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Television broadcasting (2)


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Television broadcasting (2)

  1. 1. First Radio and Televison Newscast Taishia Persad and Shrina Patel
  2. 2. Origin of Television News•Lowell Thomas hosted the first news broadcast in1930 and the first regularly scheduled broadcastin 1940.•Television broadcasts entered homes for the firsttime in the 1940s with NBCs Camel NewsreelTheatre•Some people believe that Edward Murrow was thepioneer of television news.•Murrows weekly news See It Now on CBSpresented live reports from journalists on both theeast and west coasts on America.
  3. 3. See It Now•First program with simultaneous transmissionfrom coast to coast•Focused on controversial issues•Most memorable moment was a 30 minutespecial on March 9, 1954 entitled " A Report onSenator Joseph McCarthy" which talked about theeventual political downfall of the senator.
  4. 4. History of Network News•Launched in Feb. 1948 by NBC and was a 10minute segment which showed newsreels.•CBS followed in May 1948 with a 15 minutesegment CBS-TV News.•Sept 2 1963, CBS expanded their show to a 30minute segment.•ABC Evening News began airing in 1953•In 1978, ABC Evening News was succeeded byABC World News Tonight.
  5. 5. Todays Television News•We now have electronic news gatherings which isanything from a journalist taking a video camerato shoot a story to an entire production crewtaking a satelite truck to cover a live story.•Electronic news gathering has enabled reportersto capture video and audio at a better ease andedit footage faster.•Now we have local, cable, and network news.•National networks news includes CBS, ABC, andNBC
  6. 6. Origin of Radio News•First broadcast was on December 24, 1906• Brant Rock, Massachusetts•Canadian engineer, Reginald Fessenden•Played O Holy Night on the violin and read theChristmas story•Was heard on a ship by shipboard wirelessoperators called Sparks
  7. 7. Harold Power•March 8 1916, Harold Power and his radiocompany, American Radio and Research Companybroadcasted the first continous broadcast.•From Tufts University•First to broadcast on daily schedule•First to broadcast radio dance programs•First university professor lectures•First weather broadcaster
  8. 8. Radio Progression•August 31 1920 was the broadcast of the firstKNOWN news program, 8MK, from Detriot,Michigan•1922 regular wireless broadcasts forentertainment began in the UK from the MarconiCenter•KDKA of Pittsburgh in Oct 1920 received theirlicense and went on air as the first liscenedbroadcasting station.•Regular morse code transmissions were in 1916
  9. 9. KDKA•Nov 6 1919, Frank Conrad began broadcastingfrom his Wilkinsburg, PA garage with call letter8XK.•8XK became KDKA in Nov 2 1920•Worlds First Commercially Licensed Radio•First licensed broadcast was the results ofHarding/ Cox presedential elections.