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Music magazine double page spreads


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music magazine double page spreads

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Music magazine double page spreads

  1. 1. The image of Jay-Ztakesup one whole page of the double page spread.The image of Jay-Zisa close upshot where he isn't showing anyemotion whichmay be because of his image,Jay-Zisa worldfamous rapperwho isa verycool and calm individual sothis shot may representthatimage. The headline says‘”he Most ExcitingPeople inMusic”whichis followedbyJAY-Zalsoindicates how Jay-zis one of the biggest namesinthe hip hopindustry. The big J inthe middle of the article alsosuggests that Jay-Zisa bigartist. The colour redindicates that he is a powerful personinthe music industry. The editorincludestwo colourson the backgroundof the picture one each side of Jay-Z.The red mayrepresent hisevil andpowerful side whereasthe shade of light blue mayrepresenthis peaceful andlovingside whichindicateshe mayhave more than 1 personality.Also the colourscontrast. He iswearinga pairof sunglasseswhichmaymeanthathe has somethingtohide anddoesn'twantto give itaway. Someone may be able to see whathe is hidingbyhiseyesif he didn'thave sunglasseson.The factthat hisglassesare blackshowsthat he wantshisidentitytobe hiddenbutthe colourblackconnotesfearso for some reasonhe maybe scaredof something.
  2. 2. The main image takesupone side of the double page spread. Althoughthe image isn'tthe firstthingthe readerwill notice as it’son the lefthandside of the double page spreaditwill still attract readeras it may be a picture of theirfavourite artist.Wiz Khalifaismakingeye contactwiththe readerwhichmayalso convince themtoread the article. WizKhalifaconsistentlytalks aboutgettinghighand smokingweedinhismusic,sothe editor has made WizKhalifahave smoke comingoutof hismouthto appeal tothe targetaudience andthe artistsfan base The editorof the magazine usesacleverly chosencolourscheme asthe backgroundof the leadimage is black andthe artistshat is yellow aswell asthe writingandheading fittingthisfitsinwiththe artistas Wiz Khalifa’s #1 songis calledBlack& Yellowand it iswhathe isknownfor. The magazine usesa heading of ‘HowHigh’by using alliterationthisintriguesthe audience anditalsointerests themas the questionsis basedaroundthe artists personalityof howhe is portrayed,therefore it reinforcesthe rapperlifestyle whichappealstothe audience.The use of the small textunderneaththe heading‘HowHigh’appeals to the readeras theylearnif the article isgoingto be interestingtothemwithout havingto readthe whole The textincludedonthe double page spreadis quite a small amountbut thismay be due to the target audience asWiz Khalifaisa rapperso it’s likelythatthe people who are readingthe article aren't goingto be interestedinreadinga large article.Sothe amountof textincludedin the article by the editoris cleverlychosentomake the magazine appeal to fansof rap music. The mastheadof the article iswrittenalmostin the middle of the page to make itstand out. The colourschosenfor the mastheadare relevanttothe artisttheyrelate toa hitsong for the rapper.
  3. 3. The cross Katy Perryiswearingroundherneck shows herreligionbutthe wayshe isdressedcontradictsthat because of whatshe is wearing.The crossindicates that she isreligiousanda“good girl”but the way she isdresseddoesn'tfitthatdescription. The layoutof thisdouble- page spreadis simple soit looksprofessional. However,itlookslike itis froma magazine aimedata target audience of middle- agedreaders,which contradictsthe image on the opposite page andthe contentof the article as mostof KatyPerry’sfans will be fromaroundthe agesof 14-25. The image of KatyPerry isprovocative because of whatshe iswearing and itwouldmostly appeal toteenagersand youngadults,mostly males. The article is veryplainas the textsectiononlyuses twocolours:black and white.Thismaybe to keep the magazine professional and italso means emphasisisonlyplaced uponcertainsectionsdue to theirpointsize andthe use of bold. In the shotKaty ismakingeye contact withthe reader whichmay draw theminto readthe article.
  4. 4. The colour scheme isvery brightand vibrant.There are onlytwocoloursused purple andwhite.The purple backgroundisvery abstract, itdraws the reader’sattention.Also the purple background matchesthe makeup usedon the artist.There isa greatcontrast betweenthe twocolours used. The white textstands out well onthe purple background,itmakes it clearand easyto read.The fontvaries slightlyalthoughit’s mostlysimilarwiththe small writing. The main image takesupone side of the double page spread.Whenthe reader turns tothis article,the first thingtheywill notice isthe image of Beyoncé sothismay attract themto the article. Beyoncé ismakingeye contact withthe reader whichmay alsoconvince themto readthe article. The editorof the article has cleverlyputthe sectionof writinginto columnstomake itseem like there isn'talot of readingtodo as someone may be put off bya huge amountof text.Alsothe writingisplacedonthe lefthandside of the double page spreadsoit isn'tthe firstthingthat the readerwill see. The masthead‘FIERCELY CREATIVE’iswritteninbold, blockcapitalsto make the title standoutto the reader. The textfollowsthe colour scheme of the title asthey are bothwritteninwhite.The title spreadsof bothpages and takesupquite a large amountof space at the top of the leftpage to make the article standout. The target audience forthisarticle will be female fromthe agesof around13-30 as it is an article onan artist whose musicmainly appealstofemales.Alsothe colourscheme is veryfeminineasthe editorhasuse pinkand purple.