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Sec 2


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Sec 2

  1. 1. Election of 1836• A new political party appears – Whigs• Whigs run three candidates in hope the vote will have to go to the House• Plan backfires• Martin Van Buren wins
  2. 2. Election of 1840• Van Buran vs. William Henry Harrison• Harrison wins and gives long speech• Dies from pneumonia just 4 weeks after taking office• John Tyler is now president
  3. 3. • Whig party turn from him• All his cabinet resigns
  4. 4. Election of 1844• James K Polk is elected for the Whigs
  5. 5. Changing American Life
  6. 6. TRANSPORTATION• Need roads to go west• Wilderness Road – Daniel Boone helped with this road – First federally funded highway
  7. 7. • Travel by water was difficult• Steamboat was invented – Robert Fulton
  8. 8. • Use of canals• Canal – shallow, manmade water highway that connects two bodies of water• Erie Canal was most famous
  9. 9. • Railroads – Peter Cooper did first major trial of railroad – Better travel than the canals
  10. 10. COMMUNICATION• Telegraph – Samuel F. B. Morse invented it – Came about because of a need from the railroads – Used during the Mexican War
  11. 11. INDUSTRY• Industrial Revolution – Happened in the North first• Factory System – Collect many workers in one place and turn out many similar items in one day – Britain forbade anyone with knowledge of factories to leave Britain.
  12. 12. • Samuel Slater – Left England to come to US with knowledge
  13. 13. • Elias Howe and Isaac Singer – Created sewing machine
  14. 14. Singer
  15. 15. Eli Whitney• Created interchangeable parts for his gun production
  16. 16. AGRICULTURE• New equipment enabled the farmer to improve methods and lower costs
  17. 17. • John Deere – Created the steel plow
  18. 18. • Cyrus McCormick – Created the reaper, which cut and harvested grain
  19. 19. • Eli Whitney – Created cotton gin which cleaned cotton quickly