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TERMINALFOUR t44u 2012 - Pubble Demonstration


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Social: Have you become more social? An in-depth look at the TERMINALFOUR approach to enable clients be ‘more social’ including our social poster and Social Q&A solution from partner company LearnPipe.

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TERMINALFOUR t44u 2012 - Pubble Demonstration

  1. 1. Turn visitors into fans
  2. 2. The Power of Building Community on your web site
  3. 3. Pubble Apps• Search• Q&A• Updates• Comments• Reviews• Feedback• Ideas
  4. 4. By workingtogether we canscale the Pubble Poweredcommunity everywhere you live online working together Engagement Enabled Site Now
  5. 5. Online Communities Study The Incyte Group
  6. 6. 1People go to Google, not Facebook to research products
  7. 7. 2People want company web sites to be more like theirexperiences on open social networks
  8. 8. 3Content gives context for the community
  9. 9. 4Consumers are willing to become advocates
  10. 10. About• Team of 10• Based in Kinsale• Enterprise Ireland backed• Voted Best Internet Startup 2011 by the IIA
  11. 11. Recommendations
  12. 12. 1 Create a customercommunity to which all OSNs lead
  13. 13. 2Build a community on your site. This is social.
  14. 14. 3Convert your best customers to advocates
  15. 15. Social Platforms – think like this!
  16. 16. 021 242 9436