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Singapore Polytechnic Graduate's Handprint on Hollywood


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Singapore Polytechnic Graduate's Handprint on Hollywood

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Singapore Polytechnic Graduate's Handprint on Hollywood

  1. 1. SP Graduate’s Handprint on Hollywood You've probably watched Vicki Lau's work many times in the past few years without realising it. This is because her visual effects magic can be found in top movies and TV series across a wide spectrum of genres. The Walking Dead, Grey's Anatomy, Parks & Recreation, Independence Day 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy are just some of the hits she's worked on. This Diploma in Digital Media graduate left SP in 2011 as an Institutional Medallist, and in the past five years since, has been furthering her studies and working as a freelancer in California, USA. (You can view her portfolio at The Diploma in Digital Media has been renamed as the Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics.Vicki at the Primetime Emmy Awards 2014 held in Los Angeles, California. One of The Walking Dead Season 4 episodes she worked on was nominated for visual effects.
  2. 2. She most often works as a compositor: a visual effects (VFX) specialist who combines visual elements from separate sources into single images, often to create the illusion that all the elements are part of the same scene. Vicki also explores Virtual Reality (VR). Last year, she took on a role as Lead VR Compositor at – Los Angeles. This year, she gave a talk at the TEDxNapaValley conference titled “Shifting Realities”, where she spoke on the global impact of VR and the changing nature of creative industry work. She sees VR as a powerful emerging trend, and recently she had the chance to share her knowledge at the TEDxNapaValley conference in May. You may watch this video on YouTube -​ SP Graduate’s Handprint on Hollywood At the TEDxNapaValley conference held in May, Vicki spoke about the impact that virtual reality will have on visual effects, and the world in general.
  3. 3. Vicki is currently working at FOX studio on some projects. Today, she’s still overseas, proactively arranging her own work projects. When interviewed by SP, Vicki had this to share: "In no particular order, I just want to give a shout out to Christian James (Course Chair, DMIT), Wesley Wong (Lecturer, DMIT), Lynus Hee (Lecturer, DMIT), Jennifer Ang (Lecturer, DMIT), Kenny Ong (Lecturer, DMIT), Clarence Ng (Lecturer, DMIT), Ho Kah Hong (Senior Lecturer, DMIT), all my Visual Effects (VFX) lecturers and also, my Diploma Plus in Applied Psychology lecturers. But, because I don't like to discriminate, I'd just like to give a shout out to every individual lecturer and staff for doing the important job of teaching youths such as myself. The value of your job cannot be underestimated. You all brought me into a SPecial SP family that I will never forget!" SP Graduate’s Handprint on Hollywood
  4. 4. SP Graduate’s Handprint on Hollywood She also shares about her life so far: What’s it like working overseas? I definitely revel in the independent living overseas – I get to call the shots on everything from where to stay, what to eat, where to go to (everything, you name it, I can do it). Thanks to my own chaotic upbringing, it was never difficult to adapt to new environments. The tough part is probably the loneliness but that comes with the territory of the job and work. How was it like to speak at the TEDx conference? Definitely exhilarating. If you have not seen the other speakers yet, all of them are incredible, delightful and ferocious leaders in their own fields. I would say in a very cliché manner, that it was unforgettable because you will never forget the audience’s reactions and acceptance of your talk delivered on stage. Vicki at the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, Wyoming. What are some good and bad things about the film industry? Good things, well, the industry is fun and full of excitement. Bad things... it's never a stable job.
  5. 5. SP Graduate’s Handprint on Hollywood What are some defining moments you’ve had while living overseas? Being sacked by a VR company in 2015, after they had me create for them an original VR stereoscopic conversion post-production workflow process, and then went on to use it to make their company headlines. Needless to say, I published all the steps of my workflow in public domain to put a halt to their evil schemes (laughs). They tried to get me back after a while but I declined. The good thing about this situation is that technology changes so quickly, that the workflow is now outdated and unusable to them. What is the most exciting thing you have done so far? In terms of merit and notoriety, one would normally point out that attending the 2014 Primetime Emmys was phenomenal. However, if I really get deep into this, I would say that my most exciting moment was my first time working at Stargate Studios on Season Four of The Walking Dead. This was the experience that led me to meet amazing supervisors, producers and artists in the field. Also, as a big fan of the show, to actually have played a part in the process was simply exhilarating
  6. 6. Singapore Polytechnic 500 Dover Road Singapore 139651 tel. (65) 6775 1133 fax. (65) 6870 6189
  7. 7. Singapore Polytechnic 500 Dover Road Singapore 139651 tel. (65) 6775 1133 fax. (65) 6870 6189