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Middle ages major events timeline


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Middle ages major events timeline

  1. 1. The Fall ofWestern RomanEmpire (476 AD)
  2. 2. Charles theHammer and theBattle of Tours(732 AD) In 732 AD, hedefeated Moorishinvaders in the Battleof Tours whichpermanently endedthe Islamic invadersand their expansion inwestern Europe.
  3. 3. Treaty ofVerdun (843AD) The Carolingian empire wasdivided in three parts in August843 AD through the Treaty ofVerdun which ended the threeyears long Civil War.
  4. 4. TheOttonianHolyRomanEmpire ofGermany(962 AD) Otto I was the successorof Henry the Fowler, theduke of Saxony whobecame the first SaxonEmperor.
  5. 5. The Battle ofHastings (1066AD) William the Conqueror, theDuke of Normandy defeatedthe last Anglo-Saxon kingHarold II.
  6. 6. Declarationof MagnaCarta (1215AD) Restricted the powerof the Emperor andproved the importanceof a Constitution.
  7. 7. The GreatFamine (1315-1317 AD) During thesetwo years offamine, a bigportion of thepopulation diedof hunger anddiseases.
  8. 8. The Hundred Years’War (1337 AD)The Kingdom ofEngland wagedwar against theKingdom ofFrance.
  9. 9. The BlackDeath(1348-1350AD) The mostthreateningepidemic of theEuropean MiddleAges
  10. 10. The GreatSchism (1378-1417 AD) The Church wasdivided in Eastern andWestern ChristianChurch.