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Location search


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Location search

  1. 1. Location Search Here I have come up with some possible locations of which I may use when it comes to producing all three of my products, which is: A music video, Digipak album cover and a Magazine Advertisement. However with all of these possible locations, it is important to access the logistics, for example, whether it is realistic to carry our equipment to these places etc. Therefore, for this reason it is essential that I refer closely to my equipment list needed for all three productions when accessing the possibility of using each location. Music Video: Crystal PalaceLake and Grounds: South Norwood Lake and Grounds is a family friendly park situated in South Norwood in the London Borough of Croydon. In terms of this place being a possible filming location for my ‘music video’, I feel South Norwood Lake would be a relatively good environment for the filming of our music video. This is because it is open everyday of the week from 8:30 am- 5:30pm. These opening hours enable us to visit and shoot footage for our music video, after school and on the weekends, giving us lots of scope and time to film our footage. In addition the park has free entry, enabling us to make as many visits as we want, without wasting money if we forget to shoot something or perhaps want to go again to film specific material. I like the rustic look of the park, with logs and lots of grassland, of which could add interest to our music video, making our music video stand out as hardly any music videos currently use this style of setting that contains a theme of nature and greenland. Due to the fact that the park is situated in South Norwood, it is an accessible and convenient for all our group members and ‘models/artists’ to travel there, as all of them live near South Norwood, which therefore also enables us to ask other friends to be models in our video, as it won’t be too far for them. Furthermore, it is close enough to bring our filming equipment without too much hassle, which therefore enables us to film in different locations and slightly different settings based in the
  2. 2. park. Likewise, due to the fact that almost everyday the park is quite heavily populated with families, I feel we would feel/be relatively safe carrying our equipment, as we know there are lots of people around. Mr Jarrett’s room Mr.Jarretts room has the studio lighting of which was included in my equipment list, and therefore could greatly improve the quality of my music video, as it will enable me to use a range of high-key and low-key lighting to put emphasis on certain parts of my music video, which also helps create a mood or enigma, of which conforms to my target audience, therefore, further enticing my desired established target audience, of whom will be attracted to my particular genre of pop/indie pop. In addition the use of studio lighting will give a professional affect to my music video, which means it will be able to compete with the current music videos that are popular on social media, such as, YouTube and Vevo, etc. London Southbank I feel as though London would be a very good location of which I could shoot my music video. This is because not only is it very appealing, due to its array of tourist attractions, it is also highly viewed upon especially with an busy night life, of which I feel would attract my 15-18 year old target audience, of whom may aspire to the night life we could show in our music video in London. I feel as though the well-known tourist attractions in London would also appeal to global target audience, of whom could visually relate to the places shown during my music video, further attracting them to watch my music video. However if we shoot my music video here we may struggle to carry and transport all the equipment to this area, as we would get public transport to the location, which with limited space, could lead to us not being able to transport all the equipment needed for our filming. In addition to this, carrying expensive equipment around central London could lead to use feeling cautious due to the appeal the equipment has. Digipak/Album Cover and Magazine Advert: Mr Jarrett’s Office
  3. 3. Album cover/Digipak Mr. Jarrett’s office would be a very good location to take pictures for my album cover/digipak. This is because, the studio lighting will be very useful when capturing the photos, as the lighting can affect the mood of my images enabling me to create an aroma and mood that fits with the genre of my album cover, which would in turn further entice my target audience. In addition the white background, enables me to edit the photos and to add features that make my album cover look like an album cover, according to typical conventions of successful album cover/digipaks on the market today. Furthermore with studio lighting, there is no need to ensure that natural lighting, in outdoor location interference with the appearance of our pictures, as we can create the lighting we want. With the availability of studio lighting I can add shadows to my images, which could give an eerie effect, all of which will make my album cover stand out and therefore, broaden my audience of whom are attracted to my album cover. Mr. Jarrett’s office is useful for this, because with many other locations, we would not be able take all the equipment with us, due to the weight and delicacy of them, and therefore when taking pictures in Mr.Jarretts office, we do not have to take equipment with us up town or to another location, as all the necessary equipment is situated in his room. MAGAZINE ADVERTIMSENT: Mr. Jarrett’s office is a very good location to take pictures to edit and use for my magazine advertisement, due to the fact that there is studio lighting in his room, of which means we would not have to transport heavy equipment to a location to take our pictures and also gives the professional appearance that we are aiming for. Moreover, due to the age of our target audience, I feel as though they are very impressionable and therefore we need to ensure that out magazine advertisement is of a quality that can compete with a wide range of other current magazine advertisements that are also aimed to appeal to our age group target audience, currently in the market today. Therefore, I feel studio lighting will help with this as it will make our images look impressive and professional enabling them to compete with other magazine advertisements in today’s market, of which have images taken in very professional studios with professional lighting and equipment. With the availability of studio lighting I can add shadows to my images, which could give an eerie effect, all of which will make my album cover more interesting and will also make it stand out, therefore broadening my audience of whom are attracted to my album cover.