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Peer feedback


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Peer feedback

  1. 1. Peer Feedback Katie Torpey
  2. 2. Broadsheet
  3. 3. Feedback 1 What do you like about the design? I like the masthead font which is used. It is a nice broadsheet font. The headline on the left hand side broadsheet flows nicely down the page and directs yours eyes straight into the image below. The image on the second broadsheet seems to fit nicely with the article. The ad which tells you about a book inside is a very nice touch to the page. Fills that gap of free space well. The pull quote on the second broadsheet fits nicely, and the font is a clean looking font which is easy to read and larger than the rest of the text to make it stand out. What areas of the idea could be developed? The McDonalds advert is bang in the middle of the article and it seems to really stand out above the rest of the things on the page, because it is the only thing in colour. I don’t think the advert should be the thing that stands out the most.
  4. 4. Tabloid
  5. 5. Feedback 2 What do you like about the design? I think this design has a solid and professional feel to it. It looks like a convincing tabloid and hits all the criteria for what was required of this piece. I like the choice of fonts that were used throughout the two designs, I think they are appropriate for the piece. What areas of the idea could be developed? You could maybe add more margins so that story's and adverts look more separate.
  6. 6. Fanzine 1
  7. 7. Fanzine 2
  8. 8. Feedback 3 What do you like about the design? Fanzine 1: I love the range of colour used, it works fantastically in tandem with your overall fashion angle, and helps represent the the fashion movement you’re basing this on. The outline around the female on the right also works really well, and helps improve the overall aesthetic substantially. Fanzine 2: The image of the female on the right taking up the whole page is a great idea that you’ve executed almost to perfection. Coupled with the white designs that represent the hippie movement that whole page is wonderful. What areas of the idea could be developed? Fanzine 1: There is only one, very small issue that I would have with the design. The white line between the fanzine title and the body copy being white doesn’t quite work. I appreciate the choice of colour may have been difficult though. Maybe you could have tried some kind of pattern? Fanzine 2: A mixture of the font colour and the background colour make the body copy relatively difficult to read. White would have been too light, and black would have been too dark, so I get that this was one of few options. I may have been tempted to change the background colour completely to accommodate the text.
  9. 9. Summary of Feedback What do you agree with from your feedback? I agree with some of the points made in my feedback this includes the point about the McDonalds advert on my broadsheet newspaper I agree with the point that on my broadsheet newspaper the first thing which stands out is the McDonalds advert. As the advert is a bright red colour it is the first thing which you notice where as I think that it should be the headline that is the first thing. To change this I could find another advert with a different colour or make a advert which is more suitable. Another point from the feedback which I agree with is how colorful the fanzine is, I have chose a colourful theme as this represents the subculture of hippies. I also agree with how the tabloid and broadsheet newspaper look professional I have tried to include professional features onto my design so that they are suitable for the audience. What do you disagree with from your feedback? One of the points which I disagree with from my feedback is that on my second fanzine the text and the background, it states that the text on my fanzine is hard to read and maybe changing the colour of the background would help I disagree with this point as I think that the text is readable however I think I could maybe change the text to a darker colour.