Media question 2


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Media question 2

  1. 1. Question 2: How effective isthe combination of your mainproduct and ancillary tasks?
  2. 2. I think my digipak goes really well with the theme of both mywebsite and music video. This is mainly because I followed myblack/white theme throughout all my products. My digipakrelates to the style of my music video, because of the gothiccolours used. I also used some pictures from the actual musicvideo and website gallery to make my digipak as recognizableas possible. The front cover of my digipak is all about sellingmy artist as well as the album as well, so I kept the sametheme. The picture I used for the front of my album cover isalso displayed on the homepage of my website, I did thisbecause if people see the album, and website, they willinstantly know that the album is for that exact website andthey can buy it. I chose to focus the smile of Xander, and tofocus his face and soften everything else. I used the same fonton my digipak cover as I used on the website to make it morememorable. Because our target audience is 17-30 we had tofocus on that and make it suitable for our audience. By puttingthe logo onto a page on my digipak meant that it could connectwith the website, because I also have the same logo on mywebsite. Xander’s image is really confident and friendly, as wellad unique. We wanted his unique personality to stand out on allof our products. I made sure Xander’s personality was shownthrough the website and digipak. His star image is creative anddifferent. There are many shots in the music video of Xander’steeth, and lips. This is another reason why I chose a picture ofhim smiling, to remind people he is a friendly artst who isproud to be his very own person. To keep his unusual imagegoing I added shots from the music video, the strange ones.On my website I have made it very easy for people to see mydigipak, as it is displayed on my homepage. I made a friendlycomment as part of my digipak to reach my audiencesexpectations. Xander’s image is supposed to be artistic and fun.I made sure he looked friendly on my digipak and website. Formy website I made friendly titles and headings that will keepthe fans engaged.I used a lot of images of the artist for the digipak to sell thestar.Our artists confidence is shown through the diigipak, andwebsite, and especially the music video so this all connects. Iwanted to make the artist come across as emo, this is why hehas flicky hair in all of the pictures. I want teenage boys to lookup to Xander, so I gave him a ambitious stare. I also wantfemales to be attracted to him as well, this is why I edited thephotographs to look charming.
  3. 3. Throughout my website I have various images of the artist. There is also a huge linkbetween him and the fans through social networking. The website has all my products on.For example the album is displayed on the homepage, music page, and competition page.The music video is also on my homepage. The website is made and designed to sell themproducts, and the artist as a whole. The images work really well together, and the colourscheme works well together. The background of my website is white, this is similar to thebackground colour in my music video. The website is very similar to my other twoproducts. The merch page on my website is important as you can buy T-shirts,bags,cupsetc, and they have a logo or picture on them that relates to my digipak. The website anddigipak both follow the black and white colour scheme I came up with.I repeated images throughout my product because the more you see a image the morenoticeable it gradually becomes. On my website there is a track list with the track namesthat are also on the back of the album. This helps build a wider audience and give fanswhat they want. I uploaded my album and music video on the homepage AND music pageon my website. I did this so that they are easier to find, as they are important productsthat need to stand out. The out now poster on my website represents the album so thatpeople will want to buy it. The website is useful for both the digipak and music video,because it is a way of advertising them and getting a greater audience.The website is also helpful, as there is a competition page where the audience can win thealbum. This is an advantage to the digipak because it will increase the amount of sales.The website is a mixture of black, white and grey and they are all relatable to the style ofthe music video.The website is similar to my other products. The teaser pictures are to suit my targetaudience which is 17-30.
  4. 4. During the music video the pace changes a lot, and so does the editing. The mainProduct has influenced what the others will look like. I didn’t want the ancillary products tonot relate to the main product so instead I made sure they did. I made them both connectwith the music video. Xander the artist appears in all the products so it is easier toremember the artist. The design of all products fit will together and all give off the samemessages and persona about our artist. Xander. All music videos are structured differentlyfrom one another. Our music video doesn’t follow any rules as it is made in a unique way.It doesn’t have a equilibrium. Our music video is mainly performance, and some musicvideos are edited to show more performance, and we followed this idea because wewanted our star to get involved as much as possible. Our music video is all aboutpromoting our star.However the main kind of music video usually has an equal amount of narrative as well asperformance too. Our music video breaks this common rule, which isn’t a bad thing. Thecamera work is focused mainly on the action, like usual music videos that you see on TV.This will make our music video liked, because we are giving them everything that theywant. Our music video has a lot of flashy cuts to suit the beat of the music, which followsthe conventions of real music videos. Our audience wouldn’t want a boring simple editedmusic video with no effort put into it, so we took our time to make the editing perfect.Our music video is structured pretty much like a fast cutted montage. My music video isedited with quite a fast pace. We used vernallis’s editing ideas by using lots of shots ofclose-ups of the artist and fast cuts. We also used Goodwin’s idea of notion of looking allthe way through our music video, the whole way through there are sexual fragmentedshots in our music video.
  5. 5. Our target audience are people in their late teens, and adults aged from 17-30. Our targetaudience gender is both female and male. Although we expect more females to enjoy ourmusic video easier. Our audience can come from any background and doesn’t have to havea particular nationality or life style. I believe most people who enjoy Electro-house musicvideos will enjoy our music video. Older teenagers and adults who like a bit of fun andvoyeurism with excitement will also want to watch our video. Those who’d ratherperformance based music videos will probably get more pleasure from watching our musicvideo. But mainly people in university, working or in school will probably watch our musicvideo. Also, mainly people who enjoy creativity, having a little fun, being abstract andartistic will like our video more. People who wear make-up , maybe of both genders. I’mthinking more of the rocker/gothic/emo styled people will like our video best out ofeveryone, which is fine. This is what we took into account when designing my digipak, andmy website. This is why I decided to stick with the black/white theme for my digipak. As itrelates perfectly well with the style and colour of the music video.People who like gothic things, rather than clourful, who enjoy dark things will prefer ourproducts which is fine, as we’d like to attract that kind of audience, obviously as well as amore wider variety too.
  6. 6. It is very easy for the audience to access my products. The website has enabled the targetaudience to get easier access to all of our products. On the homepage of the website Ihave the music video, and the digipak both very visible on the homepage of my website.The album has “buy now” under it so that the audience can buy the album as soon as theyget onto the first page of the website.The store is also shown on the homepage showing what the merch looks like so thatpeople know what sort of things they can buy on the website. Also on the music pagethere is the list of tracks on the album, as well as the album on sale again. There is alsothe latest music video out, which allows the audience to get as much access to ourproducts as they like.On the competition page, there again is a competition that the fans can win the latestalbum. There are just so many ways that the audience can access all of our products. Imade sure it was easy for the audience to be able to buy what they want, and see whatthey want when getting onto my artist website.The merch again is another few products that I have made myself and put onto thewebsite, on a separate merch page, and also onto the homepage too. Through the website,the audience have very easy access to my products made.
  7. 7. As you can see there are many close-up shots of our artist singing. He takes up most ofthe camera space. We even got extremely close to his face, for example the shot of his lipsand teeth above. Our main artist Xander is presented as confident,unique and gothic. Themain artist has an unusual appearance to normal people you would be used to seeing in amusic video. His hair is really long for a guy. Our artist is presented as a very proudindividual. Xander’s videos are all about fun and giving out a certain message topeople/somebody. The main audience of the music video is the female actress (the one heis seeing about). Obviously, made for our target audience to also enjoy as well. Also ourartist seems quite mysterious and strange, which is something a lot of people would beable to relate to him for. A lot of people are unique and would love to stand out, and in thismusic video our artist gets a chance to show his unusual qualities. Our main artist has allthe power and authority in the music video, as he is always giving the audience directaddress towards the camera, almost like looking into their eyes and connecting with them.In some shots, the main artist leans further in towards the camera, to allow the audienceto get a full shot of the main star and what he looks like. You can tell our main artist isn’t ashow off or anything, because he doesn’t have much mise-en-scene. This is because wefocused more on the face of the artist, making it more memorable. Our artist also comesacross as friendly towards his fans. The website and digipak shows this. That is why theyconnect so well with the music video.
  8. 8. Ancillary tasks: When I am searching online looking at awebsite, I usually expect a competition page, a gallery withinteresting pictures, a good merch, a complete full homepage,and a way to contact the artist. By making a really friendlyeasy competition page on my website I will reach my fansexpectations. On the contact me page it is very simple andfriendly, the picture he is holding a teddy bear, and it gives offa really friendly impression which fits in with our fansexpectations. Also I chose the best pictures for our gallery. Formy merch I made a number of different items, to also beatthe fan expectations. On my digipak on a page I wrote adescription from the artist, this matches well with hispoliteness towards his fans on the website I made as well. Onthe homepage of my website there are pictures of fan art thatpeople have drawn for the artist, and an email to allow fans tosend him anything they want. This has made a strongconnection with the artist and the audience.For my music video all the shots of the artist fufills theexpectations of the audience. Another thing that does is thevoyeurism, and editing in time with the beat.