Front cover analysis


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Front cover analysis

  1. 1. The strap line on the red background in order for it to stand out. Furthermore, the use The use of the word of exclamation mark almost give the effect that the strap line is shouting at the target ‘Massive’ makes the audience. The strap line on this magazine encourages people to buy this magazine by quote sound more offering them free tickets, which the target audience would really want to get exaggerated, in order to The title of this magazine is influence the TA more and ‘Kerrang!’ which is always located at make them want to buy the top of the magazine, the magazine in order to maintaining the brand identity. get free ticket. Furthermore, since this magazine is well know, the masthead is placed The main sell-line is placed behind the image, however it still right in the centre of the stand out a lot. magazine. This is very effective because that is The quote below the sale reveals where the TA will look first. the lifestyle of Biffy Clyro, which will be very appealing to the funs The barcode and price are of this artist. Thus encouraging located in the right bottom them to buy the magazine. corner. It is so small and placed near so many imagesAt the bottom of this magazine the that at first sight you wouldtarget audience can see the never be able to see it, it ismagazine is offering freebies , which hidden. Forcing the targetwill make the target audience to audience to search for itbuy the magazine. Furthermore, themagazine reveals only two poster On the bottom of the magazine there are a list of other artist which feature insidewhich are given free inside the the magazine. This is very effective as it will make the audience feel that they aremagazine, making the reader getting more for the money they paid. Furthermore, it also very effective as if thewonder how the other posters look reader doesn’t know or doesn’t like the band featuring on the front cover theylike and who will feature on them. might find the artist of their interest or the band at the bottom, thus encouraging them to look inside.
  2. 2. The masthead of this magazine is always placed in the same place each The band which features on edition, plus it is also always written in the same font, thus maintaining the front cover is a rock band, brand identity and making it easier for readers to recognise it. reflecting the genre of music this mag celebrates. The leader of the band is placed at The name of this magazine is the front showing that he is written in uppercase letters, using more dominant. In addition to big and bold font . Furthermore, that, he’s got his hood up the masthead is not written in making him look very serious solid later, in fact it has lines and almost evil, thus reflecting crossing it, giving it an effect of the dark genre of this music. shattered glass. At the bottom of the magazine the viewer can also see aThe dominant colours which feature photo of another artist whichon this front cover are red, black and will feature inside thewhite. The colour red is often magazine. This is a veryassociated with violence and effective way to lure in thedestruction, thus reflecting that the target audience as if theytarget audience of this magazine don’t like the band on thecould be very aggressive. front cover, they will always beFurthermore the combination of able to find the band whichblack and white creates the front they are interested in insidecover appear more masculine and the magazine.has a more serious tone.Furthermore, those dark colours also The sale line below the photo is very effective as it makesreflect the genre of music which this the reader wonder how and why this specific artist startsmagazine celebrates i.e. Rock. the ‘riot’. Furthermore, as the word riot is placed in the speech marks, it makes it stand out more, it also mean that it might not be the riot that the target audience imagine. Making them question what sort of riot it is.
  3. 3. The title of this magazine is The use of the word ‘Exclusive’ shows The strap line is written on the brown ‘Kerrang!’ which is always that this event doesn’t happen very background, which make it stand out located at the top stretching often, making the reader more in comparison to white background of from one end to another of interested and excited about this the masthead. Furthermore, the use the magazine, thus magazine, forcing them to buy it. of two exclamation mark gives the maintaining the brand effect that the fact that Fall Out Boy is identity. Furthermore, since playing on K show, is something the magazine is well known, extraordinary and not something you the masthead is placed will see often, encouraging people to behind the main image. buy this magazine. The main sell-line is placed on the On the right of the front cover the left so that it would not take away viewer can see that the magazine is the attention of the main image. offering freebies. Furthermore, the Furthermore, the main sell-line words ‘Free Posters’ is written on the features the name of the band which red background, making it stand out is presented on the main photo. in comparison to the other colours of the magazine. Moreover, the use of the exclamation mark almost gives The stars which can be seen next to the effect that this sell-line is the sell-line are almost like quotation shouting at the target audience. marks, making it look like ‘anything can happen’ was said by a member of a band The layout of ‘Kerrang!’ is always the same, thusThe quote below the main sell-line is very The word ‘Plus!’ just like the ‘Free maintaining brand identity.effective as it makes the reader wonder posters!’ is written on the red This is very importantwhat is going to happen. This quote only background, emphasising that there because the buyer will alwaystells half of the story keeping the best part is more inside of the magazine. The be able to recognise thefor the reader to find out, thus forcing use of exclamation mark makes this magazine and relate to itthem to buy magazine and to read it. word stand out more. more easily .
  4. 4. The name of the magazine is written in uppercase letters, using big and bold The band which is featured on thefont, thus making in stand out in comparison to all other writing present on main image has a very rebelliousthe cover. Furthermore, by keeping the colours simple, black letters on the look, emphasising the fact that theywhite background, the masthead looks even more appealing. Moreover, the are in control of their lives. This ismasthead is not written in solid letters, in fact it has lines crossing it, giving it very effective as the targetan effect of broken glass audience might be inspired by their attitude and their way of life The main colours of this magazine front cover are creamy brown, The band featured as a main image black and white. This combination reflect the genre of music this of colours is very unusual for a magazine celebrates i.e. rock. The magazine like ‘Kerrang!’. The leader of the band is placed in front reason for that is because of the masthead, whereas other band ‘Kerrang!’, celebrates rock music, members are placed behind, stating which is often associated with clearly who is the leader of the band. more dark colours, such as navy- Furthermore, the leader of the band blue, red, black etc. The use of is holding a card with the name of the creamy brown makes the magazine band, which creates the effect as if he appeal softer and friendlier. is giving a business card to the reader. However, those colours are still dark and masculine reflecting The barcode and the price are more male target audience located in the right bottom corner of the magazine, thus forcing the On the bottom of the magazine there is a list of artists which feature inside audience to search for the price. the magazine. This is very effective as it will make the audience feel that Furthermore, it is also very small they are getting more for the price they pay. Furthermore, it is also very and placed to the images which effective as if the reader doesn’t know the band featuring on the front stand out more in comparison to it, cover; they might find the artist or the band of their interest at the bottom, making it even harder to see thus encouraging them to look inside.