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Medieval castles


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Published in: Education
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Medieval castles

  1. 1.   Home of the lords
  2. 2.  The _________ is the part of a ________ where the lord lives.  What are the other parts?
  3. 3.  Castles were… o where the nobles lived. o defensive fortresses where the people could take refuge if attacked. o usually built in the center of the fief, on high ground.
  4. 4. On top of the thick castle walls there was a walkway. Battlements protected the walkways, like a shield, so that soldiers could move around the fortress during battle. Some battlements had arrowslits or gaps where arrows could be fired. Plans for battle were developed and directed from the defensive tower.
  5. 5. A deep moat surrounds the castle walls to provide extra protection. You could only enter the castle if the drawbridge was lowered and the portcullis was raised.
  6. 6. The keep was the large tower where the lord and his family lived. On one floor of the keep was the great hall. All the most important events took place there; it was where the lord celebrated banquets, where his vassals came to pay their taxes, and where he made legal decisions.
  7. 7.  On your castle diagram label the following terms: o arrowslits o battlements o defensive tower o drawbridge o the keep o moat o portcullis o walkway  Do activities 1 & 2 on page 50