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Ch 19 sec1


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Ch 19 sec1

  1. 1. Following WWII
  2. 2. Europe after the war • Allies divided Germany (and Berlin) into 4 sectors. France, US, Britain and Soviet Union each controlled one sector
  3. 3. Postwar Japan • US took sole responsibility for rebuilding it • Douglas MacArthur was in charge of supervising it • One of his first priorities was religion • Helped them write a new constitution, and elect officials
  4. 4. Cold War • Between the US and Soviet Union • Soviet Union was spreading its sphere of influence • People feared another world war
  5. 5. • Under the Iron Curtain – Countries under Communist control
  6. 6. Berlin Airlift • The Soviet Union stopped all use of their roads and rails into the East Germany • Left people without food and supplies • Truman ordered airlift of food and supplies for the next 321 days into West Berlin
  7. 7. Korean War • North Korea was communist and South Korea was free • North Korea invaded South Korea • US got involved • Commander was Douglas MacArthur
  8. 8. • Settled on the 38th Parallel as the boundary between North and South Korea