Medieval castles teacher guide


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Medieval castles teacher guide

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Medieval castles teacher guide

  1. 1. Medieval Castles & Life Amy Zschaber
  2. 2. Aerial Perspective • While not mandatory, it is helpful to complete a lesson on aerial perspective prior to beginning the medieval castle lessons. • This lesson, from Teachers Pay Teachers, has everything you need to lead a very successful lesson on aerial perspective.
  3. 3. Quick Build: A Catapult • In a group, build a working catapult -9 popsicle sticks, 6 rubber bands, 1 plastic spoon -No devices -6 minutes -You do not have to use all of the items -You can break items, but you will not get replacements
  4. 4. Does your catapult work?
  5. 5. How do catapults work? A catapult is made using simple machines called fulcrum and lever. and
  6. 6. Catapults are a medieval war machine We will use our catapults later in this unit. Remember what you’ve learned!
  7. 7. What does “Medieval” mean? • “old fashioned” or primitive • Of or relating to the Middle Ages • period of European history from A.D. 500-1500 Image of London in 13th century Playing chess
  8. 8. Europe in A.D. 998
  9. 9. Medieval Europe relied on Feudalism a political, economic, and social system based on loyalty and military service
  10. 10. Medieval Social Hierarchy
  11. 11. What do people get from the King?
  12. 12. CASTLES!
  13. 13. Castles were built for protection
  14. 14. Castle vs. Palace Buckingham Palace England Built 1703 Conway Castle Wales built 1283
  15. 15. Castle vs. Palace Buckingham Palace England Built 1703 Conway Castle Wales built 1283
  16. 16. What makes a building a castle?
  17. 17. What makes a building a castle?
  18. 18. What makes a building a castle?
  19. 19. A castle is. . . • A (usually large) fortified building or set of buildings
  20. 20. Conway Castle
  21. 21. Conway Castle • “greatest fortress in Europe” • Built by King Edward I • Built 1283 • Sits on rocks and water • 8 towers, 2 barbicans • Walls are 15 feet thick • Tallest tower is 30 feet
  22. 22. Conway Castle 3 minute tour of Conway Castle:
  23. 23. Aerial Perspective of Conway Castle
  24. 24. Blueprint of Conway Castle
  25. 25. Major architectural elements of a Castle? • You will design a blueprint for your own castle • You will use this planning sheet to help you
  26. 26. The Great Hall The main room of a castle. Where meals were eaten, celebrations happened, the King met with nobles, etc.
  27. 27. Crenellation / Battlement A place for defenders to stand & ward off attacks.
  28. 28. Ashlar Blocks of smooth stone of any kind
  29. 29. Wall Walk The walk-way along the top of the castle wall. Used for protection and defense.
  30. 30. Tower Used for protection, living, and guarding “special guests.” Can be cylindrical or cubical.
  31. 31. Kitchen A medieval kitchen was usually in separate building from all other castle buildings. Why do you think this was the case?
  32. 32. Armory A building where the weapons are kept.
  33. 33. Dungeon A place to put prisoners. It could just be a room OR have objects to torture prisoners.
  34. 34. Ouibuliette An underground dungeon only accessible through a hole in the floor of a building inside the castle keep. Prisoners did not come back out, and were not fed.
  35. 35. Moat A deep trench, usually filled with water, that surrounds a castle. Not all castles have moats. Most medieval people believed only witches could swim.
  36. 36. Finial A slender piece of stone used to decorate the tops of towers. Sometimes, has a flag attached.
  37. 37. Portcullis Vertical, sliding, wooden/metal grill suspended in front of a gateway (usually at the main entrance to a castle).
  38. 38. Murder Holes 3-4 holes in the wall walk above the main entry-way of a castle. Used to drop tar/water/oil onto would-be castle attackers.
  39. 39. Arrow Slit Narrow window from which archers can shoot arrows.
  40. 40. Barbican Stone protection for the main castle gate; sometimes a gate house.
  41. 41. Drawbridge A moveable bridge that can be pulled up to protect a castle. When down, acts as a bridge across the moat.
  42. 42. Postern Gate A secondary door or gate in a castle. Often in a hidden place that allow people to come and go secretly. Why is it very important that a castle have a postern gate?
  43. 43. Solar The 2nd story of the Great Hall. Usually, where the King & Queen slept. Not all Great Halls have a solar.
  44. 44. Storming a castle isn’t easy. . .
  45. 45. Sometimes, you need a trebuchet A trebuchet is a medieval war machine. It is similar to a catapult, but much more powerful.
  46. 46. Storming a castle with trebuchet and
  47. 47. Design a blueprint of your own castle
  48. 48. Design a blueprint of your own castle
  49. 49. Design a blueprint of your own castle
  50. 50. Design a blueprint of your own castle
  51. 51. Design a blueprint of your own castle
  52. 52. Castle building • Groups of 2-4 • Pick 1 castle blueprint – Glue guns – School glue – Cardboard – Scissors – Paper – paint
  53. 53. Cardboard Assemblage Commandments 1. All the cardboard belongs to ye olde teacher. 2. Ye shall not hard the cardboard. If it’s not glued down; it’s not yours. 3. Ye shall not stab with or use scissors in any manner other than the intended manner. 4. If thy argues about cardboard ownership, ye olde teacher will take the cardboard from both parties. 5. Ye shall label ALL work and supplies with the name of at least one group member. 1. Ye shall not hide the “good scissors” or any other material. 2. ALL the glue guns belong to ye old teacher. 3. Only 2 group members can use a glue gun at a time. 4. Ye shall not glue anything other than cardboard w/o approval from ye old teacher. 5. Ye shall NEVER take an item from another group’s “stash” w/o speaking to ye old teacher first.
  54. 54. Build your Castles
  55. 55. Castle Siege We will have a “Siege Tournament” using our castles and catapults. You can use the catapult you made in your Quick Build. Or, in your own time, build a working trebuchet and/or perfect your catapult.
  56. 56. Castle Siege