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Video Marketing in Higher Education


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Your institution has a YouTube channel and you've been uploading video for years, so now what? Who's really watching them, and is it really making a difference?

Sharing case studies and best practices from across the industry, this presentation will explore the true role of web video in higher education marketing. From targeted program-specific offerings to campus tours and alumni testimonials, we?ll explore one of the most miss-understood marketing mediums, and shed light on how to make it work for you.

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Video Marketing in Higher Education

  1. 1. INSIDE WEB VIDEO MARKETING FOR EDU Seth Odell Video Marketing Manager, SNHU Founder & Host, Higher Ed Live Co-Founder, Connect & Engage
  2. 2. WHERE ONLINE VIDEO IS TODAY• 60 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute• Fastest-growing ad format in 2012 with nearly 55% growth• 179 million US internet users watched nearly 38 billion videos in February• YouTube #2 search engine, integrated into Google
  3. 3. ONLINE VIDEO IN EDU• The last few years saw a land grab for YouTube real estate• Increase in in-house resources, either equipment or additional videographer staff or budget• Increase in video publishing
  5. 5. LOW VIEWERSHIP• SetonHall has 3 videos >10,000 views 485 <10,000• UCLA has 88 videos >10,000 views 2,461 <10,000• Dartmouth has 29 videos >10,000 views 842 <10,000
  7. 7. IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT VIEWS, BUT...• Isan online video, which lacks engagement or sharing, that different than a traditional article printed in a newspaper?• Your YouTube video might have 10,000 views, but every LA Times article gets 500,000 “views” a day• If we measured higher ed video marketing on an even playing field, is it worth the money at all?
  8. 8. IT GETS A BIT MORE COMPLICATED• What is a view worth?• How do we measure success of our online video marketing efforts?
  9. 9. IS VIDEO MARKETING IN EDU BROKEN?• No, but posting videos to YouTube “just because” is not a strategy• Successful online video marketing in EDU is still being built
  10. 10. VIDEO MARKETING NEEDS TO BE• Strategic• Targeted• Goal-oriented• Measurable
  11. 11. VIDEO CONTENT DISCOVERY• Delivered• Passive Search• Active Search
  13. 13. VIDEO FOR ADMISSIONS• What: Virtual campus tours• Goal: Conversion• Key: Self-navigation
  14. 14. VIDEO FOR ADMISSIONS• What: Virtual Open Houses• Goal: Conversion• Key: On demand
  15. 15. VIDEO FOR ADMISSIONS• What: Targeted admitted student vid• Goal: Decrease summer melt• Discovery: Delivered• Results: Unknown
  16. 16. BRANDING• What: UCLA Veterans Day Campaign• Goal: Increase awareness of UCLA’s support of veterans• Discovery: Passive & Delivered• Results: 100,000 views, YouTube Feature
  17. 17. BRANDING• What: SEO• Goal: Leverage search• Discovery: Passive & Active
  18. 18. BRANDING• What: UNT College of Music Performance Live streaming• Goal: Brand expansion, community bldg• Discovery: Delivered• Results: 100,000+ views
  19. 19. BRANDING• What: SNHU author presentation• Goal: Brand bridging & building• Discovery: Delivered• Results: 83 live viewers, 72 social shares, 7 submitted questions, 5 post-event videos, course curriculum, hundreds of views
  20. 20. BRANDING & MEDIA RELATIONS• What: Faculty interviews• Goal: Brand & faculty awareness• Discovery: Passive• Results: 20,000 views
  21. 21. DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT• What: Solicitation support• Goal: Donations• Discovery: Delivered• Results: Easily measured
  22. 22. DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT• What: Solicitation support• Goal: Donations• Discovery: Passive
  23. 23. DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT• What: BowlingGreen State University gift announcement video• Goal: Increase awareness• Discovery: Delivered• Results: 100,000 views, NCAA coverage
  24. 24. DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT• What: UCLA donor thank you• Goal: Donor appreciation• Discovery: Delivered• Results: 1 view
  25. 25. TESTIMONIALSBest performing video for direct response
  26. 26. PROFESSIONAL & USER SUBMITTED A recent comScore study found that professional AND user submittedvideos perform significantly higher when coupled within a single campaign
  27. 27. SNHU STORIES
  29. 29. HOW DO WE MEASURE SUCCESS?• It starts with clear identifiable goals• Track views, and use YouTube insights to better understand your audience• Use & Google strings to track traffic paths• Qualitative surveys• Test, test, test
  30. 30. FINAL TAKEAWAYS• It’s not about changing what we shoot, it’s about changing how we approach it• Utilize a video one-sheet to identify goals, strategy and resource requirements• Repurpose, reuse, recycle• Mobile is coming fast• Video marketing is somebody’s job, but who?
  31. 31. QUESTIONS? @sethodell