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Online Round Table 09

Presentation for the Educamp Online Round Table on October 8, 2009
Ralf Klamma
RWTH Aachen University
ROLE Technical Coordinator

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Online Round Table 09

  1. 1. No country for old men Online Round Table, October 8, 2009 Ralf Klamma Informatik 5 RWTH Aachen ©
  2. 2. Responsive Open LE Problems Areas of Interest • Developed by Professionals for Peers • Community oAwareness oReflection • Context oAdaptation oRecommendations • Ubiquity • Non-open/Non-responsive Learning oInteroperability oMobility • Semantics oMultimedia oMetadata oStory-telling R. Klamma, RWTH Aachen 2 ©
  3. 3. ROLE Vision Focus of key research objectives: • Empower the learner to build their ROLE Vision own responsive learning environment Responsiveness • Awareness and reflection of own learning process User-Centered • Individually adapted composition of personal learning environment R.Klamma, RWTH Aachen 3 ©
  4. 4. ROLE Transitions Testbeds define the scope of ROLE From academic to From formal Rich context with significant RWTH professional learning impact to informal Large numbers of learners learning Focus on transitions OLrn FESTO • Festo Lernzentrum • RWTH Aachen University From un- Transitionen employment From a position • BILD: British Institute for or a job to jobs to positions or Learning & Development accreditations SJTU BILD • OLrn: OpenLearn by Open University UK From individual • SJTU: Jiao Tong University to shared competences R.Klamma, RWTH Aachen 4 ©
  5. 5. ROLE Roll-out Process Towards Universality & Scalability Design of ROLE Solutions through large- scale real-world deployment in Scenarios Tryout highly populated testbeds Learners Specs Participatory Design & Darwinism Holistic handling of ethnographical, Scientists psychological, pedagogical and RWTH technical dimensions Components OLrn FESTO Progressive & Iterative Developers Externa- • Refinement of PL requirements lisation and specifications All BILD • Definition and validation of the World Standards ROLE PLE Bundle components and standards SJTU Educators • Design and implementation of the ROLE evaluation Providers methodologies Freeing • Evaluation thorough social and Evaluation methodologies educational data mining R.Klamma, RWTH Aachen 5 ©
  6. 6. Multidisciplinary Approach • Actor Network Theory • Agent-oriented RE • Community-regulated Learning • Social Network Analysis • Community IS Design • Dual Coding Theory • Game Theory • Participatory Design • SECI R. Klamma, RWTH Aachen 6 ©
  7. 7. Learners in CoP Interactions CoP Learner Intention Information Community intention -> community mission (Joint Enterprise (JE)) Community information -> knowledge repository (Shared Repertoire (SR)) Interactions between CoP and Learner -> Mutual Engagement(ME) R.Klamma, RWTH Aachen 7 ©
  8. 8. Understanding PLE Use Gap Goals identification Activities Intentions Interactions patterns Analysis • I*modelling • Mediabase • …. • Visualization • …. • Pattern definition • …. Information Modelling retrieval mapping R. Klamma, RWTH Aachen 8 ©
  9. 9. Communities of Practice [PeKl08] R.Klamma, RWTH Aachen 9 ©
  10. 10. Mediabases • Actor Network Theory [Lato1988] • Everything is an actor • Actor aggregation • Mediabases • Crawl PLE data • Analysis tools • Visualization • Feedback [KlPe08] R. Klamma, RWTH Aachen 10 ©
  11. 11. Social Network Analysis <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <graphml xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=" instance" xmlns:y="" xsi:schemaLocation=" raphml "> <key for="node" id="d0" yfiles.type="nodegraphics"/> <key"name" attr.type="string" for="node" id="d1"/> <key for="edge" id="d2" yfiles.type="edgegraphics"/> <key for="graphml" id="d3" yfiles.type="resources"/> <graph edgedefault="directed" id="G" parse.edges="1217" parse.nodes="302" parse.order="free"> <node id="n0"> <data key="d0"> <y:ShapeNode> .... </graphml> R. Klamma, RWTH Aachen 11 ©
  12. 12. Understanding PLE Development • Agent and goal-oriented modeling [Yu95] • Clear goal representation and intention definition • CoP-based model for PLE environments [KHPR09] R. Klamma, RWTH Aachen 12 ©
  13. 13. ROLE Technical Infrastructure External IM Servers External Services (XML-RPC, SOAP) External Web 2.0 APIs & Widgets Multimedia Community Repositories Monitoring Data Routing/Gateway Desktop PCs XMPP Server Smartphones Laptops Public Institutional XMPP Server Game Consoles XMPP Server Community Mash-Up Services PDAs <<ROLE Basic Service>> <<ROLE Basic Service>> User Management ... Handhelds Learning Repositories Metadata <<ROLE Basic Service>> Ontologies Self-Monitoring ROLE Service Cloud (XML-RPC, SOAP) R. Klamma, RWTH Aachen 13 ©
  14. 14. Join us! • • LinkedIn ?gid=1590487 R.Klamma, RWTH Aachen 14 ©