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Evaluation question 5


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Evaluation question 5

  1. 1. Clothing from these shops however also Recgonition of the recognising that types of bands I this audience shopshould be including for more than in my magazine clothes, as they are and what genre to keen gadget users be referencing. and many are even keener Talk about photographers, instruments in reflecting that in interview opportunities from the magazine for Percentage of prosumers. audience is male Considered the The recognition price in comparison that Social to it’s distribution Networking is a and the rough major part of amount of promotion of disposable income. products.
  2. 2. The Masthead changed from the original as the audience feedback came in. I showed itto a few people To try and gage what they though of initial planning showing initiallayouts and the above masthead. The main feedback was that they liked the layoutwith the “THE” on top of the “ZONE” but they felt the colour didn’t represent thegenre, or was particularly attractive/effective. I then went back to the drawing board torecreate with a new colour scheme and font style to work best with the colour scheme.
  3. 3. I wanted to incorporate areal colloquial feel as when,during audience feedback, Iasked why people broughta magazine, they said torelax. It was also crucial tofeature a lot of interviewsas this was somethingpeople wanted, discoveredin my audience research.
  4. 4. 80%70%60%50%40%30%20%10% 0% Male Female
  5. 5. The Stereotypical Male Persona
  7. 7. More military feel may Picture not to appeal to a provocative more but still slightly masculine suggestive audience Red creates Word Hot is asome sexual stereotypicallyconnotations female word Quite a Three singled masculine out articles arefont but still on female not gender artists specific Black and Use of termwhite creates Front Womancolour gender suggests her neutrality power
  8. 8. The common The red acts as a position of the bold standout masthead compared to the adheres to more brand loyalty as monotone, colo it is ur scheme that automatically relies on two recognisable. main colours.The positioning of the masthead in the top This front cover was a major influence on theright corner is a convention of music choice of photo as the image will appeal tomagazines as It doesn’t detract from the men as it oozes sex appeal yet at the samemain artist which can be a selling point, but time doesn’t deter females as the imageis the first thing you look at due to it’s doesn’t show the artist purely as a sex objectpositioning and the brand name can also be by showing masses of skin, I tried to emulatea major selling point. this affect with my own front cover.
  9. 9. Miss May was chosen torepresent the emo kids. Herchoice of position and imagewas imitating one of the keytarget audiences. Her imagesweren’t too provocative but still played on the slightly suggestive that is aconvention of the “sexed up” magazine images of todays society.
  10. 10. alice’s wonderland was a more provocative choice however we made sure their positions and clothes weren’t in any way demeaning. We still recognised the need for the focus on the music so chose to shoot in a location that made the whole look more casual, a house. People noted that they likedexclusives and the whole article had an “exclusive” feel to it.
  11. 11. A double page spread is a big selling point for a magazine and having a front page for the double page spread acts as a sort of introduction for the article that sets the tone, and reassures the audience that this band is going to be a major part of this issue.A new trend is seeing magazines offer morefor your money and spreading an interviewacross a number of pages especially if it is themajor article in the magazine. My decision todo this was inspired by the Glasvegas DPS Ianalysed in research.
  12. 12. The stereotypical layoutoffers people theopportunity to use theimage page as a poster.Especially in the case of thegirls I tried to choose themore provocative picturefor the “poster” page as Ifelt it would appeal to themale audience. The contents is quirky whilst the layout is simplistic but affective. The colour choice was to focus on their sexuality and personalities. Bold pinks to represent the stereotypical female sex. And the blue refers to the male dream of the perfect ‘girl next door’.
  13. 13. Some of the artists featured I tried to maintain some form of are the ones pointed out as similar style e.g. the strict black andPeople also stated that being popular in my white and font styles, therefore peoplethey wanted the UK audience research e.g. Panic responded to the common theme thatTop 40. Due to our at the Disco and The Foo made the magazine instantlyfortnightly release that Fighters. recognisable.wouldnt beappropriate so Iresponded with a topdownload chart –converging the printwith the digital. The use of pull quotes and call outs of the articles inside the magazine automatically informs new reaserd of the tone and can give instant insights into what to Referencing the audience feedback a major aspect expect, therefore people wanted was live music, therefore on the people know where to contents page I pinpointed and highlighted (with go and what they want images) an exclusive backstage insight.