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Actualog - the first social network for B2B products


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Story in pictures :)
Actualog is an innovative cloud-based social Product Information Management platform that brings together the expertise and knowledge of the manufacturers and most competent customers from around the world.

Actualog helps companies to share information about products, materials and technologies focusing on complex technical products using the ideas of social interaction.

Technology advances in connectivity and devices have changed the way we access and consume information. Companies are faced with a unique challenge of aggregating content from thousands of suppliers using disparate formats and processes into one user-friendly catalogue. Then the challenge of providing customers with rich product information that is current is next. Since each customer uses the content to drive their own procurement initiatives, accuracy is mission-critical. A breakdown in reliable data can have a negative or positive ripple effect on profit margins as it flows across multiple enterprises. To be effective in marketing, selling, manufacturing, distributing, and sourcing products requires more consistent and higher quality product information.

The development of new and sophisticated technical products significantly increases the amount of product-related data and content. Organizations increase the number and diversity of products they offer and range of procured products and components.

80% of companies are not satisfied with the quality of information available about the products they purchase.

- procurement professionals need up-to-date and accurate information about products;
- engineers and designers are looking for information about new products and technologies;
- sales and marketing specialists need to provide information about the products to their clients;
- companies around the world need to share information about their products with unified multilingual material descriptions and conform to national technical standards.
In summary, companies are faced with the following problems:
- Data Incompleteness;
- Duplicates of product records;
- Wrong, unreliable or outdated data;
- Inconsistent formats for product characteristics;
- Missing information about analogies, alternatives, and comparable products;
- Missing text and media product information such as instructions and manuals;
- Incomplete and erroneous product translations from foreign suppliers.

Product information management (PIM) addresses these challenges and enables companies to optimize processes around sourcing, managing, and distributing product information.

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Actualog - the first social network for B2B products

  1. 1. ACTUALOG a cloud platform that helps companies around the world to share information about products, materials, and technologies
  2. 2. ACTUALOG provides complete, accurate, and relevant information about products, materials, and technologies by using knowledge and expertise of producers and manufactures
  3. 3. New products, materials, and technologies appear on the market every day…
  4. 4. Consumers need complete and up-to-date information about products
  5. 5. 80% of companies are not satisfied with the quality of information about products they purchase
  6. 6. Only producers know absolutely everything about their products
  7. 7. ACTUALOG consolidates expertise and experience of manufacturers by using ideas of social communications
  8. 8. Master data management solutions: total costs of ownership are extremely high…
  9. 9. Best practices of product information management are affordable only to large corporations
  10. 10. ACTUALOG MISSION To allow business worldwide regardless their size benefit from the best practices in product information management
  11. 11. It is difficult to choose among similar product…
  12. 12. ACTUALOG facilitates effective work of the international community of experts
  13. 13. ACTUALOG Expert Network is the international team of experts who know all about products, materials, and technologies 14
  14. 14. To create a catalog or a purchase order becomes easy and enjoyable as a stroll along the beach…
  15. 15. Categories, attributes, and rules are created by experts!
  16. 16. Multilanguage classifiers and catalogs break barriers to international trade
  17. 17. International, national, and industrial standards are used to describe products and materials
  18. 18. ACTUALOG integrates resources of three systems 1. Product Information Management 2. Catalog Management 3. Business Data Integration
  19. 19. Master Data Management reduces the direct costs of purchasing and logistics by 15%
  20. 20. Master Data Management reduces inventory and surplus stock by 20-40%
  21. 21. ACTUALOG helps producers and consumers to find each other
  22. 22. ACTUALOG adapts itself for the needs of every industry, every company, and every user
  23. 23. ACTUALOG maintains all product lifecycle stages: from the conception, thought R&D, design and manufacture to withdrawal from usage
  24. 24. Consumers can find and select products with best parameters
  25. 25. ACTUALOG β-version will be launched in December, 2013 26