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SEO: Getting Personal


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Content personalisation is becoming more prevalent. A site, it's content and/or it's products, change dynamically according to the specific needs of the user. SEO needs to ensure we do not fall behind of this trend.

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SEO: Getting Personal

  2. Kirsty Hulse @kirsty_hulse Founder @manym1nd5 The digital marketing agency made up of some of the world's best independent experts
  3. Personalisation The real-time individualization of a site; it’s products and/or content, to suit each visitor’s unique needs and guide them through a custom conversion funnel.
  4. The internet is becoming increasingly personalised 52% of marketers see content personalization as critical
  5. personalised-content-and-data-driven-commerce 75% of consumers like it when brands personalise their content
  6. 13% of consumers would give up sex for a month to receive information that interests them want-personalised-content-and-data- driven-commerce
  7. It’s where investment is… 78% of CMOs think personalised content is the future and plan to increase investment
  8. Not just ecommerce sites…
  9. Intelligent personal assistants are the future of search
  10. The rise of angularjs Stack Overflow tags referencing frameworks over time Single-page apps load a solitary HTML page into a browser & update content dynamically, which can creates fluid UX & flashy interactions BUT If your website presentation layer is generated by AngularJS, the URLs may be difficult to define, and deep linking might not be possible.
  11. Ultimately, online experiences are becoming uniquely tailored to you. Quickly
  12. There’s one tiny problem with this
  13. I don’t care
  14. Links, static URLs, content, queries, traffic, indexation….
  15. We’re normally so agile
  16. Why?
  17. “It’s always advisable to use static URLs as much as possible”
  18. Sites do rank with dynamic URLs c33005732%7cSleep%7c33008394/c_3/3%7ccat_33008394%7cTravel+cots%7c33010534.htm
  19. Include hard-coded text links behind dynamic content Submit accurate sitemaps Keep both static and dynamic URLs short Make AJAX crawlable Create static URLs that link to the same content as each dynamic URL.
  20. “We'll admit it, moving is never easy […] web reputation falls off the truck in the process.”
  21. If it were up to us; no site would ever migrate, but that’s unrealistic, so we help people protect their traffic. It’s a service we sell
  22. YES! I love our new brand strategy I can’t wait to see our new identity We’ll need to speak to SEO about any changed we make to the site
  23. YES! I’m so excited to give our customers personalised messaging Me too!
  24. As more content becomes dynamic; SEO needs to be part of that conversation
  25. Single audiences Landing Page
  26. Understand the intent behind keywords
  27. Create personas and journeys based on keyword topics
  28. GA Audience segmentation to optimise content for personas
  29. Tools to play with
  30. Thank you!