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What is Facebook?


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A one page guide explaining what Facebook is to people who are completely new to it.

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What is Facebook?

  1. 1. What is facebook?Facebook is a social network - it allows you to and invite people in to talk to and sharecreate a profile, connect with friends, send information with.messages, share photos and play games. It’sthe biggest network of its type in the world, Facebook has a simple way for you to sharewith hundreds of millions of active users. links with people, which is by liking them - which you do by simply clicking a button that says ‘Like’ on it. It could be an update someone has published, or a photo maybe. Facebook Like buttons also appear on web pages outside Facebook - so people can share pages they find interesting with their friends. PlatformOrganisations as well as individuals can have As well as being a social network, Facebook isa presence in Facebook too, by creating also a platform for developers to create‘pages’. These can also be used for individuals programs to run within it. Often theseas a persona other than their personal one. applications are games, and there is a hugeSo, if you wanted a presence in Facebook for industry making new games for Facebookwork, other than the one you use to talk to users to play. There are other applicationsyour real friends, making a page for yourself though, and these apps are often a nice way tomight be a good idea! get messages across in an engaging way.If you want to create a page for your Facebook sometimes gets criticised overorganisation, you can do so even if you aren’t privacy issues. It’s basically set up toalready logged in with your personal profile. encourage people to share a lot of informationJust click the link on the home page that says publicly. If you don’t want to do that, then make“Create a Page for a celebrity, band or sure you take the time to go through thebusiness” - don’t worry if you are none of those privacy settings, and lock things down to makethings, there are other options! it work for you. BrandingMake sure you get the naming and branding ofyour page right, so people will want to engagewith it. If your organisation is part of a sectorthat is considered a bit stuffy or dull, it mightbe a good idea not to emphasise it. Pick aname for your page so that people won’t feel You can find out how many people useashamed to be associated with it! Facebook in your area really easily - just start the process to create an advert - but don’t feelAs a social network, Facebook offers you the need to finish it! You can really interrogatevarious ways to get in touch with people. You the demographics, by choosing age ranges,can send people email-like messages, or chat interests - even going as far as finding out howlive with them in a manner similar to instant many people support a certain football teammessaging. Alternatively, you can join and within a geographic area!create groups along interest or location lines, This quick guide was put together by Kind of Digital.We provide strategic advice, training and technical development to help organisations open up and make the most of the web - including social media tools like Facebook! Find out more at or follow us on Twitter - @kindofdigital Published under creative commons - feel free to redistribute and edit, but not for commercial gain.