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The kennedy presidency 1961 63


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The kennedy presidency 1961 63

  1. 1. The Kennedy presidency 1961-63 • John F. Kennedy – rich democrat of Irish- American descent. • Big supporter of civil rights for the Black community. • Wanted to improve education by training more teachers, improving classrooms and ending segregation in schools and universities. • He aimed to have a man on the moon by 1970.
  2. 2. Kennedys foreign policy • He continued the policy of Communist Containment and continued to send US advisors to Vietnam • His greatest test came in 1962: The Cuban Missile Crisis.
  3. 3. The Cuban Missile Crisis • Cuba is 160km off the coast of Florida. • A lot of the land and industry in Cuba was owned by Americans. • In 1959 Cuba’s brutal dictator Batista was overthrown by a revolution. He was replaced by Fidel Castro. • At first the U.S. were happy about this until they realised that Castro wanted to turn Cuba into a Communist country. • America stopped trading with Cuba and refused to buy their sugar – this was a big blow to Cuba’s economy.