you are already carrying a virtual reality device in your pocket And am going to tell you how you can create Memorable Experiences
  13. Design for VR - hardware dependent DoF - Degrees of Freedom Input/Interaction FOV Latency
  14. Degree of Freedom - DOF 3 DOF 6 DOF Extended reality
  15. 3 DoF Orientation tracking
  16. 6 DoF Orientation + Position tracking
  17. Extended Reality
  18. Input - Interaction Headset Gaze Controller - 3 DoF Controller - 6 DoF
  19. FOV - Field of view
  20. FOV - Field of view
  21. Latency / Video lag Expected: 7 ms Current: 50 ms Oculus: 30-40 ms Mobile VR: 40-90 ms Vive: 8-10 ms
  22. Mobile 3 DoF High latency Low FoV Gaze Standalone 3 DoF Low latency 100 FoV 3 DoF controller Roomscale 6 DoF Perceptive latency 110 FoC 6 DoF controller cardboard daydream Gear VR Oculus GO Vive Focus Mirage Solo Lenovo MR Oculus Rift HTC Vive Pro VR headsets
  23. VR Technology standards Tools Unity Unreal A-Frame WebVR Hardware Mobile based Standalone Roomscale Body suit
  24. Design for AR - mobile Design for Real Environment Augment the world Take care of user nuances Interaction with Virtual Assets
  25. Real Environment Designing for AR means designing for many different environments Clear understanding of the amount of space needed for the task at hand
  26. Augment real world Guide on how to interact Visual affordance Interactable surfaces/environment
  27. User Nuances User phases User movement Accessibility & ease of access
  28. Interaction patterns Selection Translation Rotation Scaling Gestures and Proximity
  29. AR and MR headsets
  30. AR Technology standards Unity ARCore ARKit SLAM Vuforia 8th Wall 8i Marker based Markerless 2D Image Tracking Environment scanning 3d Object perception Face AR Body AR
  31. Business applications Manufacturing Education - Learning Industrial Design Automotive, Engineering and Construction Healthcare Quality inspection Games
  32. $$ Business $$ Games Real Estate Training Quality inspection Designing
  33. Product Strategy Understand the technology capabilities Address 2-3 Major pain points and make solid use case Identify audience - niche/scale/single user What’s the current end to end process VR or AR or MR Design in context Content creation - 360 photo/video/3d
  34. Use case Tourism Safety training
  35. Critical choices Evaluate the current processes and medium What alternatives available that people are used to? Understand the nature of medium Understand the context of use
  36. How to ?!? Location of use Hardware Storyboard and UX 3d Content development UI patterns - Mapping interactions to controllers User testing
  37. Context Users Goals Design Process Experience Immersion Learning Explore Media Gamers Enterprise Entertainment Gaming Healthcare Automotive Manufacturing Design user personas, conceptual flows, wireframes, an interaction model
  38. Mimic the real space and behaviour
  39. Design Fundamentals Not pixels but cm, m, feet Peripheral vision Interactions attached to world UI Skybox Spatial sound Modes of interactions Design for Collaboration Text with Background - solid or translucent
  40. Units Reticle > Head > Body They are in cm, m, in, ft and degrees NOT PIXELS Screens are fixed distance and area Immersive world has depth
  41. Peripheral Vision Space Layout
  42. Prototype of a tool to check layout of elements in VR
  43. Skybox The secondary world Background Scene elements and depth of layers
  44. Environment Skybox 3d objects
  45. Audio/Sound Spatial audio is a key ingredient for true immersion, making the design process around sound absolutely essential
  46. Seated vs Standing vs Movement
  47. Design for Collaboration
  48. Tools A-frame Unity - ProBuilder Blender Paper Prototyping - VR Sketch sheets
  49. Popsicle based handheld characters for real life prototyping and quick user feedback
  50. VR Sketch sheets
  51. Collaboration with Developers Create a standard visual vocabulary Guidelines for elements layout - back, middle, foreground User Test everything Test with Physical models - buy some cardboards and sheets
  52. StoryTelling Imagineering Improvisation Presence Point of View Set and Setting Space is Dynamic Inspiration from Theatre Plot in 360 Character and Dialogue Style
  54. Let’s get started
  55. Experience a Monument An XR experience to view a monument from birds eye view and get a real close 360 view of different points
  56. Unity and Vuforia Image target and database Unity Android platform Vuforia - AR Camera - Configuration Image Target Monument Model setup Test Story and interactions Add some sound Test Publish app
  57. VR setup Surround Upload 360 image
  58. VR setup A-frame Resume coding Add 360 image Assets
  59. Thank You Kumar Ahir +91 9980452567 Twitter @kernel_kumar LinkedIn /in/kumarahir