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Photography book pro forma


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Photography pro forma

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Photography book pro forma

  1. 1. Photography Applications Chloe Stead 1
  2. 2. Advertising and Promotional Advertising and Promotional photography is used to help sell a product, or to make people aware of something. There are many different styles used, depending on the product. This first image is an example of advertising photography. It is an advert for Thierry Mugler’sperfume, Alien. There must have been a long post production process as the image is highly edited, to the extent it doesn’t look real at all. They have clearly airbrushed, brightened, sharpened, added gold light around her head and edited in a surreal gold background.The amount of post production depends of the product they are trying to advertise or promote. This amount of editing I think is appropriate for a perfume advert as it makes it seem decedent with all the bright gold, which may appeal to the target audience. Everything in this image is controlled, using costumes, a set, and the model is posing. This next image has been used to promote a band. Though this particular image is controlled, many images used for band promotion are not. Sometimes action shots of the band playing are used. There has been some editing done to the image, but no where near the extent of the image above or below. Perhaps they have sharpened the image or touched up the lighting. They have alsoeditedtext into the image. This car advertisement has been controlled as the area around the car fits in with the colour of the car which seems to have been planned. The sky has been edited to also fit in with the colour scheme. The reflection of the car in the floor seems to intense to be real, so that must have been edited in too. The photographer may have used a wide lens as they would have been able to get close to the car. They could have used artificial lighting as they were in a controlled environment. The lighting looks very intense, and the shine on the car looks bright indicating that the lighting and shine have been edited too.
  3. 3. Sally Crane Sally Crane is a commercial photographer. This photograph was used to advertise products at a home and gift shop. The image has been controlled as Sally will have arranged the products to look the way she wanted. She may have also used special lighting. The camera is only focused on the main product that they are trying to sell, the background is all blurry. The colours in the picture look intensified. The gold is very rich, and the white is bright. The post production process was probably fairly long to edit the colours to get them to the intensity that they wanted them.
  4. 4. Fashion Fashion photography is commonly used online, in magazines, catalogues or newspapers. It is used to show off the clothes or to create a story. It is often done is a studio and is very controlled. Style depends on the photographer and the designer. This first image is from the SS14 Alexander Wang show during fashion week. The photographer would have used a long lens to get the most detailed image of the clothes from a distance. The image could have been used for magazines, online magazines or fashion blogs to show off the clothes. There hasn’t been much editing to the image at all as they want a natural representation of what the clothes are like. The photographer themselves made no choices of the lighting, the set and how the model would look, it seems to be an observational photograph. This image was used to show the clothes on sale on the online clothes shop Dolls Kill. This image has been very controlled as they are in a studio, using artificial light, the models pose and the model herself has been chosen for this specific image. This is common of online clothes shops as it makes the clothes look their very best. The background is white and seamless making the photograph all white, rather than look like they are in a room. This makes the customer only focus on the clothes and the model. This image from backstage at the SS14 Raf Simons show was used to accompany an article about backstage at the show for HERO magazine. The model in the picture seems to have been photographed off guard, showing this to be an observational photograph. The photograph seems to have been tampered with as the lighting seems too blue to be natural, though there wasn’t much as again they wanted to show a true representation.
  5. 5. Lea Colombo Lea Colombo is a fashion photographer. The photographs taken are from backstage at fashion shows, or on the runway. The photos all are using natural light, though the lighting looks very edited in most of the photos. Sometimes made to look softer and more blue. Some of the photographs look quite grainy or are in black and white. Other than this the photos look natural, and are mostly not controlled. Such as in this photo, the models don’t look as if they have been asked to pose, Lea is just observing them standing backstage. For this photo, and others taken from close up while backstage, they will have been taken with a wide lens. Photos taken from the catwalk will have been taken using a long lens to get detailed images from a distance.
  6. 6. Photojournalism These photos are used to contribute to news stories. There are different types of photojournalism: war photography, sports photography, and paparazzi. Photos for the news should not be edited so that they can give a true representation of the situation, but also because a newspaper will not have as much time for post production. This image was used to accompany an article on the war in Afghanistan. This image is observational, as hewas there to watch these soldiers do their job, carrying the dead or injured body. The lighting is natural, and there is no set, or costumes. The image shouldn’t be edited, though there have been some issues with image editing in the news used to sway the audiences opinions on a story. This image to me does not look like is has been edited though. This image was perhaps used for a news article about the Olympics. Sports photographers will often use a long lens to capture detailed images from far away. The image wont have been edited very much as images used for news shouldn’t be to give factual information about an event.The only lighting that the photographer would have been working with would be the lighting from the stadium. Paparazzi photograph celebrities to help develop a storyaboutthem. The photos are not controlled and paparazzi follow these celebrities around during their every day life. Though it is not very controlled, the lighting is often artificial as the cameras have large flashes to allow them to take photographs no matter what the lighting, as they frequently need to photograph peopleat night in the dark.
  7. 7. Malcolm W. Browne This image is Malcolm’s most famous photograph, The Burning Monk. It is of a Buddhist monk is Vietnam who had lit himself on fire in protest. The photograph was published in 1963. Malcolm was very limited with the camera he used, as he was using a cheap Vietnamese camera, nothing high tech or professional. He would have been limited as to settings and lens’. The camera he used would probably have had a wide lens. The photograph wouldn’t have been very edited as they wouldn’t have had the time in those days. They would have needed to print the pictures, send them to America to be printed in the papers before the news was old. The photo was observational, as most photojournalism is. Malcolm would have had to work with natural light, and couldn’t control what the monk, or the scenery looked like.
  8. 8. Portraiture Portraiture is used to capture the face of a person, and their facial expression. Its aim is to construct an idea or a scene. For example: happy family, romantic couple or a trustworthy executive. This image has been constructed to represent a happy family. This photo could be used to advertise a high street photographer, or for personal use. It has been highly controlled, using a set with a blank white background, costumes so they are all in white,artificiallighting and their poses. This photo was made to look natural, so their wouldn’t have been too much editing done during the post production process, perhaps some airbrushing and lighting changes. Though this photo seems more artistic being in black and white it has constructed a representation of a romantic couple. This photo has been set up to look observational as they have their eyes closedfacingat each other, though it is move likely to have all been controlled as the lighting is clearly artificial and there is a back drop. The photograph was made to look intimate and natural. The black and white makes the photograph look more artistic. This photograph was more likely to have been used for personal use rather than professional. This photograph could be used to construct a representation of a trustworthy executive, though without context doesn’t look like much. This could be used on a business card or on a brochure for a business. This is a photo that has been controlled, using artificial lighting, a white backdrop so you only see the person in the photo and the man is posing and smiling for the photo. His clothing looks highly professional as he is wearing a suit and tie, and is only wearing black and white.
  9. 9. Portfolio Studios Portfolio Studios takes a range of photographs such as fashion, family, burlesque & vintage, boudoir or wedding photos. This photograph is an example of their portraiture, as it focus’ on his face mostly. This photo is one of the only non airbrushed photos in the gallery on the website. The photo is also black and white, indicating it was perhaps going to be used for more artistic purposes. The photographer has edited the photo a lot to give it a high contrast. It also looks as if the edges have been made to look darker than the inner area.
  10. 10. High Street There are no longer many high street family photographers around due to people having their own digital cameras and printers. High street photographers take pictures intended for a canvas. Most high street photographers take portrait photos of people. This image shows the type of style that a high street photographer would use. A white back drop, artificial lighting and the people in the photo posing. This photo with all the children piled together is meant to make it seem natural, and as if they are a happy family/ close friends. There wont have been much of a post production process, though maybe a few though ups to lighting and sharpening or airbrushing, there wont have been much editing needed. The editing done would have only been to enhance what is naturally there. In this photo the families clothes are all colour coordinated. This could have been something that was decided by the photographer as they used a black background. The photograph looks black around the outside and light in the middle to allow more focus onto the family. I know this lighting isn’t natural as some of the children’s arms or bodies are in the darker areas of the image and their clothes are bright white still. This photo may have had a longer post production process as they would have needed to edit the photo to make the child look big and the parents small. The photographer may have also needed a long lens so that the parents could sit far away to make the child look even bigger. Again this image was made to look mostly natural, though has has some airbrushing, sharpening and perhaps lighting alterations. The poses and the structure of the image will have all been controlled by the photographer, though it is difficult to make a small child do as they are told so the photographer would have had to work around them.
  11. 11. Portfolio Studios Portfolio Studios takes a range of photographs for people such as fashion, family, burlesque & vintage, boudoir or wedding photos. Here is an example of a family photo taken at their studio. The photographer has clearly done a lot of editing to this photograph to make the dinosaur look that big compared to the people. In the studio they must have a seamless while background and floor to make the photo look all white like that. There will have been special lighting used for this shoot. The photographer for Portfolio Studios gives examples on the website of their airbrushing skills, and most of the photos taken look very airbrushed.
  12. 12. Architectural Architectural photography has many purposes. It could be being created for architects, consulting engineers, surveyors, property developers or construction companies. For most architectural photography, the photographer has to use natural light as they are working outside, but also because the buildings are far to big to light from outside. This is the case with both the first as second image. The first image looks as if the lighting may have been slightly edited, or the photo may have been sharpened but as it was intended to give a true representation of the building from inside I don’t think the post production process was very long. I think a wide lens was used for this photo as it gets less clear the further across the room you look. This second picture was taken by Michael Wolf. It doesn’t look edited at all to me. The lighting is incredibly natural, and slightly dull perhaps. This may have been intended to reflect the dullness of the structure itself. This image was clearly not taken to make the image look glamorous. This bottom image looks as if it was taken for a more artistic purpose as there are no distinctive features about this building shown from this photo. The only thing that stands out in this photo are the lights. The post production process looks as if it was much longer than the two images above. The contrast between the bright lights and the dark corridor in the train station looks quite false. I also think that the light reflections on the wall must have been enhanced.
  13. 13. Michael Wolf Michael Wolf frequently takes pictures of life in cities, mostly Hong Kong. He has taken many photos of high rise flats. He shows the repetitiveness of these buildings by allowing the viewer to see only see the building and nothing else. This makes it look endless. He uses very natural lighting, and the image looks as if it hasn’t been edited. The image looks quite dull perhaps to make it look even more mundane and repetitive.
  14. 14. Illustration Illustrational photography is used along side a news story to help tell the story and make the audience feel a certain way about it. The other purpose is for the front cover of informational books to show the audience what the books is about. This book titled Animal Geography South America shows images of lots of different animals, giving the audience an idea of what kinds of animals are going to be featured in the book. For all of these images the photographer must have used a wide lens as all the images are detailed and close up and as some of these animals are dangerous or easily scared away so the photographer wouldn’t have been able to get close enough. All the lighting must have been natural as they are all out doors, though there must have been some editing done to the lighting to make it slightly brighter than natural. The photograph wasn’t planned as the photographer cannot control what the animal does or looks like. This next image I have taken from the Channel 4 News website was used to Accompany a news story on recent flooding in the UK. As with photojournalism the photo must not be too edited. This photo looks very natural, using only natural lighting. Perhaps using dull natural lighting makes people feel as if it looks worse than it really is.
  15. 15. Channel 4 News I have taken this image from the Channel 4 News website. The story is on a new law going through parliament that will ban on being ‘annoying’ in public. This photograph demonstrates what type of things may be banned in public places. All of the lighting is natural, or perhaps taken with a flash in pictures taken in the evening or at night as with the bottom left image. The photographer couldn’t have taken any special lighting as they were not in a controlled environment and wouldn’t be able to set up the lights in time to capture something at the right moment, and people they want to photograph might move away from them. The photos couldn’t be too edited as no photos in the news should be, to give an authentic take on the situation. They also wouldn’t have time to spend lots of editing or the story might go out of date.
  16. 16. Medical Medical photography is used to show factual information on medical conditions or scenes of surgery. They are often put into text books for medical students to observe and lean from, or to give information to the public. This first image here is a scene from a surgery. The image hasn’t been controlled as the photographer is there to observe the surgeons. The photographer would have also has to use the light available rather than studio lighting as they wouldn’t be able to take anything perhaps carrying bacteria into a surgery. The photo wont have been edited much to give a more true representation of what the surgery was actually like, and so the viewer can see the details clearly. Though this next photo is in black and white, classic of more arty photography, though I don’t think this photo was used for art. It was perhaps less likely to make it into a medical book though as readers wouldn’t be able to see detail clearly enough because the black and white obstructs the vision slightly. Tough the black and white doesn’t have a very high contrast, and so looks much more natural and less obstructive to vision. This image was taken by medical photographer Melissa Cruz Santos.
  17. 17. Melissa Cruz Santos Melissa Cruz Santos is a medical photographer. She photographs surgeries mainly. In this photograph she must have used a flash from her camera as the light is very concentrated on the open flesh. This one and many of her images could be used to provide information the studying doctors on surgeries, or as illustrations in text books to help the writer to describe something.
  18. 18. Fine Art Fine art photography is not intended to really serve any purpose, but to express a particular emotion, and to make the audience feel an emotion. There are varieties of styles used by artists, but black and white is classic amongst fine art photographers, as it distracts your eyes from the bright colours so that you focus on what is actually in the picture. This photo is an example of “glitch art”, a digital art which involves corrupting digital code or data, or physically manipulating electronic devices to create an image or a GIF with digital errors. This image is by Rob Sheridan. This would have been a regular photograph taken by Rob, but he has created a glitch by disturbing signals through analogue tape and display equipment. The post production process would have involved uploading the image to an analogue device and then disturbing the image. It is not obvious from looking at the image whether or not it was controlled with a model or lighting or there actually was a black back ground it has been messed with so much. Jennis Cheng Tien Li is another photographer and artist that has created glitch art. She has taken a fashion photograph and turned it into something really stylised, almost looking like a water colour painting. The colours only reveal a basic version of the real image. This indicated that the post production process was very long. Jennis has used a slight glitch on her art, but nowhere near as intense as Rob Sheridan’s style. If this photograph was taken at a fashion show then it would be an observational piece, though if it is her own model and colthes then it has been controlled. As the model isn’t facing the camera directly then it indicates that this is observational. This image seems much more natural than the two images above in the sense that is not as edited and stylised. It is clearly in a studio with artificial lighting, and a model posing. This image seems much more conventional then the two images above as typically fine art photography is in black and white.
  19. 19. Rob Sheridan Rob Sheridan is a graphic designer and photographer. He is also creative director for Nine Inch Nails. As well as many other things, Rob creates glitch art. He disturbs signals through analogue tape and display equipment. This image is an example of what the end product looks like. The lighting is very cold, which could be a product of the glitch or he could have edited the photo before hand.
  20. 20. Documentary The first picture was taken by JoostVandebrug. It is of “The Lost Boys” from Bucharest, a gang of boys who live with no parental supervision. The images are going to be used for a book, Cinci Lei following these boys. This image is observational as they were following there boys in their day to day life, documenting them so they needed to catch them as natural as possible. The lighting is completely natural as Vandebrug couldn’t carry around too much heavy lighting equipment with him all day and set it up in time to capture an important moment. This image was captured for Planet Earth by David Attenborough. The photographer would have used a long lens to capture a detailed image of a shark from far away. They may have used a similar camera function to what sports photographers use to stop the image from blurring. The image looks very natural as if it hasn’t been edited at all, again as with photojournalism and medical photography the images are used to give true information about something, and so should not be edited. The photograph is completely observational, as you cannot control what an animal does. This photograph, taken by documentary photographer Claire Martin is much more arty, rather than factual. The picture is in black and white, with a high contrast making all the furniture dark, and the man being documented in the picture very light. This was probably intentional as it makes him the most clear detailed thing in the image, you can see exactly what he is doing. The post production process would have been much longer than the two above and much more editing has been done.
  21. 21. JoostVandebrug JoostVandebrug usually photographs fashion, though recently photographed “The Lost Boys” for a book documenting the lives of 3 boys from a gang who live with no parental supervision. The top photo set is an example of his fashion photography, the bottom his documentary photography. Most of the images for the book look like they’ve have no editing done to them, though some look as if they have a high saturation, or other lighting changes. Joost hasn’t used any particularly fancy editing such as black and white, this makes the images seem very organic.