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Introduction to Microsoft Azure Compute


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Microsoft Azure offers several services each categorized into one of the four major categories - Compute, Data, App, and Network Services. This session takes you through an overview of the Microsoft Azure Compute Services.

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Introduction to Microsoft Azure Compute

  1. 1. Microsoft Azure Compute Ravikanth Chaganti @Ravikanth
  2. 2. Agenda • Microsoft Azure Services • Dive into Azure Compute • Demo
  3. 3. Azure Services Compute Virtual Machines Cloud Services Web Sites Mobile Services Data Services Storage SQL Database HDInsight Cache Backup Site Recovery Machine Learning StorSimple App Services Media Services Service Bus Push Notifications Scheduler BizTalk Services Active Directory Multi-Factor Authentication Automation CDN API Management Azure RemoteApp Network Services Virtual Network Express Route Traffic Manager Management Portal
  4. 4. Cloud Services • A combination of code and configuration • Support complex, multi-tier PaaS deployments • Consists of • Web role • Worker role
  5. 5. Web Sites • Near instantaneous deployment of two-tier web applications • Support for many languages • Different operational modes • Shared • Standard • Integrate with other services
  6. 6. Virtual Machines • Support wide range of operating systems; Windows and Linux IaaS • Deploy from Azure Gallery or VMDepot or upload your own image • Charged on hourly basis • Application licenses are charged on hourly basis
  7. 7. Choices … When do choose between them?
  8. 8. Decisions | Infrastructure
  9. 9. Decisions | Ease of Use & Control
  10. 10. Demo Azure Cloud Services, Web Sites, and Virtual Machines
  11. 11. Resources • Supported Windows Server workloads: • Azure endorsed Linux Distributions: us/documentation/articles/virtual-machines-linux-endorsed- distributions/