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The vikings


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Published in: Education
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The vikings

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Who were the Vikings? What was a Drakar? Why the Vikings were so feared? ReligionWhat is a rune? The Fall of the Vikings Voyages of the Vikings
  3. 3. Who were the Vikings? The Vikings lived 1000 years ago in Scandinavia, in the territories that today occupy Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Viking means 'warrior of the seas' and they had a reputation for adventurous and fearless. Today we remember them only by their attacks, but they were great merchants and navigators.
  4. 4. The Viking villages were often small and were located on the shores of bays, rivers and lakes. At the end of the Viking Age, there were big cities with lots of activity.
  5. 5. Leader and wife Slaves Serfs, crafters and laborers Skilled laborers and trusted retainers
  6. 6. What was a Drakar? Warships that much fame gave the Vikings. They were long and narrow, easy to maneuver and fast. It could carry up to 70 rowers. They sailed by sail or they rowed if there was no wind.
  7. 7. There are also finds from the Viking Age discovered in the late 19th century and early 20th century. The Viking Ship Museum is in Oslo, Norway. There, we can find two boats: •Gokstad ship •Oseberg ship.
  8. 8. Why were the Vikings so feared? The Vikings were wild and courageous people who were not afraid of anything. For them the honor and fame was more important than have a long life.
  9. 9. Helmet (metal or skin and with eyes and nose protected ) War Shield (wood and large size) Axe (most used weapon) Sword (very long and used by rich) Spear (for hunting and in close combat) Viking Age Arms and Armour
  10. 10. Religion The Vikings believed in life after death. The deceased were buried with everything he needed in the afterlife, only the wealthy Vikings like chiefs or nobles were buried in ships that were burnt in the sea.
  11. 11. They believed in many gods who lived in Asgard, realm above the Midgard (human world). Yggdrasil is the tree that keep united the worlds. Most of the Vikings, when they died, went to Hel, hell. Religion: Nine Worlds Norse
  12. 12. When the bravest warriors died, they went to Valhalla where they lived in company of Odin, the Supreme God.
  13. 13. Thor, son of Odin, was the most appreciated God. He distributed thunders and lightnings with his hammer Mjöllnir.
  14. 14. Runes (Futhark) Runic writing system with which they communicated, was formed by 19 sings. These runes were usually carved in either stone or wood. It was believed that the runes had a magical power.
  15. 15. Voyages of the Vikings In their long journeys, they arrived in Greenland, Iceland, Northern America, the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and even Eastern Europe through rivers.
  16. 16. The Fall of theVikings At the end of the Viking Age, the kings imposed Christianity to the people. The Vikings learned to live in peace with other peoples and their customs were mixed with other religions. Nowadays archaeologists reconstruct houses and entire cities, to get closer to the daily life of the Vikings.
  17. 17. THE END