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Using social media for networking


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I used this slide presentation as part of a roundtable discussion on networking. This presentation was for the Central Florida ASTD Chapter. I gave this presentation at the February 2012 Chapter meeting.

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  • On slide 5, there are three images. Here is what they represent:
    Turtle - building a social media campaign or network is slow. It takes a long time.
    The Bricks - Each thing you add to your social media campaign add as brick to the 'estate' you are slowly building. Think of each blog post, video, presentation, etc. as a brick in the wall of your estate. You are slowly buying real estate on the web. The goal is to eventually own a bunch.
    Zombie - Nothing on the web ever dies. This is good and bad. If it is negative, it is there forever. Be careful what you post. This is your professional reputation you are building. The fact that it never dies is also good, This is what allows you to 'amass' real estate on the web. This presentation is one brick in my estate, for example.
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Using social media for networking

  1. 1. Using Social Media For NetworkingBarry Nadler - Social Media Director
  2. 2. Agenda • What is social media? • What is your goal? • Develop a Personal Action Plan • What this chapter doing to assist you?
  4. 4. Medium Platform Channel • Mobile • LinkedIn • Blog • Video • WordPress • YouTube • Blogs • YouTube Channel • Comments • Facebook • Facebook • Posts • SMS/Text Page • LinkedIn Profile Strategy Tactics Weapons
  6. 6. Identify • Drivers for success • Campaign objectives • Specific desired outcomes
  7. 7. SMART Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Time-bound
  8. 8. PurchaseRegular Use Trial Social Media Desire Liking InterestAwareness
  10. 10. Frequent ProfessionalCasual Infrequent
  11. 11. 10-Step Action Plan 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) your site – Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. 2. Launch a blog – Best & easiest – Wordpress, Blogger, Drupal 3. Post blog articles on a regular schedule – 2-3 times per week
  12. 12. 10-Step Action Plan 4. E-mail newsletters/whitepapers or articles that share expertise – Want a list? Create a crash course or something your market needs 5. Upload content to Flicker, Picassa, comment on blogs, LinkedIn, etc. 6. Produce a video on YouTube – Does not need to be high quality or top notch
  13. 13. 10-Step Action Plan 7. Create a YouTube channel and add more videos 8. Use TubeMogul – Distributes to other video channels – YouTube, Viddler, Vimeo 9. Consistently keep adding content to each item already going 10.Promote, Promote, Promote
  14. 14. Other Things You Can Do • Squidoo Lenses • Add social bookmarks to your blog and web site • Set up Google Alerts • Use TweetDeck or Hootsuite to tie Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn together
  15. 15. Measuring Success• Twitter Followers • Leads• Facebook Fans • Downloads• Comments • Likes• Social Bookmarks • Growth Rate of Fans• Page Views • Online mentions• Inbound links • Bounce Rate• Click-throughs • Google Page Rank
  16. 16. Measuring Tools• Google Page Rank• Google Analytics• Alexia• Technorati• YouTube Analytics• LinkedIn Analytics• Facbook Analytics• Wordpress Analytics• – competitor research
  18. 18. • Comment and post• Be part of the community• Share your professional efforts and achievements with group• Explore job postings
  19. 19. • Author Articles• Comment as part of the community• Learn about – Other members – Local businesses – Orlando industries – CPLP information and shared experiences
  20. 20. • Know when posts occur on other platforms• Learn about upcoming events and RSVP• Share photos• Promote yourself
  21. 21. • Eventually, we want to have a channel for localized content
  22. 22. • Know when posts occur on other platforms• Learn about upcoming events
  23. 23. Being a Good Cyber Citizen • Show Respect • Be Responsible • Show Integrity • Be Ethical • Add Value
  24. 24. SUMMARY
  25. 25. Closing • What is social media? • What is your goal? • Develop a Personal Action Plan • What this chapter doing to assist you?
  26. 26. How To Start Tomorrow • Get ten things done versus getting one done perfectly • 5-10 tasks daily – 1-2 tweets – Answer a question – Post a comment or two